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46:1-7  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The idolatry continues.  Oh, not trite criticisms do I give you regarding money, cars, or status.  These are not idolatry.  No, instead I speak to you of those who make rules seeking to circumvent and supersede God.  For when men make laws which go against Torah, they make themselves God.  Who has the right to make a law contrary to Torah?  Why, not even God!  

Why should we follow Torah and not another Law or way?  Torah came before Christianity and Islam.  Torah dissolves the old ways of polytheism.  Torah is the evolution of religion.  Torah is for the many, not the few.  Torah is simple to implement yet takes a lifetime to fully understand.  Torah makes enemies, which means it has guts and character. Torah comments fully and decisively on the Five Evils: hedonism, crime, communism, corruption, and savagery, and makes them subservient.  When Torah is implemented, the kingdom of God is on Earth, for when obedience is the norm, there is no sin. 

The anti-Torah crowd, and they are many, say that Torah itself is contradictory, but this is not true.  Their moaning that one word is not the same as the other does not remove that no commandment blocks the way to obedience in another commandment.  This is the real issue.  For while men strain to show that Torah is not perfect by the sight of their eyes, the hearing of their ears, and the research of their minds, it is only so that they do not have to follow Torah, not so they can!  Their purpose is not to make Torah clearer, but cloudier.  Their purpose is not to teach to do but to teach refraining from doing, to teach to disobey. 

Why?  Simply, Torah stops their desires from coming to full fruition. Perhaps it is the commandment which says to refrain from male homosexuality, and the capital punishment for the conviction of such.  Perhaps it is the commandment of Sabbath, which tells the State that on one particular day, the same day, every week, I shall not be working.  The State is then put in position to either reject Torah, and force the Torah follower to work on Sabbath, provoking a revolution, or else relent to Torah. God loves the little guy!

Perhaps it is the Christian who desires to eat unclean meats of all sorts, and utilizes the death of Jesus Christ as the occasion to dilute Torah so that such eating takes place.  Where did Jesus say He came to destroy the Law, or any jot or tittle?  He did not. Did He not say that anyone who broke and taught against the least commandment would be called least?  If this is true, why teach to eat unclean meats?

If one says that Torah is subservient to the “law” of “common sense” or “universal principles,” it again devolves that someone must quantify what these laws are. Commonly, they are dilutions of Torah, involving the Ten Commandments, derivations of charity commandments, and a love of nature outside the proper boundaries of Torah. For whenever these more nebulous “laws” are scribed, there is seemingly always a component of pagan nature-worship included, whether it is the worship of trees, the sun, the Earth, animals, or even one particularly bright and charming man.

(posted 1/4/2014)


46:8-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Why do the heathen rage?  Why do the people imagine vain things?  First, it’s in their nature.  Second, we do not beat back the heathen and the vain things. Yes, it must be beaten back, physically if necessary. If not, the heathen shall crush us. The savage shall then eventually come to conquer the weak land. Other than Torah, the only thing stopping such sequence of events is the threat of nuclear annihilation. Listen today for a geopolitical take on Isaiah, and see if you don’t agree!

(posted 1/14/2014)


47:1-5  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Whoever does not help Israel to retain Torah is the enemy of God. Period. We can say we love Israel, but if we assist her to be secular, we do not love Israel. This is Israel's peril, in arrogance believing that God shall protect her even in her disobedience. The empirical evidence of empires crumbling is our guide.  The Bible says the same thing.  Isaiah in particular is rife with this wisdom.  In today's lesson, we learn why Babylon, who thought herself a lady, is to be treated like a whore.

(posted 1/21/2014)


47:6-10  Isaiah < Click to Listen

There is no difference between eating a forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, and eating a forbidden meat. The act of eating when commanded not to eat is rebellion. The Christian seems to believe that being "saved" means having the right to eat forbidden things, and without consequence. This small act of hedonism, eating for pleasure those things which are forbidden (such as pork and shrimp), is a wedge which opens the door to every other type of forbidden hedonism. That is, if a Christian may eat forbidden things, why not partake in forbidden sexual activity?  Sure, we can say one is more acceptable than the other, but to whom? Sure, we can say one is less objectionable than the other, but to whom? Sure, we can say the Biblical punishment is harsher for one than for the other but, if one is not interested in KEEPING the commandment, why is one interested in the punishment for NOT keeping the commandment?  It's a purely academic exercise.

If the Christian or Jew indulges in forbidden things, even things which "hurt no one" (supposedly), or are "no one else's business" (supposedly), in what way does the Christian or Jew differ from the non-believer, the pagan?  In no way whatsoever!

It might be argued that being a Christian or Jew causes one to refrain from more egregious behaviors, the worse sins, such as theft, adultery, and murder. This is a baseless argument. For the most part, these more egregious behaviors have far-reaching personal and societal consequences, and therefore people do not refrain so much for God as for their own personal welfare.

Judeo-Christian society is not better for being permissive. There is no prosperity from it, and any advances in technology are not due to permissiveness. Rather, permissiveness threatens the luxury of such advances, and the internal peace and stability of superior military might. For when permissiveness is loosed, it seeks not only a place in such society, but also to take it over, to dominate it, but a parasite cannot feed or care for a host, only vice versa. If we seek to make parasites equals, we are doomed.

Nevertheless, Christians decided, "I do X, so who am I to forbid Y?" That is, Christians decided to equate their sins of careless ideology with the deliberately destructive ideologies of hedonism, communism, crime, savagery, and corruption. Why? Guilt for their technological luxury, guilt for past violence against heretics, guilt for their own sins, and on and on the list goes.

Now, the deliberately destructive ideologies, especially the hedonists, tell the Christian to "mind your own business!" whenever any stands up against a Torah-forbidden activity. Now, hedonists control legislatures and pass laws to protect hedonism, and hedonistic judges side with those laws, against the commandments of God. The outcome is a type of Sodom, which permits, and glorifies, homosexuality, adultery (Tinder), teen sex, unwed single mothers (and even deadbeat dads as "baby daddies"), and abortion. These are but a few corrosions which destroy empires.  Tune in to our program for more.

(posted 1/23/2014)


47:11-15  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We are dumb and easily led.  We are like sheep, thinking not for tomorrow, or even the next moment.  We think only of our bellies and our anxieties. Ecclesiastes tells us that the best a man can do is eat, drink, and enjoy the good of his labor, of his hands. Nevertheless, Solomon also wrote that the entire duty of man is to fear God and do His commandments. It is therefore not good enough to just be a carefree hedonist. There is duty and obedience, which means there are limits to Hedonism. 

In today’s lesson, we learn that God’s chosen people were no better at learning these lessons than we are today. This does not disqualify His chosen people, or qualify another to take over. It merely means human nature has not changed, though empires crumble under the weight of said nature!

(posted 2/6/2014)



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