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Isaiah Chapters 50-51

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50:4-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

(Sing the following to the tune of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas”):

And so this is Passover,
Did you throw out the yeast?
Are you fighting corruption?
Or a friend of the Beast?
And so this is Pesach,
I’m glad you are free,
but it’s not just about you,
we all need liberty!
A merry Gut Yontiff,
let’s have matzo balls,
and let’s not be found grumbling,
when Messiah calls!
And so Chag Sameach,
your Seder be grand,
but much more important,
your sons understand,
and yes, too, your daughters,
to follow Torah,
to clean out your borders,
and learn the Shema.
Happy... Pesach,
if you... love God,
Matzo... maror,

(posted 4/15/2014)


51:1-3  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What’s wrong with the world, and what is the cure?  We know what’s wrong – The Five Evils: corruption, communism, savagery, crime, and hedonism.  We know the solution – Torah, which demands equal justice, rights to private property, protection of life and liberty, and hegemony.  Come listen!

(posted 4/29/2014)


51:4-6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Law is what makes the man not a savage, the community safe, and the nation strong.  Not faith, not hope, not charity, though these things be very important. For without Law we are doomed, even if without charity we are hard-hearted, or without faith we are flighty, or without hope we are lifeless.  Only with Law can we define our lives by the standard of Almighty God. Everything else is measured by ego, peers, and groups.

(posted 5/1/2014)


51:7-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Over and over again, God tells us that we should not take The Mark of the Beast, that is, we should not refrain from the Law of God because we are afraid of other men (Isaiah 51:7), whether those men we fear are kings or countrymen. We should not fear to displease our families should they object to lawfulness. We should not fear to lose friends.  To some degree, we should not fear to lose even our lives. Jesus Himself died for Torah, not willing to surrender the right to teach it.  He said, "Greater love has no man than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends, and you are my friends if you do what I command you" (John 15:13-14). Clearly, the only thing Jesus could command was Torah. Jesus explained, "If I do not the works of my Father (Torah), believe me not. But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him" (John 10:37-38). The only proof of Christ is through works, and only Torah works (of the Father). 

Those who interpret this differently do not dispute Christ's Torah works, for it is imperative Christ be perfect in the Law for Christian ideology to have effect. Rather, they dispute whether they themselves should follow Torah, that is, be like Christ. All we may gather from such interpretation is that they are not truly friends of Christ, and therefore Christ did not lay down His life for them, however that deprives.

Today, accept Torah, the most perfect Law from the most perfect God, and fashion your life from it, within it, never outside it.  Integrate Torah into your family life, your community, your church, your groups, your government, and your Constitution. Defend your righteousness in Law against those who would crack you open due to their filth, abomination, and hatred.  Do not permit them to bribe you with promises of golden roads, mansions, virgins, here-and-now, pleasures, or false freedom.  Take Torah, keep Torah, use Torah, wield Torah, live Torah, be Torah.  Give Torah as Moses, spread Torah as Jesus.

(posted 5/8/2014)


51:13-16  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Communism does not want to share power with religion or capitalism. Theocracy does not want to share power with hedonism or any other religion. Thus, whether you are Left or Right, you desire your own collectivist power, that is, hegemony.  In simplest terms, you want cultural domination.

Whoever does not want cultural domination wants to be dominated. Period. Whoever believes coexistence has a magic power, that stops a dominant cultural element from overwhelming society, is a fool. The more savage people are not interested in your peaceful intents. The hungrier people are not interested in your handouts. There are only two things these more savage and hungrier people want: (1) your natural resources, and (2) your weapons, up to and including your atomic bombs.

Much more about this in today's lesson!

(rewritten 4/17/2017)


51:17-23  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Hatred for God's Law. This is what we see in our societies and civilization today. Not refraining from male homosexuality, but affirming and seeking it as a right, even a birthright.  Not refraining from abortion, the deliberate killing of life, which is murder, but celebrating it as a godsend to the poor and the fearful. They seek not God but rather men who make laws in their favor, to comfort them. Therefore, “calamity” shall come quickly (Proverbs 6:12-19).

Hatred for oneself.  In the most advanced regions of human civilization, there is self-loathing for being white, being an oppressor, being a colonialist, being wealthy, being a man, being consumerist. It is “trendy” to hate one's skin color, genetics, history, culture, and to desire one’s own demise at the hand of one's enemy.  It is trendy to be, or at least act, suicidal.  It is trendy to desire slavery, and the end of an empire.

If one requires atonement for sins, repent! There is no need to hand over the keys of the kingdom to those who show you no respect now and mean you no good later, especially when they verbalize it! In fact, if the goal is equality, why hand over the keys at all? Was it not their point they wanted to share the bounty, not steal it, or otherwise deprive you of it?

If society requires atonement, follow Torah!  Otherwise, savagery, or corruption, or crime, or lascivious desires of brutality, deviance, and death, shall rule you. 

Today we discuss how God shall save all of Israel, and all those who treasure, obey, and teach Torah.

(rewritten 10/3/2017)



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