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What is “despised” and “rejected” is not Jesus, for His life is little different than any other man who has been persecuted merely for his beliefs or heritage.  What is despised and rejected is God’s Law, Torah.

Those who claim Jesus came to relieve them from the Law, despise the Law. Those who claim there is no God, despise the Law. Those who claim the Law represses rights, despise the Law. It has no comeliness for them.  It is ugly and disgusting to them.  Consequently, the Jews, the bearers of the Law, are likewise ugly and disgusting to them.  Hatred of Jews is the hatred of the Law.  Hatred of Jesus is hatred of the Law.

Today’s lesson is the “suffering servant” who is derided, and finally killed, by men for being lawful. 

(posted 8/13/2014)


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What is an amendment? It is a change in the law. The Constitution of the United States can be amended, under Article V of that document. On the other hand, Torah, the Law of God, is not able to be amended, and specifically forbids adding to, or subtracting from, the Law. No high priest, no Sanhedrin, no Sage, no Pope, has the ability or authority to change the Law. Jesus Christ cannot change the Law, and He said He did not come to change it, not a jot or tittle. That Christ came to "fulfill" the Law means He came to do the Law, and teach it (cf, Matthew 5:19), intrinsic Torah, that is, Law in the manner commanded by God, without the extra ordinances and traditions of the Pharisees, Sadducees, or Sanhedrin. Pure Torah carried out, fully. That Christianity credits Christ as "perfect in the Law" is justifiable credit, and justifies the Law as the ultimate purifier and perfecter. The takeaway should be that, in order to be like Christ, and to be worthy of any honor from God, all Christians ought to do and teach Torah to the best of their abilities, and repent when they do not. Yet, of all things, Christianity claims its adherents do not have to emulate Christ's Torah purity because somehow this Torah Jew, who quite clearly rejected the notion that He came to amend the Law of God, amended the Law of God! 

Not only in doctrine, but also in hegemony, has Christianity failed. The dominion Christianity enjoyed in Europe and in the Americas, as well as in colonial Africa and Middle East, is nearly vanished. Inherent permissive Christianity, invented under lawless amendments to Torah, exploded from ancient catechisms of waivers for believers (particularly in eating unclean meats) to guilt-ridden and desire-driven tolerance for nearly every kind of perversion, abomination, and corruption. Not universally throughout the congregation, but rather top-down from pulpits, driven deeply with nails from satanic government directives and threats. The initial unlawful Christian amendments to Torah were leveraged against Christianity to provide further such unlawful Torah amendments for hedonists, and even savages, lest Christians be labeled as "hypocrites" and pursued by agencies to lose tax status and, finally, even liberties protected by Constitution, such as the inherent right to pray, to evangelize, and to discriminate.

Loss of hegemony, and personal power, has caused many Christians to consider, even convert to, the growing societal power and, ironically, lawful passion of Islam. Lack of Christian societal influence has enabled many to become atheists, pagans, satanists, and hedonists with no, or very little, concern for backlash from either church, family, or friends, unheard-of just a few decades ago. Such capitulation and apostasy has eroded the underlying foundation of the nation, bringing, amidst the normal outpourings for "coexistence" and multiculturalism, increasing and outrageous cries for socialist or communist revolution, and, in greater number, for a Caliphate!

Why has God allowed this? We have free will. It is our choice whether to believe, and whether to obey in faith to an invisible God. It is our choice whether to have gratitude for our bounty, or to have contempt for "white privilege" and surrender it. It is our choice whether to have lawful bounds, or to permit every atrocity against Torah, in the name of nebulous and unwarranted compassion, eventually falling prey to those we help. It is our choice whether we will obey the God of our ancestors, and the Law of our establishment, or whether we will hand over the keys of the kingdom, and permit strange laws to rule over us.

