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Swine’s Flesh Blasphemy.

Why should you not eat pig? Because God in His Law said not to.

Why do you eat pig? Because you want to.

That's all there is to it. There is no complicated exegesis necessary to understand it. God said not to do it, and you do it because you want to do it. No one is forcing you to eat pig. It is not imperative you eat pig to survive. Clean meats, and other proteins, are widely available throughout the world. 

To justify this unlawful desire, which is also not necessary, you say Jesus said it's not important to God what goes into the mouth, but what comes out, even though Jesus said He did not come to destroy the Law, and eating pig destroys the Law. Jesus was talking about eating with unwashed hands, or from unclean utensils, but you couldn't wait to make the unwarranted link that Jesus also meant eating pig meat. But why just pig? If it's truly not important to God what goes in the mouth, can't I also eat the rodent, another forbidden meat? Why can't I eat human flesh? Also, why is this just about food? Why can't it apply to homosexual oral acts? How far do you want to take this to justify eating pig? How much Law, and actual sayings of Christ, do you want to destroy in order to justify eating pig?

You say Peter had a dream. Is that your justification to eat this pig you desperately want to eat, that a dream which permitted Peter to speak about Jesus and Torah with Gentiles, specifically to the eager Cornelius (changing a previous command from Jesus, to not go to the Gentiles), equates to "eat as you like" simply because the dream equated eating forbidden things with talking to Gentiles? Are you saying that if Peter is permitted to discuss Torah with a Gentile, then you are permitted to eat pig?  Do you not understand that "eating the pig" is the same as talking with Gentiles, pearls before swine, a risk?  Since when does a dream, even if sent by God, neutralize any commandment? Is that how God operates, dispensing or withdrawing Law through dreams? Did Peter even eat any unclean meats? It doesn't say He did. In fact Peter denied it when Paul accused Peter of it, proving that even Paul realized there is something wrong with followers of Christ eating unclean meats. In the book of Romans, Paul even says that if a brother complains about the believer eating unclean meats, the believer should eat alone, by himself in front of God, and not taunt the brother with his so-called faith, indicating the brother is actually right in his lawfulness, and the believer should hide his eating of unclean meats (a compromise, when Paul should've simply said, don't eat the pig). Doesn't this mean that if I, as a believer in Christ, demand all Christians stop eating pig, they are obliged to stop? Finally, Paul said that he was willing to give up meat altogether just to prove he is not eating pig!

What is a Christian? One who says He believes on Christ, the most lawful Torah Jew. Why would you say you believe on the most lawful Torah Jew but not want to be like Christ, a Jew, lawful and Torah? Because that would constrain you from eating pig! 

If you can't refrain from eating pig (or breaking any other "least" commandment), what makes you justified in the eyes of God? It's not as if you eat pig accidentally and repent. Rather, you do it deliberately with joy, making it a tradition and culture, saying that God has approved it, when He has done no such thing. You can't make it so, neither by twisting the words of Christ concerning unwashed hands and utensils, nor by exaggerating the meaning of a dream, nor by utilizing Paul. Law is eternal, as it is written. No one can change the Law.

"Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 5:19). 

Many argue that Jesus was speaking not of full Mosaic Law, that is, not full Torah, but rather some dilution of the Law, as if Christ can or did create His own set of rules for His followers, snubbing full Torah. There are so many holes to this argument, it's not even a serious argument. Primarily, if Christ taught that Torah comprised more or less than the commandments of Torah, He broke the commandment forbidding such adding to or subtracting from the Law (Deuteronomy 4:2). How can Christ be perfect in the Law if He intentionally breaks the foundational stones of the Law? This does not reconcile with "Think not that I am come to destroy the Law or prophets. I am not come to destroy." If the argument is that the Law passes naturally after Christ fulfills it, what is the purpose of fulfilling it?  Why does Christ have to fulfill the Law for it to pass? Is this a cosmic rule God must follow before He is permitted to change His Law?  Is the rule that when someone is perfect in the Law, then and only then is the rest of the world under no obligation to follow full Torah anymore? Or does this waiver apply only to those who believe the rule? 

