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Isaiah Chapter 64

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"All Our Righteousnesses are as Filthy Rags"

What is the TRUE meaning of the verse and the TRUE attitude of the people who said it?  You will be surprised (or not) to learn that the humility which this verse beckons was issued facetiously!

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(posted 11/13/2015)


64:8-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

God exists, mathematically, due to the exponential improbabilities which must be hurdled to reach any semblance of order, even at the first several levels of existence, or even preexistence, if you will. We have ORDER, not chaos, in the variety of mechanisms, and laws of nature, which traverse between the many sciences, making the scholar nod in appreciation at the astounding inventions of God, such as genetics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and so forth. If there is a God (and there is), there are hegemonic Laws, which dominate, for God neither creates nor keeps order without laws.

The animals are ruled by their instincts.  All cats are cat-like, having their own unwritten laws of behavior which God, through genetics, has beforehand calculated and installed.  Likewise, man is ruled by instinct. Yet, man is also given a gift of consciousness well beyond any living creature we know, for man not only knows his present, and remembers his past, but can also plan his future, beyond mere seeking of food or reproduction.  Such planning for the future causes men to deviate from the norm, through hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Human deviations are interesting and good when constructive, even if revolutionary against previous norms.  The American Revolution, for example, was good because it propelled men into liberty (even if too libertine), and into opportunity. But human revolution is not always good.  The French and Russian Revolutions, for example, were based upon the faulty premises of Rousseau and Marx, and implemented by madmen who delighted in slaughter, oppression and slavery.

Domination or submission? By nature, man is competitive, and wants to dominate in his chosen fields. Political systems and religions are no exception, and must choose how they will compete. The ultimate goal of the communist, for example, is to remove capitalism from his midst, and the goal of the capitalist ought to be removal of communism, though capitalism actually tolerates communism so that pursuit of the almighty buck is not interrupted. In this example, man puts aside reality (that communism is competitive, and shall strive for the destruction of its rival and enemy, capitalism) for the sake of dreams (that under capitalism a man may experience unknown comfort without also having to destroy its rivals and enemies). This is ironic, for the capitalist has no qualms about destroying another capitalist. Why does the capitalist balk at also destroying the communist? When one capitalist destroys another capitalist, it is a rule of business. When a capitalist destroys a communist, this means war, even if localized war, and such energy the capitalist would rather put to fulfilling dreams. This lack of reestablishing hegemony puts the capitalist always at risk from the dedicated communist, whose goals do not depend on peace, stability, or comfort, but rather chaos and revolution. One should think after centuries of fighting Leftism, liberalism, socialism, and communism, the capitalist would make destruction of communism a priority of fundamentals, as a baseball player would make batting practice a priority of fundamentals. But the capitalist lives in a dream world, where he believes communist thought is not so strong, or else he believes someday he shall make good enough to permanently seclude himself from the reality of the conflict.

In the example of communist vs. capitalist, we can see that capitalism holds greater promise for individual dreams and freedoms, while communism makes a greater promise to society. The fact that capitalism is the greater draw does not dissuade communists, who make many arguments why personal gain is wrong. The fact that communism is destructive, and its economy is based on theft of work and workers, has not caused communism to fizzle. This indicates there are a great many angry people who are not against destruction of personal comfort or theft of other people's property. Despite how self-reflection ought to dissuade such people, communists think themselves superheroes, willing to sacrifice for the salvation of the world.

Religion works the same way, but with opposite result. Those who seek individual comforts and freedoms are not constructive capitalists but rather destructive hedonists. Those willing to sacrifice all for the salvation of the world are not destructive communists but rather the selfless lawful, whom some call Messiah. Among religions, modern Christianity is most intrinsically hedonistic, many of its denominations promising eternal salvation even if the Christian blatantly disregards commandments of Torah. Jesus Christ was perfect in the Law but the Christian is not likewise obligated, or so they say. Christ established self-sacrifice into selfless Torah lawfulness, for He was Jewish, but the average Christian has no interest in being Jewish or Torah. No wonder communists claim Jesus Christ was a communist, since they associate themselves as saviors of the world who would sacrifice all for that cause. No wonder communists claim Christians are the enemy. For if Christians seek not to emulate Christ, they are indeed enemies of Christ. Communists, of course, are wrong on this point, as they are on nearly every other point. Christ was not a communist. First, communism is against God and religion, except as it benefits the State. Second, Christ was not a revolutionary but rather a fundamentalist (cf. Matthew 23:3, et al). Yet, these words mean nothing if Christians do not emulate the fundamentalist Torah Christ. That's all it would take to defeat communist lies, and even communism.  But Christians, like capitalists, are too busy chasing individual dreams to employ fundamental policies which would ensure the survival of their hegemony. They believe instead that God ignores, even favors, their hedonism against Torah (for truly, that's what it comes down to), and will rescue them from self-made cesspools and disasters, even though God repeatedly permitted the Israelites, His chosen people, to become enslaved for the same exact reasons!

No wonder communism grows as Christianity wanes, for modern Christianity is not true. At the same time, capitalism does not wane because it emulates modern Christianity, with few moral rules. At the same time, atheism grows, whether gravitating to communism or capitalism, because it embraces few moral rules. At the same time, Islam grows, because those who hate communism, and the hedonism of few moral rules, find Islam to be passionate and powerful. All these growth rates, positive and negative, cause the balance of hegemony to shift, locally and globally. It all seems to center on the power of Christ. When Christ is defended forcefully, and physically, communism, atheism, and Islam cannot overrun, and are often beaten back. Negatively, forceful Christianity has also beaten back the Jews, and therefore the Torah Christ, the true savior. Positively, forceful Christianity has arguably established, albeit over 2000 years, and with the aid of Torah principles, the greatest personal liberties and capitalist opportunities ever known to man. When Christianity is not defended forcefully, as we see in the modern day (since about the year 1965), competing ideologies of communism, atheism, and Islam grow exponentially. These do not plan to coexist under a Christian hegemonic umbrella, which requires force to maintain, nor to coexist at all, but rather to dominate society and to purge the infidels.

What should a Christian society forcefully maintain? Liberty without unlawful hedonism. Capitalism which is free from unlawful corruption. Law and order that punishes criminals, destroys mafias and cartels, and prevents unlawful destruction of public property. Some say a Torah society is too Jewish for a Christian nation. Then why do you pretend to follow a Torah Jew? Wouldn't you reject Jesus Christ Himself if He proposed a Torah society? You are not righteous because you accepted what Christ did, and begged Him to come into your life and heart. Consider the following: You eat what is forbidden, you wear garments which are disallowed, you permit abortions and adulteries to stand without recompense, and you believe you are righteous WHY?  You are not righteous, you are self-righteous.

In today’s lesson, we learn that even in the time of Isaiah, the mockers were able to seduce the people with "freedom from the Law." If that phrase sounds familiar, it's the Christian mantra. In a way, we can factually say that Christianity is helping atheism, communism, or Islam to overthrow Torah, and therefore overthrow true (not modern) Christianity and true (not corrupt) capitalism.  Does this bother you?  It should. 

Come listen, and we will make you think and laugh!

(rewritten 10/8/2017)



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