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Isaiah Chapter 48

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48:1-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We march towards madness. The world will plunge into darkness, the savages will howl through the streets, and all we know will be wiped out within years. One catastrophe, and power will ebb from the people. And why? Because we gave up on Law. The Jewish people are not gravitating to Torah but towards hedonism.  The Christians now tolerate and embrace hedonism and communism. Islam does not evolve but entrenches even further. All while the Chinese build.  Meanwhile, the unbelievers think their elitist stance is enlightened or advanced, but Torah speaks to them also. This is ancient. Listen today for hope!

(posted 3/2/2014)


48:12-19  Isaiah < Click to Listen

There is only one God.  There is only one Law of God.  There is thus only one correct path.  Only Law can save us now.  Law and order.  Bastiat knew it.  Jefferson and Washington knew it.  Jesus knew it.  It is not about tolerance, acceptance, coexistence or non-judgment. It is choosing between right and wrong, using the most balanced, most ancient, still extant, translatable, ubiquitous law there is.  This is Torah, the Law of God, which will be victorious, whether it is in YOUR hands or in the hands of Islam, or some other.  It’s your choice.  The communists can NEVER win because they deny human nature.  At least the Muslims apply themselves to discipline, even if with too much savagery. Christians and Jews, RECEIVE Torah now, follow it, and God will bless you again. Tune in now for motivation to fear God and do His commandments!

(posted 3/4/2014)


48:20 - 49:2  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The Mark of the Beast is capitulation into perversion and corruption so that one's lifestyle is not interrupted, so that one may continue to buy and sell, that is, to prosper. We now see many capitulating, away from and against Torah, into that perversion and corruption. This apostasy is not against Christianity, for Christianity accepts such things as a matter of "social justice" and "coexistence." Christianity, after all, tailors God’s Law to its own desires, through special offers and apologetics, so why should it not tailor further?  Christian "law" is so flimsy that it offers no threat to the Beast. Only when Torah is injected, as, for example, against homosexuality, is Christianity attacked.  Otherwise, it is treated as a religion for the retarded.

Islam is growing as a backlash against this capitulation. It offers a powerful antidote to the perversion and corruption. It should not seem strange that many gravitate to Islam, for its power is centered on its Law, a derivation of Torah. Thus, where Christian society, to its detriment, failed to implement Torah, Islamic society steadfastly applied its version of Torah, setting up a battle between good and evil that Christianity is not prepared to wage, never mind win. In fact, this battle for world dominance is just beginning. One might argue that Islam is too brutal or primitive to conquer Western Civilization, but those who desire a society not filled with perversion and corruption are likely to tolerate that brutality in fair exchange. If Christianity had enforced the Law of God, and not capitulated to Satan, none of this would be happening. As long as Torah is rejected by Christians, there will be movement into the power of Islam, or else continued capitulation into perversion and corruption which will eventually demand a strong hand to stop it.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting Islam. I believe Judeo-Christianity to be the right vehicle.  Unfortunately, most Christians have never taken the correct curriculum to learn how to drive that vehicle.  They are as teenagers with dad’s Corvette. Not evil, only ignorant, unbridled, and dangerous. Without instruction and experience in the Law of God, Christian hegemony is impossible. It's not enough to read the Law of God, or even to live it, one must also establish it as the law of the land and enforce that law. Yes, this means theocracy, but is living in the filth of perversion and corruption, or under sharia law, preferable?

 If you counter with "Constitution" you are still asleep. Not only has the world come to despise Constitution, and learned how to twist it to their needs, but also the Constitution is amendable. Torah is not amendable. We can keep our Constitution but the freedom of religion therein must only be under Torah, without any equal power given to Islam, or any other religion, or satanism, or paganism, or atheism. All other laws and attitudes must be subservient, secondary, subordinate, and tamped down with the same power as Islam.

If you say "we must be better than them" you are a fool. Torah is already better. What you mean is that you are too lazy, afraid, feel too guilty, or have too much compassion, and therefore will capitulate to their whims, in whatever degree, and that is how you arrived at this critical juncture in the first place!

(rewritten 10/2/2017)



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