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Isaiah Chapter 54

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FIVE EVILS, ONE SOLUTION. The Five Evils careen forward at top speed.

CORRUPTION. The willingness to despoil has always been with us, but now is on the grandest scale. Good people are turning from goodness in order to keep buying and selling. 
This Mark of the Beast is taken by many more every day. They ignore corruption, so it grows. They keep reelecting the corrupt. There is no outcry, no uprising of any magnitude. The sheep sleep, corrupted by fake money and real luxury.

SAVAGERY. The Islamist becomes bolder, beheading, annexing. No mercy shall be gathered there, and Islam shall spread until they win or Torah wins. Savagery emboldens savagery. In the civilized nations, radicalism grows daily.  Not protests against injustice, but violence in the name of manufactured crises.  Marches with Molotov cocktails in the name of slain hoodlums. For echoes of past slavery, Twitter mobs enter stores to cause damage and harm.  People are knocked out at bus stations because savage youth is bored. Fight clubs exist in formerly genteel communities. Road rage grows because people are angry. 

STATISM. The old guard, Russia, is on track to dominate once again. China has already found hegemony through capitalist expansion, but we know their ultimate plan is to pull out the rug from under. Communism is a ruse meant to exploit the idealism of youth and emotions of the weak-minded. Likewise, the caliphate has captured the imagination of Muslims and jihadists everywhere, including disgruntled Christians and frightened atheists. Sharia is not for humanity, but is slavery under fear of the scimitar. Torah should be our Statism, but the ambitions of men have diluted, tortured, and perverted Torah so that Judaism is too weak and assimilative, Christianity is too arrogant and dismissive, and Islam is too savage in its implementation.  

CRIME. Many fatherless boys join gangs and cartels, eager for a little cash, and fun in exploitation. Sex slave, drug mule, kidnap victim – this and more has no effect on their hearts. As always, mafias control key industries, and power in government.  

HEDONISM. The culture of death expands daily. People enjoy not only their slow death in opiates, alcohol, and pills, but also their quick death in supporting assisted suicide, unnecessary wars, and open borders which are invitations for terrorists, criminals, and diseases.  They smoke their herbs and sniff their aerosols while other evils run rampant over them.  They abort, then deny the life they snuffed was life.  They desire the transmutation from human to the unknown species which requires the altered food, water, air, light, and other things the elite demand be changed. The humans thus transmuted desire not the Law, that bonding of society through mutual assent of boundaries, but instead every form of taboo.  They desire unnatural sex, unnatural bodies, and the permission to be wicked.  The strictness of religion is to them evil, but paganism and witchery is to them, if not good, at least not wrong. 

THE SOLUTION, TORAH, is ignored.  While Christians believe the world hates Jesus Christ, the TRUTH is the world hates Torah, the Law of God, which Jesus taught and lived.  The homosexuals have no choice but to hate Torah, or to destroy the passages they hate, thus mutilating the law.  The criminals have no choice but to hate the Law. Statists must oppose the Law of God in order to establish themselves as the lawgivers, as God.  Savagery opposes Torah because it reins in their murder and anarchy. Corruption must oppose the Law of God because it puts an end to injustice, unequal weights and measures, and other forms of slavery used against the people. The poor and weak do not realize Torah compels governments and other powers to act for their benefit, and is their salvation! Nobody teaches them.

CHRISTIANS MUST ACCEPT TORAH if this world is to be saved. Only if 2 billion Christians exert the Law of God can the complete takeover of the Beast be stopped. Acceptance of Jesus is a good start, and helps you to find your own salvation, but does not save the world. Christians, however, have been taught to avoid Torah, as if it is harmful.  If Torah is harmful, why did Jesus perform it completely?  If Torah is harmful, why did Jesus say, “Whoever teaches the least commandment shall be called greatest in heaven”?  Jesus does not save you from Torah, He leads you to Torah so you will stop sinning. How can you stop sinning if you keep breaking the Law of God? Christians who fight against Torah are mainly hedonists who fear giving up certain pleasures of food and relationship, who fight against Torah because they believe personal freedom is more important than society, more important than the Word of God.   

The necessity of this world is implementation of Torah, God’s Law, the Law which Christ believed, and lived, and for which He died.  The time has come to bring Torah hegemony and kingdom to this planet.

(posted 10/15/2014)


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Corruption has been called the New World Order, but it is actually Old World Order. It is as old as man himself, and actually predates man. According to ideology, the first sin happened because Satan, in disguise as a serpent, corrupted Adam and Eve. Who knows if Satan's plan was to enslave man or exterminate him? Perhaps Satan's goal was to steal man from God for nefarious ends. Perhaps Satan was jealous of God's attention to man and determined to remove competition. Fast forward, and nothing has changed. Evil still plots to steal men for evil deeds, whether to serve selfish crimes of larceny, to commit senseless murders, or to blaspheme God, seeking to pull men away from the Law of God. Atheists are likewise jealous of man's attention on God. They can't understand why man would rather be under God's care than independent of it.

