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Isaiah Chapter 52

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How do you want to be remembered? As someone who fought against evil, or as someone who let things spiral out of control? Obviously, we all want to be recalled as a force for good, but do we know how to be a force for good? What is Good? What is Evil?

Five evils are in this world: Savagery, Corruption, Communism, Crime, and Hedonism.  Rarely in history have we seen Evil so great, and people who hate themselves to such a degree that they surrender so easily. Never before has it been so simple to transmit diseases and devastation, to travel long distances for war and murder, and to communicate false news and technological disaster. Never before has the planet been a place where there is almost literally "nowhere to hide."

The Mark of the Beast is the willingness to go along with Evil in order to maintain life or lifestyle. Those who go along with Evil say, "I just want peace," or "I just want to live my life," or "What can I do about it?"  With technology, it's easy to find permanent escape, or to commiserate with like-minded tired souls. In the end, however, your intentions mean little if your actions are few. Going along is aiding and abetting.

There is only one good, and that is God, and Torah, His Law, is the only system of good under which all men are treated fairly and equally, and in which mercy and forgiveness are intrinsic elements of life and living.

The Mark of God is the willingness to lose one's life or lifestyle for the sake of defending what is good. This means for Torah. Jesus gave His life for Torah, and for those who do and teach Torah, who are lawful, who follow commandments and repent for sin. The Book of Revelation says that those who die in defense of the cause of Christ (Torah) and the Word of God (Torah) shall not have to stand for judgment on the final day.

If we desire a society worth having, we must turn from our sins, and force our governors to do likewise. It is necessary force. The "sword of the Lord" is not a sheathed instrument that never comes out.  The sword of the Lord IS Torah and must come out. It is now well past time for good people to claim their Law, the Law of God, Torah, and defeat, beat back, the enemies of mankind, who would enslave and murder.

(posted 7/1/2014)


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To eliminate the Canaanite by force is a Torah commandment.  To punish the judges if they do not perform their Torah duties is a Torah commandment.  To require just weights and measures, whether a monetary system or a system of law, is a Torah commandment.

Today, we live in an upside-down world, where tolerance of sin is the norm, and Christianity is a religion which enables it.  Some of this is weak-willed spinelessness, some of it is false compassion for the sake of being left alone. Altogether, it is simply taking the Mark of the Beast, permitting sin in order that one's life may go on undisturbed.

Torah is the Law for this world, and Torah is ruler of this world, but only when people defend it.  Where are these defenders?  Where are the Jews who speak loudly for Torah, as Jesus did?  Where are the Christians willing to die for Torah, as Jesus did? Jesus would require community organizers for Torah.  He told His disciples to go to every house and speak to them. Not about acquiescing quietly to slavery, or permitting corruption, or accepting savagery, or encouraging hedonism, but to convert them all to the Law of God.

(posted 7/8/2014)


52:13-15  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Some people complain that we spend too much time on what’s happening in the world, as if ignoring these events is the path to greater spiritual enlightenment. Whenever the prophets of the Bible chose to remain aloof from current events, God called them harder. Whether like Moses, Jonah, Jeremiah, or Jesus, we cannot run away to hide in the desert or wilderness.  We cannot ignore the absence of Torah.

In this week’s segment (actually a TWO-hour show!), we stray far and wide regarding the slaughter of Christians, rising antisemitism, the American border crisis, and many other issues of interest and disgust for those who understand history and Torah.  Join us.

(posted 7/28/2014)



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