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Isaiah Chapter 63

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63:1-6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The invasion of Europe continues. The liberal media chastise anyone who wants to secure their culture from the screaming hordes. Yes, they ARE screaming. Many young Muslim men of military age are pouring into white Europe, and not to escape barbarity or famine, or even economic hopelessness. What, then? 

The Pope visits America.  He says nothing about Planned Parenthood and baby body parts being sold, only “all life is precious.”  He has much to say about climate science, though he knows only what he’s been told by brainwashing specialists. The Pope has seemingly thrown in his lot with Marxism or some form of leftist ideology. Too radical for you to hear?  I am not attacking the Church, but rather asking, “Why is this Pope for communism when all other Popes have been against communism?”

John Boehner resigns and conservatives cheer.  Why?  Do you think that’s the end of the destruction of Western civilization?  Whoever replaces Boehner will have to be strong.  Does this person currently reside in the House of Representatives?

Yes, we talk about geopolitics quite a bit, but that’s because Torah is the answer to all these questions.

(posted 9/27/2015)


63:7-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Vladimir Putin.  Rides in on a white horse.  Cleans clocks.  There are only two perspectives here:

(1) Barack Obama and the other communists in the White House have gone off their rocker, challenging Putin on a juvenile level, believing he can be marginalized using Alinksy tactics that Putin himself helped engineer.  Even if you believe Obama/Jarrett/the US military are now a Muslim faction, is it plausible that their idiocy/lunacy permits them to believe they can defeat the twins Putin/Xi?

(2) This is the plan. Obama makes trouble, Putin/Xi ride in on white horses. In other words, they’re all working together. Victim-oppressor-savior.  A big game for communist domination.

Why is this important to University of Truth?  All geopolitical moves ought to be studied for your education and strategy. Yet, of more importance is it to know that such world-shaking events do not remove necessity for the entire world to follow Torah.

Come join us today for an hour of Torah through Isaiah, plus political insight, humor, and non-sequiturs.

(posted 10/14/2015)


63:13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

It seems to me our entire civilization is becoming tired of living.  Suicidal tendencies.

What causes entire countries to commit mass suicide by opening their borders to a people who have no interest in assimilating?  These Muslims are invaders, and they know they're invaders. Perhaps you believe that a little kindness and milk will take care of everything, like feeding a stray kitty, but these animals are rabid and feral. This is their culture, and they have no interest in changing. Their history is savage, and they bring that savagery with them to your neighborhood.  It's been happening for decades. It's televised. What more proof do you need? There is no sense in adding to the savagery of our culture by permitting a strange savagery which makes life twice as hard. These are not Buddhists, or Hindus, or Jews, or Christians. These are Muslims, intrinsically and universally savage. We must deal with our own racial and religious conflicts. Why would we import more when we have yet to solve our own?

Did that irk you?  Don't get too compassionate about it.  Rejecting Muslim invaders is not a death sentence for them, is it?  If it is, you are acknowledging that Islamic countries are places to flee. Who made those countries that way, and why would we want those elements moving to our society? If your argument is that we are filtering out the bad elements, we are not. For whatever reason - fear, collusion, stupidity - we are permitting the worst of the Muslim world to enter our space. These Muslims believe they are superior, and therefore immediately begin to batter their benefactors. Is that not the way it is?

Those whites who desire savages to enter can only be seeking one of two things: death, or power in joining Islam. If they seek death, we cannot let them, for they will take us, who do not share their despairing guilt, with them. If these whites seek power, to combine with an Islamic caliphate, they've sold out and are our enemies. Period. Either way, we cannot permit our civilization to be destroyed.

Muslims will not change and we will not change to Islam. Therefore, a great and mighty clash is inevitable, helped along by a great many white traitors, as well as communists who want and urge such disaster.

(rewritten 4/21/2017)



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