Let me make a "bacon argument." It is valueless for Christians to complain about God’s Law being broken by atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers, so long as "bacon" (code for every commandment of Torah acceptably broken by Christians under their unlawful ideological "waivers") continues.  In the past, such hypocritical hegemony was exerted by force, but today Christians do not have the stomach for it. Christian society is therefore falling from its own internal weakness.

I realize the preceding statements offend every single person mentioned. That is a necessary consequence of spreading Truth.  Shalom.


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                                                        FIVE EVILS NEWS REPORT 1

I am in favor of a Torah Nation and world.  I believe there are Five Evils to confront at all times, and that the world is now in crisis on all five fronts at once. Let's look at this week's Five Evils Report:

1) SAVAGERY.  By savagery, we mean a propensity to commit violence and murder in a barbaric fashion, with a purpose of domination.  While savagery can also be applied to other evils, there is a barbarism which seems endemic to a people, almost genetic. As usual, the Muslims top the heap here.  For those who cry out that there are moderate Muslims, where are they?  Their silence is a tacit agreement to the Caliphate that looms over all of us.  If it were just a few thousand Muslims, we could live with their craziness and eradicate them swiftly. However, if just 10% of Muslims worldwide are barbaric, that's 150 million savages. This past week saw more beheading, more destruction of property, more threats, and more declarations of war. In the past few weeks, missing planes at the Libyan Embassy, slaughter of Christians over a wide swath of the Middle East, and in New Jersey a Christian boy butchered for no other reason than simply existing. Banners and messages are now left on street corners, saying another 9-11 is coming. ISIS uniforms are worn openly in America. Minnesota women are joining jihad. In Africa, Boko Haram continues unabated. 

We also have a problem with black youth.  Riots occur over things which happen far away.  Flash mobs loot malls.  Knockout violence of random nature goes on. 

The time for beat-downs is long overdue. Some might say violence begets violence, but such sayings are put forth by those who have no intention to solve the problem, and by some who are the problem!  Some might say helping the police in this fashion is vigilantism, but nothing is getting solved by sitting on hands. You'll just have to hit hard now and go to therapy, or confession, later.

2) STATISM.  Putin is making tremendous inroads into Ukraine, and into the hearts of youth. Putin made it clear we don't have his blessing to go into Syria. Obama is using "flexibility" to consort with Putin on World War 3. Meanwhile, Red China, where we buy our clothes, also rattled swords against America last week.  Not really a new development, though. Even the lowly Cuban reds are threatening America.  Meanwhile, youth, having been taught that McCarthyism is bad, rally to call "conspiracy theorist" against anyone who suggests communism is alive.  Good job, communists! 

Common Core met a small defeat last week, but is not dead.  The only thing that can kill it is a benevolent dictator.  I am open for business in that regard.  The education system continues to pump out brainwashed pansies who think girls are demigods but boys are animals, that homosexual is cool but being normal is not. 

3) CORRUPTION.  The New World Order integrated its factions this week, promenading Hillary Clinton around Iowa to draw attention away from Obama golfing, which draws attention away from the fact that America funds ISIS, which draws attention away from the border, which draws away attention from Ebola, and Benghazi, and Fast and Furious... Syria was on the list of targets Obama said he will hit to cripple ISIS, but Mecca was not on that list... Glenn Beck continued his tirade against anyone who disagrees with him, and feigned more ignorance who Alex Jones is or what Building 7 might be... 9/11 came and went without victory in hand again, while the TSA, NSA, and DHS felt up and spied upon a record number of travelers who enjoy being slaves... The Fed continued to pump out the fake money, even as tax receipts reached a new high, causing some to ask, "If you're gonna print, why do you need my taxes?"  This drew immediate SWAT response. 

4) CRIME.  This week we learned that Mexican cartels are not only running sex slave rings and drug mules into America, and not only dropping illegals into every possible spot, but are also inserting terrorists over the border. Why not?  Our border guards do nothing anyway... Chicago was the scene for many more bloody drive-by killings, but Rahm Emanuel was unavailable for comment or funeral processions.   