Why send Jesus at all? What prevents God from coming Himself and giving a new Law, as He did with Moses? Why send a man to do a God's job? Why send to change full obedience to the Law a man who denies He is sent to change full obedience to the Law? Is there a cosmic rule that God cannot change full obedience to Torah unless the change is done in confusing and vague fashion rather than straight out? Supposing Christ could change the Law, being so empowered by God, wouldn't He say, clearly, "God sent me to change the Law, and here are those changes"? Not only did He not say that, and in fact said the complete opposite, but also if He had, (1) He would've broken the commandment about adding to or subtracting from Torah, (2) Sanhedrin would've been justified in trying Him as a heretic, and not required any false witnesses on their charges, (3) His disciples would've run far and fast, fearing not only for their safety from the Pharisees and Sanhedrin, but also for their souls, they being good Jewish lads, and (4) He would be subject to His own words, that whoever teaches to break the least commandment is called least in the Kingdom of Heaven. No, Christ is not exempt from that, or else he is a liar and hypocrite of the worst order, as well as a false prophet. Christ was born a Jew to justify the Law, not to justify destroying it! Who sends a heretic to teach the people to break, ignore, neutralize, patronize, or otherwise intentionally disobey the Law of God? Satan does, that's who! You can't have it both ways. Either Jesus is perfect in Law, living up to His own standards of that meaning, or else Jesus is from Satan.

Some argue that Jesus was not speaking of Torah, ergo did not break any Torah commandment, as if Christ brought some alien or pagan religion to the Jews. This is ludicrous. First, there is no reasonable evidence to show that Christ taught or lived anything but Torah. Any argument to the contrary must explain why a Sanhedrin seeking to railroad Christ could not find Him lawfully guilty. Second, New Testament goes to great lengths to prove Christ was born a Jew, giving lineage of both His parents, marking the event of His circumcision, and so forth. Why is Jesus born a Jew unless God wants it clear that the Law and doctrine of Christ is Jewish, that is, Torah? Why would Christ teach anything but Torah to the Jews? Did God make a mistake with, or change His mind on, Torah?  Even if this were true, why would God not simply utilize national revelation again, as He did via Moses, or even send an angel, as He did with Abraham and Jacob? Even if it were necessary to send Jesus, rather than an angel or God Himself, why would any righteous Jew be interested in anything but Torah? Again, wouldn't the Sanhedrin be within their rights to treat Jesus as a heretic? Again, if God wanted the Jews to heed Jesus, why make Christ speak cryptically? Why muddy the waters by having Christ follow Torah to the nth degree? Supposing God did send Christ to change Torah, how do we know God didn't change His mind again, and send Mohamed? Fourth, if the Law is not Torah, why does Christianity authenticate its reconstructed Law by referring back to Torah? Doesn't it seem odd that the same Christianity which authorizes eating swine's flesh against the Law of God is very quick to demand that Sabbath be followed, or that tithe be given, according to the Law of God? This is hypocrisy, if not lunacy. For if Christianity cannot conduct itself according to God's Law, what right has Christianity to demand anything according the Law? In fact, many Christian demands, including on which day to keep the Sabbath, and in which manner to tithe, are Gentile, that is, not Torah, and therefore not of Christ. Why does Christianity change Torah when God and Jesus clearly did not change Torah at all, and warn not to change Torah but to obey it?  To separate themselves as not Jews. For if they did not separate themselves as not Jews, they could not eat the swine's flesh!

What is a "least commandment" of Torah? Whichever you think is least, whichever you treat with the most disregard, is the least commandment, for there are in reality no least commandments. Every commandment comes directly from God, and therefore carries equal weight of authority and duty, even if the punishment for disobedience to one is different for disobedience to another. For if we disobey deliberately, that rebellion is the same as witchcraft, a high crime. Even if the punishment for disobeying a particular commandment is different for disobedience against another commandment, the deliberate rebellion remains a constant.  On the other hand, if you obey a commandment you think is least, God loves that you obeyed out of faith, in fear of the invisible God. Now, whereas many say obedience from fear is either not what God wants or else is obedience to an unworthy God, the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. In other words, obedience of any type is preferable to reasoned disobedience. In such cases, your faith outweighs whether you had intention or sincerity. Your results speak for themselves and teach others to be obedient and faithful also. What if you have intention and sincerity, but are weak on procedure or results? It is said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This actually applies to humans helping humans. Concerning God's commandments, it is better to have good intentions and fail than to have no intention at all.  If you have no intention, being neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, God says He will spit you out of His mouth. This does not mean God prefers cold evil intention either, for those who teach against least commandments, saying such commandments are arbitrary, obsolete, or oppressive (and many other such adjectives), will be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

To teach against any least commandment is to say God didn't actually hand down that commandment. Why not say this about every commandment?  In fact, why say there is a God at all? Why not say the Law was written by men? Do you see what I mean? The only reason to speak ill of the Law is to replace God. What exists? Only men. Who's in charge? Only men. Men are gods. This is blasphemy. 

