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Isaiah Chapters 37-39

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37:5-31  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The people of the land ultimately have the power to change their destinies.  If they rise up without God, they will kill everything in their path, including each other.  If they rise up with God but without Torah, it will be likewise.  Only if the people rise up with Torah, and the expectation of equal justice under the law, and not special rights or privileges, will the land be saved from all of its enemies, foreign and domestic.  Hear me, O Israel and America.  God will save the remnant, and they are those who obey Torah.


37:32-38  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Who is in control of the universe?  Who should we fear?  Who should we believe?  Listen today and learn why God is mightiest.


38:1-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Hezekiah, the good king, “won” the battle of Jerusalem.  Actually, God vanquished Sennacherib in a comeuppance of plague against the enemy troops, followed up with patricide against the Assyrian king himself.  Now, King Hezekiah is sick unto death, and Isaiah forecasts that the monarch will not live much longer.  Hezekiah cries to God to extend his life.  Find out why this is so important!


38:14-22  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The sun moves backwards.  How?  Why?  What is the proof?  God saves Hezekiah, not only the king’s life but also his soul.  What makes Hezekiah so special?  What makes Hezekiah so ordinary?  You will enjoy this extra-special and slightly-long broadcast!  


39:1-8  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Hezekiah has 15 extra years, being “born again” and “saved” by God.  So what does Hezekiah do?  He indulges himself and gives away the secrets of the kingdom.  When Isaiah informs Hezekiah that his carelessness is the destruction of Israel, Hezekiah says, “Eh!  So what?  I won’t be here to see it.”  Listen!



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