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Matthew Chapter 28

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Please note that some lessons are from different Gospels here.  At this juncture we were trying to find the concord between the four.  It will all make sense if you listen in order.

Matthew 28:1-10 < Click to Listen

We are presented with varying degrees of evidence on the resurrection of Christ.  Earthquakes?  Zombies?  What indeed is going on, and... does it matter?


Matthew 28:11-17 < Click to Listen

Soldiers bribed to say that the body of Jesus was stolen!  Sure.. that might work.  Why is this part of the story so important to understanding the difference between truth and doctrine?


Luke 24:13-49 < Click to Listen

As we approach the end of the Gospels, the events following the Resurrection take some more odd turns.  Explore with us now the "Road to Emmaus."


Luke 24:36-44 < Click to Listen

When Jesus is resurrected, He is alive and not a ghost, but what does He look like?  Not Jesus!  There are quite a few interesting things to understand about bodily resurrection if we take the time.


Mark 28:16-20 < Click to Listen

We backtrack a little more, then plow forward into Mark.  Jesus definitely has a different "form."  Resurrection is a deep subject, as it should be.


Mark 16:15-16 < Click to Listen

More questions on identity after Resurrection are answered.  Then, we begin to explore "evangelism" and "baptism."  What does the Bible REALLY say and mean, and in what way does this differ from doctrine?  Let's find out!


The End of the Gospels  < Click to Listen

Oh my!  We finish the Gospels in rarin' good style!  Synoptic?  Let's find out!



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