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What is the antidote for savagery?  Expectation, and exertion, of peace through lawful police strength. If lawfulness is neither expected nor exerted, savages run wild in streets, burning, stealing, molesting, and destroying. Should we worry about police brutality? Only when police take liberties not granted by law is there a problem. Why do police take unlawful liberties?  Many reasons, of money, power, training, and of wrongful expectation to be sheltered from punishment. Is there a solution? Lawful leadership minimizes police corruption. How can we ensure lawful leadership? If we were vigilant, and took our rights seriously, daily and not just in crisis, lawful leadership would be elected always, and fraudulent claims by lying judges and politicians would be met with expulsion and prison. Why are we not vigilant and serious daily? Many reasons, of attention span, energy level, endurance, interest, and cynicism. This is human nature, and why governments are able to become quickly populated with communists, criminals, Deathers, and every other type which does not have our best interests, but rather their own agendas, in mind.

Plato knew that only a benevolent dictator, a type of good fascist, might be counted upon to make and keep things right. Yet, that fascist must also rule, and be ruled, by underlying law. Ideally, by preexisting law, not by executive privilege. The best of such is Torah, which is ancient, of the chosen people, able to be properly translated, not savage but firm, and not biased for the rich or poor. Torah fascism.

Come with us today and learn more about what it means to have a lawful society, and still a loving society.

(posted 12/1/2014)


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God’s Grace brings personal peace... but that does not cause a society to be peaceful... unless Grace leads to common purpose under God... and that common purpose is the Law of God.

There is no common purpose under God without the Law. All who say they are under God, but refuse to acquiesce to His Law, are for their own agendas, whether those agendas cross-connect with the Law or not. "Love" is not a godly agenda unless the Law of God is there to explain, underpin, and confirm that love.

With the Law of God applied, one may simultaneously have a republic, a democracy, and a theocracy of collectivism which does not also permit savagery or hedonism outside the Law.

The question is, why does man choose the more difficult, even impossible, road without the Law of God?  The answer is, men operate on principles of existentialism with as few boundaries as possible. Some call this libertarianism, and some even practice a true libertarianism which respects the rights of men AND Law, but mainly this libertarianism is hedonism.

(posted 12/11/2014)


56:1-8  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Wherein we discover exactly how the Gentiles receive a covenant, and a great name.  Come hear all about Jesus the Sponsor!

(posted 12/15/2014)


56:9-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is to blame for our lousy situation? Is it our desires and Hedonism? Is it our Savagery? Is it Corruption and Communism, greater factions which harness our labor for their own greed?  If so, what can we do about it?  What does God want us to do about it?  Another Torah lesson at the University of Truth!

(posted 1/15/2015)


57:1-14  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Children of a sorceress, you offspring of adulterers and prostitutes! Who are you mocking? At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue? Whom have you so dreaded and feared that you have not been true to me, and have neither remembered me nor taken this to heart? When you cry out for help, let your collection of idols save you!

(posted 1/21/2015)


57:15-21  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is the purpose of chaos? Who wants it, and why? We know there is an ultimate plan of chaos that comes from Satan. The need to see man’s handiwork destroyed, and God’s praise withheld, is the highest aim of the devil. There is no shortage of people who are enthusiastic to see this goal achieved. The savages, the corrupted, the hedonists, the communists, and the criminals all have a vested interest in chaos. 

For the savage, it means the right to pillage, even kill.  For the corrupt, it is the right to rule over law, and to have the power over life and death.  For the hedonist, it is reigning over the body, in eating, sexual pleasure, and skin manipulation.  For the communist, it is forcing men to accept slavery, to be a slave and to enslave.  For the criminal, it is to work the system for simple lucre.

What is the outcome for chaos?  There must, after all, be order and hegemony. Who will be in charge?  If evil triumphs, evil cannot become good. Savagery will not become peacefulness, arrogance will not become humility, corruption will not become steadfast, hedonism will not become propriety, communism will not respect the individual, and crime will not become lawfulness. What then do the followers, never mind the leaders, of chaos hope to achieve??

Today, a good discussion that reaches deep into this topic.  You won’t be disappointed.

(posted 2/14/2015)



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