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43:1-4  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Do you REALLY understand what a Savior is?  Do you REALLY understand what it means to be a chosen people?  Do you understand baptism? Do you understand what it is to be "ransomed"? This week, hear what TORAH and ISAIAH have to say about these things.  Don’t guess!  Don’t be ignorant!  There’s no need!


43:5-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Spiraling out of control faster than one of Stephen Hawking’s wheelchairs, the world is heading towards a showdown.  Oh, and I don’t JUST mean Syria, Egypt, Iran, Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Sudan, Congo, Libya, and the United States. The world is careening madly in a final battle between good and evil.  You can choose the side of Evil power - the corruption in a New World Order, the savagery of Islamism, the death of individualism under Communism, the endless violence of Crime, or the dead end of Hedonism.  Or, you can choose the way of Torah.  The way of Moses, the way of Elijah, the way of Isaiah, the way of Jesus.  Not the way of the hippie, with peace and love.  As Jesus said, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword.”  Listen today to hear what that means.  As Jesus said, and I paraphrase, the greatest love is to lay down one’s life for those who do God’s commandments. Come listen and learn before it’s too late! 

(posted August 2013)


43:14-21  Isaiah < Click to Listen

ISLAMISM.  Syria, Iran, Somalia, Mali, Kenya, Congo, Nigeria, Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Sharia worldwide, the Caliphate.
COMMUNISM.  China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, socialism, class warfare, Occupy, unionism, dialectic, Overton Window.
NEW WORLD ORDER. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Bush, the Pope, the EU, corporatism.
CRIME.  Mexico, Guatemala, Mafias, gangs, cartels, excuses for minorities.
HEDONISM. Homosexuals, abortion, rampant drugs, rampant anger and violence, indolence.
THE CURE.  Torah.
If and when implemented by Jews and Christians working together, that’s 2 billion people fighting for God’s Law, for the true and stated rights of man, for private property, for children, for family, for women, for one nation under God.  Come listen!

(posted 9/7/2013)


43:22-28  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Today's message is simple. Thank God for all things. Thank God for creation, for origin, for the scientific mechanisms of the universe, for astrophysics, for quantum physics, for genetics, for mathematics, for biology.  Thank God for all anatomy, for ears, for eyes, for all senses, for extrasensory, for variety, for adaptation. Thank God for these and so many more things which work like clockwork perfection, so that we do not have to ask, “How will we know the sun will rise tomorrow?” or “How can these molecules remain together?”  At this time of High Holidays, we thank God for the opportunity to renew the universe, to be one with Torah, to commune with people of like mind, to cleanse ourselves, to start anew, to BE!

(posted 9/21/2013)


44:1-8  Isaiah < Click to Listen

TODAY’S MESSAGE shows us absolutely there is a difference between those who raise their hands for God and those who raise their hands for their birthright or adoption.  If you think you're "saved" or "chosen" but you don't follow Torah, you have chosen to follow not God but rather rebellion, that is, Satan. Anyone who says "but I am not under the law" is merely justifying his or her rebellion. If you are not under the Law of God, you are under some other law! If you say you are under some parts of God's Law, but not others, you are STILL in rebellion against God.  Jesus did not come to free you from the Law. Jesus is not against God or the Law.  Jesus IS the Law, personified.  Jesus venerated EVERY particle of the Law (Matthew 5:19).  If you believe, you are bound to also obey.

(posted 10/5/2013)


44:9-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

TODAY’S MESSAGE regards atheists and atheism.  The atheists claim to believe in only those things which are of the five senses, that is, in materialism.  They say an invisible God is a nonexistent God.  "Cold" is also invisible, yet no atheist would say cold is nonexistent, as the effects of cold are apparent on the skin. It is the same with God.  The effects of God are on those who believe. Their lives are changed by this invisible God, from evil to good, from meaningless to meaningful. The atheist argues that people can change from evil to good without God, and that a life can be just as, if not more, meaningful, without God. Naturally, the atheist believes his life is better without God because that is the road he's chosen. To say otherwise would require change towards God.  The atheist therefore clings to his belief that mankind is better off without God.  In fact, clings with a fervor which is religious. Atheism is sacred to the atheist. It has changed the atheist's life.  It is a way of living, with rules and even laws.  Atheism is, to the atheist, a religion and a god. But whereas inside the belief in God is in One who builds, invents, gives, and loves, inside atheism is nothing but the hope that men can be as constructive, inventive, giving, and loving as God.  Atheism is therefore a form of idolatry, whether it reveres the self, greater men, or some unknown force that makes men great.  Such an unknown invisible force is the work of God, only the atheist cannot give credit where it is due. The idolater who makes idols of stone, wood or metal does likewise, imbuing a material object with special powers, making a "god" of it.  But stone can be smashed, wood can be burned, and metal can be melted, and therefore these things are not God.  Likewise, men die and are not God or gods.  The atheist struggles to explain how there is no God yet a man can elevate himself, even evolve, to the moral level of God simply through being a decent being. How indeed can a man be like God if there is no God?  More often, however, atheism leads men to believe in nothing more than brutality.  The atheist claim that religion is the greatest killer of men is false. Atheistic communism has been the greatest killer.  Not only Mao, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, and the rest, but also the national socialists like Hitler, Genghis Khan, and the tribal socialists like Idi Amin and Mugabe.  Who shall we believe, those who struggle against God and religion so they may be free to carry out their most extreme hedonistic and savage fantasies, or in a God who restricts those desires in order to make Heaven on Earth?  Atheists ask for proof, but offer none themselves, saying the burden of proof is on religion. This too is ridiculous. Those who believe vastly outnumber those who do not, and that itself is evidence that belief in God is the more powerful human urge.  In other words, belief in God is more evolutionary, and revolutionary, than not believing in God.

(posted 10/12/2013)


44:18-20  Isaiah < Click to Listen

TODAY’S MESSAGE regards the ACA-Obamacare and idolatry.  What is the connection?  Listen for an hour and find out!

(posted 10/19/2013)


44:21-25  Isaiah < Click to Listen

TODAY’S MESSAGE is simple.  One God, One Law.  Torah.  The Jews need Torah.  The Christians need Torah.  The Muslims need Torah.  Can you imagine?

(posted 10/26/2013)


44:26-27  Isaiah < Click to Listen

It’s hard to continue in goodness when everyone is dancing in Sodom. It’s lonely when one is Torah and other people barely know what Torah is.  Torah is Law.  God’s Law.  Pure, antecedent, definable, against all evils, cultural hegemony, mystical in its wisdom and efficacy. When the nation heeds Torah, they prosper.  When the nations dismiss Torah, there is savagery and murder, fascism and slavery, hedonism and crime.

(posted 11/2/2013)



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