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Matthew Chapter 27

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26:69 - 27:7 < Click to Listen

The story of Peter at the courthouse.  His denials are part of an intricate fabric with multiple messages.  The story of Judas follows.  Why is this important?


27:8-24 < Click to Listen

We conclude on Judas' betrayal.  Now, in front of Pontius Pilate, Jesus makes his message even clearer, saying few words.  There is more to this story than meets the eye!


27:25-26 < Click to Listen

Think you know everything about Barabbas?  Come join us to hear the political intrigue happening.  Jesus was not only a religious/political prisoner, but also a pawn in a larger game.


27:27-38 < Click to Listen

As we read about Christ's humiliation, we also understand the Jewish hierarchy of that time was involved in more than just sinat hinam.  What is it?


27:39-44 < Click to Listen

The two thieves who hung on a cross next to Jesus... who were they, and what is the REAL message?  It will blow your mind!


27:45-49 < Click to Listen

Jesus on the cross.  There are three different stories!  Why is John's the least reliable, and why did he tell his version in that manner?  Let's talk about vinegar!


27:50-58 < Click to Listen

Jesus dies.  Interesting events follow, BUT... That's right - we have more controversy to discuss, and not only concerning doctrine.


27:59-66 < Click to Listen

There is a strange story in Matthew concerning the burial of Christ.  Before this, we have a sermon to get you going!



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