5) HEDONISM.  Marijuana made a name again for itself by failing to produce enough tax revenue to justify its legalization.  When questioned, nobody cared.  More transportation wrecks are noted due to pot use, but these were overshadowed by increased alcohol-related accidents by drunk illegals... Ray Rice made news for hitting his wife, proving Americans can really get behind something trivial when they put their mind to it. Female Ravens fans jeered Rice on Monday Night Football. ESPN publicly apologized for those women, but those sportscasters were immediately dismissed for being insensitive... More abortions were performed than ever before last week, but experts are sure these will decrease with the rise in homosexuality... Tattoos continue to mark up bodies.  Bacon was the #1 tattoo of the week. 

That's it for now.  Goodnight and have a Torah week.

(posted 9/17/2014) 


53:10 - 54:2  Isaiah < Click to Listen

                                                    FIVE EVILS NEWS REPORT #2

I am in favor of a Torah Nation and world.  I believe there are Five Evils to confront at all times, and that the world is now in crisis on all five fronts at once. Let's look at this week's Five Evils Report:

1) SAVAGERY. Slaughter of Christians in the Middle East dissipated somewhat this week, but only because they were officially placed on the endangered species list. Complaints regarding that remark may be sent to John Kerry... Antisemitism also saw an uptick this week. Jews who pushed back were instantly vilified as TEA Party members. Dossiers available in the lobby. 

2) STATISM.  The big bear continued its push for Lebensraum, carrying out its demiurge to recreate the Tsarist state. Ukraine, in order to get proper attention, is now planning its own Caliphate... Communists descended on New York and other cities this week to protest climate change. The media was on hand to exaggerate the event. Plans to hose down the pseudo-hippies with honey and release the fire ants were foiled by the FDA, who confiscated the raw honey as dangerous... Fast food workers ended their strikes when it was discovered that unemployed MBA’s were lining up for their $15 per hour jobs.

3) CORRUPTION. The big news this week was the United States bombing Syria, in accord with the John McCain Doctrine to bomb anything that moves. Many applauded the arbitrary military activity, saying it’s about time our President teed off on something other than the 13th hole...  Liberals everywhere were astonished at how fast they made the transition from anti-war to completely bloodthirsty... Strafing of Syria deflected attention from the fact that thousands of American soldiers were heading to Liberia in order to contract... er, fight... Ebola.  It is reported that Ebola, miffed by being dissed in the press this week, will go on its own airborne strike... Muslims finally said NO to terrorism in Benghazi. When questioned whether it’s too little too late, one spokeswoman screamed at the top of her lungs, “What difference does it make!?”

The Federal Reserve might be audited. On hearing this news, three computer servers immediately crashed.  The noise could not be heard over the sound of printing... Obamacare went on a rampage, destroying billions of dollars in pension funds, an unintended consequence.  When interviewed, Obamacare called the charges bogus and racist.

4) CRIME.  Mexican cartels threatened to execute a number of American patriot groups who planned to monitor and perhaps even block up ports of entry from Mexico into United States.  A letter of apology was immediately delivered to Los Zetas... Turning to weather, heavy cowers expected throughout the nation. 

5) HEDONISM.  A news reporter quit her job on-air, saying that reading an anti-marijuana story, while at the same time heading up a pro-pot organization, made her a hypocrite. Supporters exhaled a sigh of relief...  Homosexuals were enraged this week to find their "fabness" thunder stolen by Gallo Nero, who advertised “straight” ice cream. Flavor of the week was “ingratitude for helping you stem the AIDS epidemic so you might continue having unnatural and immoral sex.” Mayor Debasio set to lead a march against this “blow to humanity”... Atheism finally opened a foxhole factory. Critics who claimed that foxholes are invisible and therefore don’t exist were ridiculed.

That's it for now.  Goodnight and have a Torah week.

(posted 9/23/2014)



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