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Isaiah Chapter 59-60

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59:1-8  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Torah is the answer to all of our questions and problems.

(posted 4/15/2015)


59:9-21  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The Nation of Israel has a Redeemer.  The Redeemer is not a mouse but a lion.  Our actions have no bearing on His existence or His will.  We shall be saved according to His whims, not our own weak statements of faith.  Our weakness is not appealing to God, and our arrogance is worse.  Our strength is in our hearts, where God has written His Word.  When the Redeemer comes, He shall see and judge this strength.

(posted 4/22/2015)


60:1-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

There is nowhere to hide now.  The drones are in hordes.  The corrupt have built their underground nests.  The savages have proclaimed anger, and the streets of fire they own. The hedonists have elected themselves kingdoms and their slaves shall bake cake. The criminals pour over borders and are protected by those who use their power. We have entered the time of war, and the day of man is soon over. I should write blurbs for fantasy films, but this is no fantasy.  Torah is losing the race.  In fact, we are going backwards.  We reward the depraved and punish the straight. Glamour has displaced honor, and cash has paved over humility.

The five evils are on the march.  Does it sound like Middle-Earth?  We are going back in time, back to a time of kings and lords and fiefdoms, things we believed left behind.  The agrarian environmentalist and the Islamist want the same thing – an end to 5000 years of progress.  Mortal enemies band together to meet the common stone – Torah. The Law of God must be destroyed so that Arab nationalism, or anarchy, or carbon taxation – anything but Torah – is put in charge of men. Why? They fear God. They fear the true Christ. They fear the true Jew. They fear the true Law. Why? Torah overrides them all. Torah is the right Law.  Torah is the right fence. Older. Wiser. More beneficial. Sterner. More merciful.

There is a path.  Only one.  Truth is singular.  Torah.

(posted 5/22/2015)


60:13-16  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Hybrid humans?  So says Kurzweil.  Is that what we want?  Yes, if you despise Torah. If you are not all human, Torah cannot apply to you fully.  Finally! This is their goal. The new Tower of Babel.

(posted 6/4/2015)


60:17-22  Isaiah < Click to Listen

It is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to practice Torah.  As our Book, The Mark, makes clear, the time is soon upon us when Islamic terrorism teams up with radical Leftism. It will be as Gog and Magog, coming against Judeo-Christianity (Torah) and Capitalism. This will usher in the Beast.

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(posted 6/12/2015)



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