Today’s portion from Isaiah regards swine's flesh. How does the Christian reconcile the Isaiah they are fond of quoting, especially where it concerns virgin birth, and suffering servant, and New Jerusalem, with the Isaiah who tells that God will have no mercy upon those who eat swine’s flesh and the mouse? The mouse? Yes, in many parts of Asia and elsewhere, the mouse is considered food. How DARE anyone criticize over something as small as eating a mouse, right?  Well, don’t take it up with me, your beef (or rodent) is with Isaiah, and, eventually, God. According to God's Law (Leviticus 11:29), the mouse is verboten. Jesus does not disagree and did not change this commandment, nor would He change any jot or tittle. If the Christian therefore acknowledges that to refrain from swine’s flesh, and the mouse, is indeed the commandment, the Christian has no recourse but to obey.  Unlike the US Constitution, Torah cannot be amended, and Torah says it cannot be amended.  Anyone who would amend Torah is a lawbreaker, a blasphemer, least in the kingdom, and so forth.  If the Christian says Jesus amended Torah, whether before or after His death, such amendment makes Jesus a blasphemer, and nullifies Him as Son of God. Jesus cannot be both the defender and the destroyer of least commandments! The only logical choice is that Jesus does not condone or permit the eating of swine's flesh. Christ is not greatest because He died for you, but rather He is greatest because He did not break nor teach against the least commandment. Or will you say the Jewish Jesus was a traitor to His own God, His proclaimed father, and died so that, as an accessory to the fact, you could eat swine’s flesh, indulge your sexual preferences, get tattooed, and so forth?  The libertarians say it hurts no one, so mind your own business.  They are the mouthpieces for blasphemy, enablers of hegemonic change. You might ask, why did God create the pig if not to eat it?  Didn’t Paul say God created all things for good? Well then, why not eat a mouse?  Why not eat a dead human carcass?  Why not marry your sister?  Why not break any small or great commandment based upon whether or not something seems good to you? Are you not a Christian blessed to break certain commandments, consciously, publicly, and without guilt?  No, you are not. You are a blasphemer.

You must make a choice: either Isaiah is right or eating pig is right.  

These things and more are part of our regular learning sessions.  Please come join us.

(rewritten 10/9/2017)


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The Final Countdown.

Here we have the final verses to Isaiah.  How great this has been, and what an honor to have had the time, to go through each and every verse of Isaiah thoroughly, but most importantly, with an Hebraic mindset. 

Our next project will be to study the 613 commandments of Torah!

How else is it the final countdown?

(1) The five evils are rampant. This is happening before our very eyes. There is great risk of Armageddon by any number of death weapons, carried out by the psychopaths, whether homicidal or suicidal. Great weight is placed upon the most civilized, who shut down emotionally and/or intellectually, join in chorus against themselves (for example, white guilt), or take umbrage. Astoundingly, people take umbrage to the umbrage, as if freedom, liberty, personal choice, and personal protection are bad things!  Naturally, once personal choice and personal protection are invoked, the five evils ALSO claim ownership, as in the “right” of the elite to protect themselves by slaughtering those they oppress, or right of Muslim extremists to protect themselves from domination by dominating!  But this is not the end!  Amazingly, those who love freedom ignore, or play off, these death threats, preferring to instead attack those who point it out, the messengers.  Truth is called radicalism, while lies and omission are called common sense!

(2) It is the final year of Barack Obama.  What new device will we see from this master manipulator?  Some say he will seek to stay in power.  I doubt that, but you never know when a Stalinist will rise, seeking to rule the world.  Many scoff, saying, “C’mon, nobody wants to rule the world.” Yes, they do. The only question is, why don’t the people do something about it?  I suppose the answer is, few care, fewer still have the guts or brains to do anything about it, and those who do are mocked or assassinated. Cheerful, isn’t it?

There IS hope. There is Torah, which is the Law. Those who seek a different Law only fight against this eldest Law, burrowing for exemptions.  Those who say the Law is individuality without commonality are seekers of pleasure, whether in sex, foods, or other items forbidden by Torah. Popular culture grinds Torah to dust for the sake of pleasure, especially in the glorification of homosexuality, bacon, or tattoos. Mockers say that such things "hurt nobody." Ah, but Torah is not just about refraining from harming others, but also about glorifying good, and good does not tolerate evil, but rather separates from it, and fights to destroy it.

It shall ALWAYS be a fight for domination, for hegemony. You must only pick a side. Jesus was a Torah Jew who believed in a worldwide Torah hegemony. Christianity should therefore also seek this Torah hegemony. Anything less is paganism.

(posted 2/15/2016)



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