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40:1-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

In the present day, we are in a war between good and evil.  Not by our own power, but only by the word of the Lord, shall the Earth be reconstituted back to righteousness.  Then, there shall be a kingdom of heaven on Earth.  Today’s portion extends this same message. As the Book of Ecclesiastes states, "fear God and do His commandments," for all flesh withers and all kindnesses fade.


40:12-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The main issues with the world today are centered on competing interests.  Islamism threatens all.  At the same time, communism is arising anew, molding thought and population. In certain places, Islamism and communism have joined forces, to defeat the present hegemony (we predicted this back in 2009). Hedonism, against both Islam and communism, is also sweeping through the nations, forming new Sodoms.  Christianity can’t decide what to do, a squirrel in the road.  Meanwhile, Corruption is embedded in the governments, corporations, and people.  What is the answer???  The answer is, as always, Torah, the strength of the Judeo-Christian society that destroys communism, repels Islamism, holds down hedonism, and crushes corruption.  Torah is the Law of God.  Only God has the true measure of the universe, and all who inhabit it, and His Word is Torah, which attests to true measures and true doctrines.  Torah tells us who God is, what economic system is correct, which perversions are abominations, which liturgy and custom are correct, and how money ought to be handled.  Tune in for today’s lesson and learn for yourself!


40:18-26  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Who is God?  Who are YOU?  Are you the same as God?  Is ANYONE the same as God?  Are all persons capable to create their own reality?  If so, where are all the wishes granted of desperate men and women whose hearts yearn and ache for love, loved ones, power, money, and so forth?  In fact, only God creates reality.  There is only one reality we can know and all else is conjecture.  Isn’t it interesting that those who dispose of God nevertheless look to scientific “theory” to provide answers for those things which God has already explained to our senses?  There is one God, and therefore the universe works according to one perfect mathematical plan, which has, over and over again, been proved by science.  There is no multiplicity of gods working in or out of tandem.  There is no chaos which magically comes together to make one uniform mechanism we call reality.  There is only order, sameness, and God.


40:27 - 41:7  Isaiah < Click to Listen

When God speaks, the atheists listen.  When the atheists are silenced, the people hear.  But even when the people hear, they are stupid, for then they make idols.  Rather than simply disbelieve God, they make Him into a man. 


41:8-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

So now the truth comes out.  The United States government spies upon its people in the same intention as the KGB did with the Russian people, to find “traitors” and “terrorists” who would harm the State.  Except that the “State” does not mean you, the people.  It means the people with the apparatus.  Your health is only as important as it does not cause revolution.  Today’s lesson is likewise.  When the people trust anything other than God for their safety, the enemies of man take over.  Crime, Corruption, Hedonism, Islamism, and Communism are more than happy to control your behavior, take your natural resources, and abduct your nuclear weapons.  Listen and learn!


41:14-20  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is a “worm”?  The common meaning is a man who is not a man, a mealy-mouth, or, more specifically, one who does not stand up for his rights.  Yet, to stand up for one’s own rights is to stand up for everyone’s rights.  What good is it to be treated correctly, that is, through Torah, if one feeds his fellow man to the wolves?  What good is it to be “grandfathered” in if it means that the next guy doesn’t have the same or similar right?   The worm is a man’s soul.  When a man dies, his soul continues on, as does the worm.  The only question is, will the worm continue on eternally as a worm, or shall it be enlightened to a greater level?  If still a worm, shall not that worm be tortured constantly for all of the moments it did not stand up for the Torah rights of men?  When does that torture end?  This week, we learn that God is constantly moving us to become men instead of worms.  Through the words of Isaiah, God HELPS us moment by moment, providing us with opportunities to become men rather than worms.  As the evils in this world now manifest in a very overt manner, it is imperative that we choose to be men, and not worms, to fight for Torah and not take the Mark of the Beast. Let us die for Torah rather than live like worms!


41:21-29  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Why believe?  How do you profit by believing rather than by not believing, or, by actively disbelieving, as an evangelist for atheism, or as a spokesman for evil?  Part of this is self-evident.

Good is its own reward. If you refrain from that which is universally known as evil (stealing, murder, adultery, and so forth), you are indeed a believer in the Golden Rule. If you have opportunity to harm another, and do not, especially where you might profit from such harm, you are a believer in karma. Such belief does not usually reward, especially as you might expect, and therefore you are a believer in invisible things. This is faith.

The wicked have faith also. Atheists claim there is nothing after life, yet can provide no direct evidence for this claim. Criminals and the corrupt have faith they won't get caught, or, if they do, that they will have sufficient power to escape punishment. Hedonists have faith they won't suffer disease, debilitation, ruin, or other harm by their flagrant abuse and self-abuse. Those who have no such faith are compulsive, driven to do their deeds whether or not they get caught or hurt.

If it seems that the good die young, or that evil lives larger, this is not necessarily indicative how the universe rewards or punishes. Rather, it is an incomplete record. First, no one knows the extent of reward for the good or punishment for the wicked. For it is not that the good are punished, and not that the wicked are rewarded, but rather the scales seem imbalanced.  Second, God intentionally hides the vast majority of indirect results (thus, the name "indirect") and obfuscates many direct results. For if men know the game, and the odds of the game, they do not have faith. If that seems too tidy, perhaps you lack in faith due to one or more negative outcomes, or current circumstances, in your life.

If your goal is to please God, you can do no better than to obey Torah, and to repent when you disobey, or to repent at all times, for we are prone to all kinds of rebellion and disobedience, even unintentionally. If your goal is to do as you please, you risk not only displeasing God but also getting yourself in trouble with men or governments. If your goal is to literally displease God, then I cannot help you.

Come hear today’s discussion and discover new thoughts on these and related subjects.


42:1-5  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Who is the judge of the World?  Is it Jesus?  Is it Isaiah?  Is it me?  Tune in today’s lesson and learn what it means to be the “servant of God” and the judge of the world!


42:6-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Torah will save the world.  Torah drives back Sharia law by providing the foundation against such barbarism.  Torah destroys communism by establishing capitalism, family, and religion (both God and rite) as necessary.  Torah commands crime to be punished and stopped.  Torah demands an end to corruption, making the “one world order” fair, just, balanced, sustainable, and thriving.  Torah forces hedonism (including homosexuality, abortion, and fatherless children) back to the seedy alley from which it springs.  If you think Torah is a fantasy, I will show you the Law of God.  If you think Torah is a Jewish conspiracy, I will show you Jesus Christ.  If you think Torah is a laugh, I will show you the disintegration of empires.


42:10-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The strength of the Lord is mightier than all.  Torah is His word.  How much more do we need to hear?  Today's lesson is deeply meditative on this.


42:14-25  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Five Evils got you down?  Is there enough corruption for you yet?  Ready to fight back?  If your answer is “No,” you are not alone.  There are so many major and minor wars and skirmishes to fight, both military and spiritual, it gets tiring.  People give up.  After a while, it becomes a blur.  Once you saw, now you are blind.  Once you listened, now you are deaf.  After a time, you don’t even understand the argument anymore, or even the language of the argument.  You are in a burning building, smoke is in your eyes, your flesh is on fire, and you don’t even notice.  The GOOD NEWS is there is HOPE.  First, there is repentance for sins.  Second, there is Torah for guidance into goodness.  Third, there is an elect of God’s people who He will save for His own name, His own promise. Who are these elect? Are you one? Am I? How can I know?  Listen to today's broadcast for answers, and for renewed vigor to fight the Five Evils!



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