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The universe bows to God.  The universe bows to no man.  Yet man believes he can conquer space and time.  Man cannot even conquer his own desires, never mind the celestial things.  God is the Lord of all things.  All He desires is for His creation to create the circumstances for us to live in harmony with Him.  How?  Follow Torah, and create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

(posted 11/9/2013)


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Torah, the Law of God, is not a curse.  You do not repent for following the Law, you repent for breaking the Law. Thus, you do not seek out Jesus Christ to wash you clean for following the Law, you seek out Jesus Christ to wash you clean for breaking the Law. Nevertheless, many Christians believe that accepting Christ is a way to disobedience against the Law of God. To justify this, they say Christ fulfilled the Law for them, and therefore they are not "under the law."

Only the fact that you do not want to keep Law causes you to say, incorrectly, dishonestly even, that Christ has removed that obligation by His death and/or resurrection and/or your acceptance of whatever it is you think removes that obligation. For if you were sincere to follow Christ, you would keep the Law, striving to be like Christ, that is, 100% obedient to the Law of God, just as Christian ideology says He was, and just as Christ commands over and over (Matthew 5:19, 18:15, Luke 7, John 14:15, 15:13, and so on).

In Matthew 5:19, Jesus says that whoever keeps the least commandment and teaches others to do so shall be called greatest in Heaven, and whoever breaks the least commandment and teaches others to do so shall be called least in Heaven. These commandments are Torah commandments and no other. Jesus was 100% Jewish, on both sides of the family. He learned at the Temple. He taught at the synagogues. He kept the Sabbath and feasts. Certainly, Jesus would've been summarily dismissed, if not excommunicated, or even put to death, rightfully, for blasphemy, if He taught anything but Torah. In the end, even the Sanhedrin, out to get Him, could find no lawful flaw with Christ's behavior and actions, handing down a guilty verdict only for having the temerity to say He was elohim, that is, a teacher of Torah, that is, a son of God.

Even if you say Jesus is God and can break and change His own Law, Christ did not do that! In fact, His exact words are "I did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it." What does "fulfill" mean? It means to carry out and complete. It does not mean, nor does it say, "fulfill for you because the Law is too difficult" or "fulfill for you so you might carry on some other religious objective." If the argument is that Paul said it, and therefore it is the same as Jesus saying it, I can show you many places where Paul errs, and many places in the Bible where well-meaning but incorrect things were uttered by David, Jacob, Moses, and so forth.

What if the Sanhedrin had seen the light, recanted their accusations against Jesus, and let Christ go?  What if they never executed Him?  What if they accepted His admonitions and taught Israel the Law of God rather than the Pharisaic doctrine of mixed Torah and extra regulations? Then Christ’s mission would have been fulfilled. You would not have your doctrine of propitiation, and Israel would have been saved from itself.  If you say, “But they were never going to recant,” you are merely selfishly saying that God chose Jesus to come at a particular corrupt period of history so that at no time would He be saved from the cross, so that your putrid soul could be washed clean.  All at the expense of Jesus, Torah, and Israel! Rather than embrace Torah, and do the right thing, as Jesus did, you would rather use Christ as your blood-towel.

When the people are vigilant for the law, they are a moral people.  This is true for Constitutional issues and spiritual issues.  Only a moral people deserve a Constitution, just as a deserving people embrace the Law of God fully, and demand its implementation within construct and spec of both word and spirit, judiciously utilizing it to also secure cultural hegemony (very important).

In today’s episode, we learn that Cyrus the Persian was used by God to establish Torah back to Jerusalem and Israel.  God can use anyone to bring man and Torah back together, so that mankind can be free. 

Christians, do you not know that the entire purpose of Christ was to bring the Jews back to pure Torah and away from extra human ordinances?  Christ did not come to make Christians, but rather to make Torah followers of all.  God does not need you, Christian. He does not need your piousness, intentional sin, and woeful evangelism.  He needs only Torah to proliferate for the Kingdom of God to domicile on Earth. 

(posted 11/27/2013)


45:14-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The virtue of humanity is limited. Righteousness is entirely the purview of God, and there are none good, only God.  Those who accept Torah are, of course, still flawed, but that is not cause for Christianity to reject full obligation to Torah. Neither is it cause for Islam to make claim as the new chosen, or superior, for Islam boasts only an imitation of Torah. Come hear a few complex ideas today, mixed with a bit of fun.

(posted 12/14/2013)


45:18-19  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Is it the end?  Sodom is rising.  The homosexual jihad continues unabated.  It's no longer about equality, but domination, and this is publicly stated. Marijuana considered decriminalized down to 12-year-olds?  More handouts so more people can work less and feel worthy while doing nothing or, worse, demonstrating against the very hand that feeds them!  Lying is epidemic, beginning with the Liar-in-Chief, who this week received three nominations for “Lie of the Year” by the Washington Post, no enemy of Obama. Nevertheless, today’s message is one of hope, but not one of rapture or grace or forgiveness.  It is of LAW and TORAH.  Law and order. Choose Torah now, or live under a primitive or tyrannical law.

