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49:3-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We elect people to office who do not like us. Or who pretend to like us.  We know they're pretending, and that, for the most part, they look down on us. Why do they look down on us?  Simply, we leave it to these elected officials to run our lives, and many of them find us pathetic for it.  Not that they're justified to think this, for election is a necessity, and to be elected is an honor and a duty. It's not as if they were dragged off and forced to serve in the legislature. They volunteered. They campaigned. They told us sweet words of things we might expect. Yet, when they took office, their promises evaporated and their contempt for the constituency, even if slight, came out.  We notice this change in them. Sometimes we complain about it, talking to each other, writing letters or making calls to our elected officials. Yet, very little ever changes for us. Our pleas seem to go mainly unnoticed, and thus our contempt for our elected officials grows.

It seems odd then that we would continue to reelect the same people who have shown such disregard for us, and for whom we have lost our enthusiasm. Why do we do this?  Do we have self-loathing to punish ourselves with the same inept or insensitive elected officials? Perhaps we do!  Perhaps we believe we deserve no better than to be ignored or even scorned.  Yes, some of us rise up to protest, to make a speech, or even to vow never to vote again, at least not for "that guy."  But in the main, 90% of the time, or more, elected officials, no matter how low their approval rating, get reelected.  Since this phenomenon is repeated in nearly every location and at every election cycle, it reinforces the idea that voters are either stupid, unaware, or enjoy being abused.

We can be honest about it. Most of us haven't the time or the inclination to run for office.  Many of us haven't the skill, the brains, or the experience.  So we leave it to those with the desire, the glib tongue, and perhaps some sort of plan.  Yet very often those we elect turn out to be corrupt, or later corrupted. They go along with things, both foreign and domestic, that make little sense. At times we find ourselves fighting wars with no goals, or with no sensible rules of engagement. At other times we find the government running without a mandated budget, but still with a giant deficit. Money is taken by taxation and redistributed to undeserving groups and entities. Then we find out worse things. Cronyism. Government boondoggles. Fraud. Waste. Then yet worse things.  Deviance. Money-laundering. Illegal and unconstitutional action. Then we hear rumors of the worst things we can imagine. Outright theft. Child pornography. Murder. Occultism.

Is it possible to have a government which does not include such things?  Yes! Torah is the answer. Naturally, it is frightening to say our country should be run by religious law, for we think ourselves not a theocracy. Yet, when immorality fills the halls of government, our first response is to quote morality, and to demand it! Why should we wait for such corruption and evil to come before we demand morality? Why not institute it? Why not make it our backbone? The answer is, America is predominantly Christian, and Christianity fears the Law of God, especially as it is intended to be administrated, that is, by Jewish judges. Christianity has abandoned adherence to the Law of God for a notion of salvation by Grace, which in any case does not apply to the manner by which governments should be run. Nevertheless, Torah is the only Law of God, and Christianity alone, without the Law of God, clearly cannot govern a nation such as the United States. Perhaps it's time... for a Torah Nation.

(rewritten 4/14/2017)


49:10-15  Isaiah < Click to Listen

When Torah is the law of the land, evil will be squashed. How? When discovery of false witness leads to the false accuser receiving the punishment proposed to fall on an innocent victim, the lying will end. When lying ends, truth is told.  When truth is told, the nation is better for it.

Today’s lesson tells that God shall be there when the people demand Law.  Now is the time to install Torah into your heart, your life, and your country.  Now.

(posted 3/24/2014)


49:16-23  Isaiah < Click to Listen

In the Bible, the Jewish people were given judges but they wanted a king, so God said, “Oh, I’ll give you a king alright.”  That line of succession didn’t always work out well, and in fact not well at all.  Today, we have a Constitution, yet, we leave our rights in the hands of men who, though liars, we continually reelect because, basically, they run for office while we make excuses.

In today’s lesson, we learn that if we will follow Torah, even kings will bow to WE THE PEOPLE.  We will hold our heads high, and they will not be able to bend them down again, and they therefore will admire us and fear us.  When, however, we laugh at the lessons of history, and believe this time we will prosper even in our hedonism, in our ignorance, and in our abdication of responsibility for our own lives, even politically and religiously, we are doomed.  We must have Torah in our lives, and we must expect our leaders to apply Torah to our nations.  Otherwise, not only empires, but perhaps the whole world, will fall.

