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Isaiah Chapter 58

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Why are we so destructive? Why are we so willing to destroy what we've built? To atone for guilt? To turn the tide on oppression? Those things cannot be turned back. What’s done is done. Destroying the fabric of society does not change history, it only undoes the future.

The changing tide of civilizational hold is nothing new. The Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Mongols, and others have all had their day. We, however, live in the most technologically-freeing time that ever was. We have access to more information, wise and foolish, than could ever be digested or sorted. Do we propose to send ourselves back to the days of sewage in the streets, rats in the bedroom, and the dead collected in carts? 

Why are we on this brink? Laziness in our luxuriant stupor?  Fear of losing whatever small modicum of security we have?  Apathy in mistrust of everyone?  Or do we feel that “it’s just time” to let someone else rule over the natural resources and nuclear weapons?  But why change?  Will changing the guard solve anything?  “Meet the new boss... same as the old boss.” 

Who should be in charge? When we get down to it, God asks for so little. Some obedience here, repentance there.  Don’t eat this food, don’t wear this piece of clothing.  Don’t commit adultery.  When the Temple is standing, follow the rules of the Temple.  In return, He promises us everything. But for a little peace and quiet, we sell God, His blessings, the Law of civilization, and our own soul down the river. We make pacts with Canaanites so they won’t kill us.  We appease the homosexual so that we no longer live in the “Dark Ages” but are “progressive” and “with it.”  We put up with the corruption of church and government, just because we’re “too busy” or “can’t fight city hall.”  Where then do we get the energy and wherewithal to fight the “city hall” of God?

Did you understand what I just said? We fight hard to be left alone when that same energy might be directed to create the ultimate society, the Torah nation.

In today’s stimulating lesson, we examine Yom Kippur, the holiest day, the day of great atonement, and why some feel it is on one hand a chore, and on the other hand a way to gloat.

(posted 2/23/2015)


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Matthew 5:19: “Whoever does and teaches the least commandment shall be called greatest in heaven.”

Which is the least commandment?  Is it refraining from pork and other unclean meats?  Is it refraining from wearing wool and linen together in one garment? There is a simple answer. Whichever commandment you THINK is least, that one is least, simply because you will treat it with the most disregard. 

Why not simply obey? First, obedience means denying pleasures. Second, obedience means sacrificing time to do one thing rather than another. Third, it seems absurd to do these things for an invisible God who does not instantly make our lives better, whether through faith or obedience.

Nevertheless, if we want security and stability, we must have law. If we choose a savage law, as of the jungle, or crime, it is neither secure nor stable. If we choose a hedonistic law, as of satanism, this invites disease and death. If we choose a communist law, as of atheism, we lose every freedom. Only if we choose theocracy do we have security and stability. In a way, it doesn't matter which theocracy we choose as long as we do not permit unlawful savagery, hedonism, communism, crime, and corruption. Christianity is out, permitting too much unlawful hedonism and allegiance to corrupt governments, and besides, Christianity does not actually follow the commands of Jesus Christ. One might say Hinduism, but the caste system is racial, and you don't fit, and besides, you can't eat beef. One might say Buddhism, but true Buddhism has a law of many commandments, and "white Buddhism" is not true Buddhism (but more like New Age), and besides, Buddhists have many rules about meats. One might say Islam, but under Islam the Arabs are the superior race, from Ishmael, and you don't fit, and besides, you can't eat pork. What about Greek, Roman, and Teutonic mythologies? These haven't the numbers to create a secure and stable hegemony. There is therefore no reason for the white or Semitic man to seek anything but Torah.

Christ did not say, "I am perfect in the Law so you don’t have to be." He said, "If you want eternal life, do the commandments" (Matthew 19:17). Jesus was Jewish, so whichever commandments he meant, they must be Torah commandments and no other. Did Jesus walk the talk?  If He hadn't, the apostles, all Jews, would have fled from Him, and the Pharisees would have had every right to jail or execute him. Not only did His disciples remain with Him, and not flee, but also the Pharisees had no evidence against Him. Jesus was so perfect in keeping and teaching the Law of God that even a Jewish court motivated against Him could not find Him guilty of the least crime.  To make this airtight, the doctrine of Christianity itself puts forward a Christ perfect in the Law, even if that perfection is used as a reason to justify Him as a sacrifice for sin.

Jesus died while protecting Torah. He died for Torah. He did not die so those with no interest in keeping the Law might walk about arrogantly, saying, "I’m not under the (oppressive) Law." It is impossible that such a heretic could be called "perfect in the Law."

Come join us today to hear more on this terrific subject!

(posted 3/5/2015)


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Who is right and who is wrong?  We blame politicians for not keep their promises, yet we keep reelecting the same liars over and over again. The same applies to religion. We blame Satan for tempting us to sin, yet we keep rejecting obedience to Torah over and over again. Christianity is the worst offender here. They say Christ was perfect in the Law, yet they do not say Christians must strive to be perfect in the Law. Rather, they say Christ lets them off the hook, that He fulfilled the Law it for them, and that He died for their sins against Torah. This creates, at best, lazy believers, and, at worst, justified corruption. Basically, however, people don't keep Torah because they don't want to keep Torah. Christianity just happens to offer a waiver from such obedience, and then a bailout from such error, all without justification from Christ, who offered no such thing. Christianity therefore creates offenders, not defenders.

Jesus died for Torah, not for your mistakes.  He died for what’s RIGHT, not what’s WRONG.  Jesus did not come to evangelize for disobedience, but rather for a Torah nation, if not Torah world.

Come listen today to hear more about Torah hegemony.

(rewritten 10/7/2017)



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