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One day, perhaps soon, the nations will come to Torah, and we will defeat the evils – corruption, savagery, hedonism, crime, and communism.  Until that time, we will continue to fail in this fight. Logic, compassion, peace, and mercy will not stem evil. Evil has no plan to stop, limit, reverse, or coexist. It is us or them. Law is always the answer, and the only correct and complete Law is Torah, which has been the basis for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Constitution of the United States, and even the Buddhist and Native American. The world desires Law, but evil is powerful and seductive. As Jesus says, you are either with Him (the Law of God personified) or against Him. We either accept Torah or we accept our doom under evil.

(posted 6/24/2015)


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It is now summer 2015, and the High Holidays will be approaching soon. When the shofar is blown this year, it will be a special jubilee, as well as an end to various cycles. The shofar is our way of letting God know we are still with Him. Though every commandment performed in His name is worthwhile and written down in His book, the shofar is a signet that we desire to live another year on this beautiful Earth, and promise to do better, as people, as agents, and as stewards. So when Rosh Hashanah comes this 2015, make sure you are participating. Even if only 5 people are not consumed in corruption, the Lord will save the city for His name’s sake, and for the promises He made to Noah and Abraham.

(posted 7/15/2015)


62:1-5  Isaiah < Click to Listen

This summer of 2015 has been a revelation of evil. 

Overt ISIS attacks on Christians in Syria and elsewhere prove day by day the savagery of Islamism.  At the same time, the USA does not destroy ISIS when it has the chance, but rather permits its continuance and growth, evidencing a sick and corrupt collusion between the two. The USA also makes deals and treaties with communism, including Cuba and Vietnam (TPP). All these events, though disjointed, and seemingly with no connection, solidify our belief at University of Truth that we are experiencing a Communist-Muslim cooperative takeover right under our noses.

Meanwhile, savagery reigns in the streets. Marxist uprisings in broad daylight, fueled by the knowledge that governments are not going to stop the violence, make us believe they want this chaos. Race wars brew, even though many seem aware they are participating in a puppet show. 

It has become almost a crime to cite Torah.  Homosexuality is expected and defended, not just tolerated.  Fraud runs through everything at the highest levels, from the Secretary of State to the Justice Department, from Congress to the President, from the media to the people. Agreeing with evil in order to retain a normalcy bias. Eating and drinking while Rome burns.

What is to come?  Will the world come to its senses, or will it thumb its nose at God’s face more so? Will there be a king of evil among us, or a king of mercy? If we are smart – not even moral, just smart – we will pray with all our energy to the Lord God for forgiveness, to divert this train of dynamite which is set to blow any second, and run for our lives towards Torah.

(posted 8/15/2015)


62:6-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

"Even if my life isn’t all I want it to be, I pray for the Earth to keep turning after Shmita." This is the prayer we ought to be praying. Whether or not your life, or my life, is perfect, or good, or adequate, or rotten, our prayer ought to be that life continues. We should pray, and this prayer particularly, whether in happiness, joy, and thankfulness, or in depression, hopelessness, and anger. The prayer for our Earth to keep turning is the most selfless prayer we can make. Why? Knowing there is atrocity in the world, it would be easy to pray and wish for this world to disappear (for example, under a "rapture"). Yet, such prayer is not spiritual, but rather emotional, focused not only against those who bring atrocity, but also against those who are, or who you believe are, inattentive to atrocity, stupefied, and neglectful. Do not lose hope. Forgive. For in doing so we make the greatest forgiveness of all.  We forgive God.

Forgiveness of God is very important. All things eventually land in His lap, whether bad things for complaint or good things for thankfulness. How do we forgive God?  We must not be like Job’s wife who said, “Curse God and die.”  Rather, we should “Bless God and live.”  For no matter what, God is in control.

Listen to today's program for more.

(posted 8/29/2015)


62:10-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The world is going haywire. 

Homosexuality is not just a lifestyle but an expected superiority, in the courts, and in the public discourse.  There can be no coexistence between male homosexuality and Torah. Which path will the world take?

Savagery is not just a response to supposed oppression but is an uplifted activity, while the media sits back and films the carnage. We see "Islamic privilege" to invade nations, demand religion where "separation of church and state" (Sweden, UK, Canada, e.g.) was supposedly sacred, and to cause mayhem without great repercussion. There can be no coexistence between savagery and Torah. Which path will the world take?

Corruption runs rampant. Hillary Clinton, who knows better, who knows the rules of the State Department, that every article at the State Department is its property, and intrinsically sensitive, if not classified, gets a free pass to remove computer servers and papers from that same State Department of which she was head. The reaction from the media appears to be that Clinton made a slight error which requires nothing more than apology, though other State Department employees who transgressed in even less serious manner are jailed. There can be no coexistence between corrupt government and Torah. Which path will the world take? 

Crime is structural.  Whether mafia, cartel, or gang, the people live in fear of the bootleggers, sex traders, kidnappers, gang-bangers, and white-haters. Not to mention the Soros gang of street-burning Marxists, and the Islamic fundamentalist gangs. Though there are far more of us than them, they get away with it, because we are meek.  There can be no coexistence between crime and Torah. Which path will the world take?

If Shmita means the coming of Messiah, we may look forward to a fascism not under men but under God, specifically under Torah.  The meek, the weak, the oppressed, and the obliterated shall be restored, to be free from criminals, savages, the corrupt, and all manner of evil. 

(posted 9/4/2015)



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