To those who say “Good! Let it fall,” I say, The Lord will punish you too, perhaps more so, due to your selfish actions of doctrine, especially that of bringing about end-times.  This applies to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, even atheists, who all believe in a better world through collapse.  Perhaps the world would be better off through collapse, but it must not come at our behest.  Our inheritance is this world and it is our DUTY to PROTECT it.  I am not speaking of environmentalism or destroying corporations but of DEMANDING TORAH.  Then there will be true justice and true equality of law.

(posted 4/1/2014)


49:24 - 50:3  Isaiah < Click to Listen

SO out of control! The lawlessness we predicted years ago is upon us swiftly and densely. The world is knee-deep in corruption, communism, sharia savagery, criminal activity, and hedonism. 

Government Corruption has escalated to overt and bizarre levels. In the US, the President changes laws on a whim, and his Attorney-General openly tells Congress he will stand up or down on law as he chooses, while impotent Congress, including the Vice-President, does nothing but whimper. In Europe, countries defy their agreements and charters, stirring up centuries-old hatreds and debts of every sort. In Africa, governments appear to do nothing as communism and sharia take over. In South America, crime and corruption, not law.

Communism is everywhere. Coveting is reaching a peak, and wealth does not seem to understand it must now mind its P’s and Q’s in order to avert and avoid revolution.  In fact, wealth seems bent on destroying itself.  In Asia, Russia roars, China warns, and Korea continues on.  Putin openly states his intentions to invade South America, while Sweden and Finland, as well as Bulgaria and Romania, move to high alert.  China has finally shown its true colors, siding with its enemy Russia against the United States, proving that its capitalist stance is only a temporary fašade to seize the means of production.  Wherever there is or has been communism, revolution brews again.

Sharia, meanwhile, continues its ascent in Africa, Europe (especially England), and, terribly, in America and Canada.  War is everywhere for these savages.  The terrible tortures for which Arabs are famous are now televised, while those who wish to remain blind look away. Killing in the name of honor is becoming more common.  Muslims roam free in airports while grandma and infant are mercilessly searched by the TSA. To escape the law, merely say you are Muslim and you might walk.  We also see communists in league with sharia adherents, using them as both tools of destruction and leverage for sympathy. 

Crime attracts more and more now.  Cartels rule entire countries or governments.  Gangs have almost free rein in some cities, such as Philadelphia or Lagos.  Drug culture is rampant, meaning more black markets, more extortion, more murders.  The police are seemingly losing their collective minds, arming themselves to the teeth, claiming it to be against criminal activity, then committing acts of brutality, even murder, which is then not prosecuted.  Sexual crime increases as our societies become more lurid.  Rape is boasted in Brazil, bestiality in Europe. The ways we abuse each other are becoming more commonplace.

Hedonism is a tool to leverage whole nations.  Homosexuals march openly through the streets, not for pride, but for spite.  Their cries for equality were lies, as they now brag to be above “heterosexual scum.”  They throw feces at Christians in Germany, and the police do nothing.  They teach our children vile sexual acts, and are given awards.  Above all things, they stomp on Torah, as they must to survive. We become angrier both when we cannot block out the pain, and when the pain is obvious. Those who believe in God, in Torah, and in Constitution, are looked upon as “bad people” because they are reminders of the pain being inflicted.  They remind us of our duty to God, to law, to thriftiness, to goodness, and to conscience.

In today’s lesson, we find that when all is lost for humanity there is still God, who will remember His covenant, and save those who do not give up on Him, that is, who do not give up on Torah.  As the world deepens its shame, we who believe must deepen our commitment to Torah.

As the Passover approaches, we clean our homes of chametz as a symbol of removing sin from our lives.  More importantly, we do it because we are commanded by God to do it. This Passover, a blood red moon will fill the sky.  Some say this is prophecy fulfilling itself.  It would be easy to say that God is warning us, telling us that He’s coming and to prepare for the end. If this is true, Torah is the way to prepare.  In any case, Torah is the way to prepare your life for tomorrow, for eternity, or for any surprise God has in store.

(posted 4/10/2014)



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