All corruption falls under two categories, those who would enslave mankind (Slavers), and those who would exterminate mankind (Deathers). Slavers understand man's attraction to God, and permit it, allowing man to flower, though still within a system that best serves Slaver interests. Capitalism is a perfect example. Under capitalism, man has certain liberties to profit, even wildly profit, even to profit while brother goes hungry. Under capitalism, man has certain liberties of pleasure, even excess pleasure, and deadly pleasures. As long as the system remains, Slavers benefit from the work performed in pursuit of such profit, and the pleasures such profit buys. Karl Marx understood this system but called it evil. He did not believe men should amass wealth, or pursue their whims and desires. Marx believed the family unit led men to enslave themselves to this system. He believed religion propagated this system. Marx was right that men do these things, but was wrong that the system is evil. For enslavement to capitalism is more preferable than tyranny of communism. At least capitalism provides men with goals of self-worth and escape. Communism does not, being based on jealousy of achievements, and does not lift all boats, but rather dries up the ocean of opportunity so no boats can rise. Or so they tell you. Actually, all societies require workers, to build and to harvest. Communism is no exception. The hammer and sickle symbol indicates work is everything to the State. Not work which benefits the individual, but the State, which distributes to the individual. The key flaw to communist society is, who shall supervise these workers and for what incentive? Self-interest (for extra wealth, power, fame, and so forth) is forbidden under communism. Yet, idealism motivates few innately, and both communists and nationalists have not discovered how to breed in such selfless pride. Thus, all that remains to motivate the communist is threat of pain. Yet, he who wields the gun or baton, what is his motivation? Dreaded extra wealth? Or are enforcers natural psychopaths? Is communism then a society of enslaved workers, motivated not by self-interest but by vague idealism at the butt end of the gun? Yes, that is the only communism the world has ever known. As one goes up the food chain of communism, there are more psychopaths, who reward themselves richly for having to deal with the lower rungs and for having to be psychopathic. Thus, communism is more like criminal enterprise, the bosses getting best cuts, and demanding loyalty to their rule under threat of pain. Yet, crime at least provides incentive to its lower rungs by sharing the wealth. 

The strength of capitalism is also its great weakness. Unlike communism, under capitalism you are not taken to be reeducated or exterminated if you don't act like a capitalist. The weakness is that capitalism endures all types of competing philosophies, even communism, so that pursuit of the almighty coin is not interrupted. Capitalism has therefore no purity of purpose other than to amass wealth. The few rules of capitalism, such as forbidding theft and fraud, are actually brought forth from religion, as a moral guide. Top echelons of capitalism nevertheless often break those rules, with the same psychopathy as those atop the communist food chain, deeming themselves superior for doing so.

Theocracy provides purity of purpose. Under theocracy, you cannot simply do as you like, as you might under capitalism.  Like communism, there is a good book. Unlike communism, this good book was written by God, not a man.  God is your Slaver. The good book often tells citizens under the theocracy to remove impurity from its midst by the sword and other means. This does not make God a Deather, for He is not against mankind, nor does He purpose to exterminate man. Rather, man is warned, and chooses by free will his own path, unto Life or unto Death. Why would anyone prefer theocracy to communism?  Theocracy permits believers to worship God, to have a family, and to (generally speaking) accumulate wealth. Since communism cannot compete with God, who is comparatively libertarian, religion is tightly controlled under communism. Why would anyone prefer theocracy to capitalism? Theocracy is founded on fundamentalism, which at any time can right a corrupted ship by purging the corrupt, according to ancient law not written by any living man. When capitalism becomes too greedy, and protects the guilty through corrupt court system, the people will demand the moral authority of a theocracy. If not, society shall descend into savagery.

(rewritten 10/6/2017)


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Communism begins with the premise to enslave or exterminate men. It can do no better. There is no equity which will satisfy all, so those who complain must be silenced. There is no dictatorship of the proletariat, so those who notice such things must be silenced. There is no coexistence with competing ideologies, so all who compete, including capitalists and theocrats, must be silenced. Those who argue that there are peaceful socialist nations, such as Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, have actually chosen constitutional monarchies for their examples! True communist nations, such as Red China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, and the previous USSR are bleak places for all but those foreigners invited to build economies inside their brutal walls.

