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Matthew Chapter 26

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We learn that Jesus' death was a consequence of "sinat hinam" (listen in).  We also discover just how very political those times were, similar to our United States today.


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We learn that Jesus does not believe in redistribution of wealth, but instead teaches voluntary charity.  We also find (again) that Christ is a messenger of individual value.


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We proceed further with the "Last Supper" and investigate some of the doctrine surrounding such Christian elements as Communion.


26:30-39 < Click to Listen

Even more on the "Last Supper" with focus on the agony at Gethsemane.  The clarification of the identity of Jesus is razor-sharp.


26:40-56 < Click to Listen

This week, we continue with the fate of Jesus after the Passover meal.  What are the meanings of several incidents which occur after Gethsemane?


26:57-63 < Click to Listen

Jesus comes before the Sanhedrin.  What in the world is going on?  Multiple pieces of evidence point to "sinat hinam."  Christian doctrine does not apply.  Come see.


26:64-68 < Click to Listen

Christ in front of the Sanhedrin.  The court's law-breaking continues.  The contrast between them is stark.  The message is clear.


26:69 - 27:07 < Click to Listen

The story of Peter at the courthouse.  His denials are part of an intricate fabric with multiple messages.  The story of Judas follows.  Why is this important?



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