(posted 12/18/2013)


45:20-25  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Who's to blame for the mess we’re in?  The Christians, undoubtedly. Having venerated themselves as the “new chosen” with the authority to abrogate and abridge the Law to a certain standard of paganism that suited both their taste to be rid of paganism, that is, to be Jewish, and their taste to remain pagan, that is, to be themselves, early Gentile Christianity made a choice to be more sinful than is permitted, by permission to ingest unclean foods without purpose of survival, to create for themselves doctrines which did not conform with God’s Law, and to generally deify the Torah Jew, Jesus Christ, whose sole purpose and mission was to goad and push the corrupt Sanhedrin back to proper confines, that is, back to Torah.  

In order to enshrine this decision, the Gentile Christians went about persecuting and destroying the very people who were persecuted and destroyed for the benefit of these same Gentile Christians, that is, the Jewish Christians, the original church. After several hundred years, the original church was about wiped out, or at least spread to such a degree that it made not a mark against widespread Gentile Christianity. Having disposed of their greatest enemy, the Law of God (or so they thought), these Christians set about themselves to decide which school of Trinitarian thought was least pagan, and therefore began a war between the followers of Arius and Aristarchus which would rage for decades, bloody battles fought over whether the Trinity were three faces of God or three aspects, or whichever degree of paganism suited them best.  

It should be noted that the main motivation for retaining this paganism was twofold, 

(1) that the security of salvation from the effects of sin was somehow wrapped up in the notion that God died on the cross, an impossibility of course, for God cannot die, and naturally it is best explained that “God” died on the cross in that Jesus, the prophet of Torah, the greatest Jewish evangelist, was killed for standing up to endemic institutional corruption among His own people, but it was not in the mind of pagans to understand any of these things, Jewish things, and thus the King of the Jews was re-crowned as the Savior of the World, bringing with Him a salvation peculiarly dispensed only by a belief in the magic and mystical power of His blood, which of course is a return to the paganism that even the Council at Jerusalem (Acts 15:20-21) commanded as the first hurdle which all Gentiles must vault in order to even be considered a follower of Jesus and a member-in-good-standing of the new sect of Judaism known as Christianity, and

(2) this paganism was culturally foundational to the main body of Gentiles brought into the church at that time (indeed, to this day), Greeks and Romans with mythological religious roots, Arabs of various polytheism, and sailors from far lands who came to Israel and Jerusalem.  

However, in establishing Christianity with paganism, every particle pagan naturally takes away from the purity of Torah, that which Jesus taught, that under which Jesus was perfect and flawless, not so He could be a blood sacrifice for heathens, in order that they might continue in their willful paganism, or even unintentional sin, for we know that Jesus even viewed the expansion of Torah gospel to the Samaritans to be as pearls before swine, good meat to dogs, but rather so He could be a light to whoever else desired to take on the duty of the Law. 

Modern Christian doctrine can colloquially be summed up as "Jesus died for my sins, and therefore I can eat pork without any fear of serious repercussion" the desires of carnality given allowance to exist in a justified state, until, quite extraordinarily, to refrain from pork is considered a step backwards, as if obedience to the Law of God is the more pagan action! As if the confidence given, without right or justification, to break a least commandment is the “right stuff” that promotes a higher plane of spirituality, circumventing commandments of God which are eternal and unbreakable. That to break the commandment is a sign of spiritual maturity! 

Is it any wonder that many who analyze Christianity see a religion of absurdity, where the commandment of blood atonement through animal sacrifice is termed “of no effect” and yet there is named a propitiation, a substitute, for those commandments “of no effect” which stands in for that which has no efficacy in the first place!  For if the blood of bulls and goats never could atone for sin, howbeit that the blood of Christ works where the blood of animals, blood commanded by God to be shed for sins, has no such workability?  

That Christianity has matured as an attitude, and Christian violence is nearly extinct, does not remove that Christians still ferociously guard this mystical religious dogma with every fiber of their being, as if mere belief in the doctrine promotes salvation, and disbelief carries the penalty of greatest weight, that is, hell.  

Besides unlawfulness, and the absurd ideology which upholds it (not to mention the historical violence which defended it), Christianity also promotes a type of hypocrisy which demands obedience to church regulations while simultaneously persuading followers to obey fewer Torah commandments, and to furthermore cultivate an arrogant notion of their own superior spirituality, especially versus the Jews, who they believe are doomed for following too many commandments! For, in the Christian mind, if Jews accepted Christ, they would follow fewer commandments, that is, be like these Christians, as if following all of the commandments is wrong or evil. 

How can it be wrong or evil if God wrote them and Jesus followed them? It's not as if Satan wrote Torah, then God sent Jesus to straighten everyone out!  Did God forbid pork and shellfish, or did Satan forbid it? Did God set up commandments of separation for purity, or did Satan command such rituals? It is impossible that Christ came to negate the Law of His Father, God. Or, are we to believe that Jesus came as a Jew to set free everyone from those parts of the Law which separate Jews from Gentiles?  You mean to say that the purpose of Christ was to make Jews more Gentile, not the other way around? 

As long as Christians insist their salvation, their pride, their holiness, and their spirituality includes “getting away with things” because Jesus died on the cross, not only will Christianity wither further, but they, the Christians, are particularly culpable for the destruction of Torah, more so than the Jews, for in their numbers and power the Christians have wasted opportunity to evangelize for Torah, exchanging that righteousness for the false righteousness of piety combined with disobedience. This is the guilt of Christianity, that it promotes sin through its own doctrine. 

(posted 12/21/2013)



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