When capitalism becomes corrupt, it emulates communism, seeking to silence opposition by various means of slander, uneven taxation, over-regulation, spying, and demanding constitutional rights of citizens and states be repealed. A nation often meets such corruption by invoking morality, demanding the corrupt live up to godly principles. The problem is, the corrupt have already rejected godly principles. They must be voted out. If the people do not vote out, but keep reelecting, the corrupt, what does this say about the people? Not only have they been asleep, thereby letting the corruption grow, but also have been afraid, keeping corruption for the sake of continued capitalism. This does not recommend communism as the alternative, but rather theocracy. For if a nation decides to restrain corrupted capitalism, it should not choose tyranny under men, but rather the excellent tyranny of God. Nevertheless, since men are afraid of both tyrannies, they remain steadfast with capitalism, even when it has gone corrupt, satisfied with their meager opportunities of wealth and pleasures.

The corrupt understand this self-made trap of the people, and exploit it. Furthermore, they secure their places by installing many forms of sabotage which can shut down capitalism. For examples, kill switches which can disable the entire Internet and power grid, or EMP which can destroy computerized vehicles and communications systems. The corrupt also have great spying technology which anticipate and cripple any opposition. Add to this their wide array of super-viruses, chemical weapons, and bombs, both conventional and nuclear, and humanity has no chance to mobilize against organized Corruption.

Our only hope is a schism at the top. Where Corruption meets, we must pray it dissents with itself. We must hope and pray that, within the inner chambers of Corruption, there are those who want not extermination of mankind but rather to keep them "only" enslaved. In other words, we must hope and pray the elite are split between what I call Deathers and Slavers. Furthermore, we must hope and pray the Slavers make a valid enough and convincing argument for our continuation, or else hold the upper hand, and are strong enough, to keep Deathers from coming against humanity. We must hope and pray that we have such advocates for men, and proponents for Life. We must count on the last vestiges of humanity in the meeting rooms of the Corrupt, which may have pity upon our smallness, and realize our value. Among the Slavers, we must also hope for benevolent slavery, which permits upward mobility, not slavery of Agenda 21 medieval farming. 

If the argument is that we must have no slavery at all, this is foolish, for we choose enslavement, so that we may have and enjoy homes, families, vacations, retirements, peace and quiet, and a variety of pleasurable and pleasant things. There is no paradise on Earth to provide these things without the slavery of work. Under capitalism, at least the fruits of such work can be amassed and spent, and are protected by both law (courts) and by force (weapons), rights secured under a constitution. Only when the top of the food chain becomes corrupt is this slavery unprofitable or undefended.

If the argument is that "white people" (euphemism for top of the food chain) have it too good, or too soft, and don't understand the hardships of the oppressed, this is rubbish. The “oppressed” do not leave America, and the oppressed of many nations still clamor for entry, for they both know the pleasurable and pleasant things are in America. Only if the corrupt elite believe the world would be a better place without our eating, drinking, smoking, entertainment, politics, religion, and, yes, our very breathing, is America "bad." 

We are subject to the whims of those two factions of elite at all times, whether we like it or not, and whether we believe it or not. Could we defeat both factions and have this world to ourselves? No. They would never allow it. They have too much power to stop us, with many weapons and schemes. Even if we defeated the corrupt, how would we overcome enmities of culture, race, religion, geography, and so forth? How would we not wage war? How would we not have hate? Even if we defeated war and hate, we would still have organized and disorganized Crime, Savagery, and Hedonism to swallow us so that we would cry out once again for a strong hand to save us. What shall this strong hand be?  If we were wise, we would choose the theocracy of Torah. If we were wise, however, we would already be under that theocracy.

Whether the corrupt would destroy us if we all accepted Torah is a different dilemma, but we should rather be willing to die for Torah than to die for Hedonism, Crime, Savagery, Communism, or Corruption.

(rewritten 10/6/2017)


54:15-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Jesus said, “Whoever shall do the least commandment, and teach others so, shall be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  But whoever shall break the least commandment, and teach others so, shall be called least in the kingdom” (Matt 5:19). Christians argue that Jesus was not talking about Torah. Really? To which Law of God was Jesus, the Torah Jew, referring? Christians argue that it doesn't matter, Jesus is God and can change the Law as He pleases. Even if this were true, Jesus said, “I did not come to destroy the Law, not a jot or tittle. I came not to destroy but to fulfill.” Christians argue that it is impossible to know which are the "least commandments." Not so! The least commandment is the one you think is least, which you are least likely to keep, which you refute, even sneer at. If you keep such least commandment, and furthermore teach others to likewise obey, you are considered greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Why? Quite simply, you put yourself aside for God!  You were humble!  You taught the Law! As Psalm 32 teaches, to get close to God, we must humble ourselves by admitting our transgressions against the Law of God.  Otherwise, God hears only our arrogant gums flapping. More about this in today's lesson.

(posted 11/30/2014)



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