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Isaiah Chapters 34-36

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34:1-5  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We continue learning about the fall of empires.  After the US 2012 elections, it is clear America is rotting.  Out-of-control handout mentality. Clear election fraud. Inability to take responsibility. Apathy due to normalcy bias. Jeering poor sportsmanship infringing on every part of society. As for crises and scandals, Watergate was nothing compared to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and Solyndra, yet the general public is clueless, due mainly to the censorship of a biased media. Each political party also has seemingly decided to be hucksters of lies and hypocrites, not purveyors of truth.  Come sit and listen as we pore through the nonsense of our day, and compare it to what happened in the time of Isaiah.  Where are we headed?


34:6-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The meaning of “God’s Wrath.”  How do we offend God?  How do we turn back?  What happens if we don’t?  Basic fundamental questions which the world has again chosen to ignore.  Come and join us for an hour of musing, amusing, schmoozing, and cruising through this important subject.


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What are the connections between the unclean birds of the air, the beasts of desolation, the end of times, and demonic forces?  How can a world ravaged by sin make a comeback?  Only through God.  Otherwise, a lazy and weak nation shall appoint a cruel lord over them.  In the name of safety we shall permit the point of the government sword to direct us.  Also, satyrs and succubi!


35:1-2  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Why is communism in the Bible?  Is it because collectivism is a good system, benefiting the greater good economically and socially? In a word, hardly! Listen in today, on a winding pathway of truth and knowledge that will bring you into the light, hopefully for good!  


35:3-6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Time to wake up!  Open your eyes!  The presidents of the world flout the law of God, the law of nature, and the law of the land.  You are witnesses to it.  It is up to you.  The only solution is a return to Torah.


35:7-10  Isaiah < Click to Listen

More and more we see a rendering of the Book of Isaiah, the past, present and future converging on us at once.  Evil spreading over the whole world so that there is no place to go, nowhere to hide.  But God has made a way for the righteous.  There is a remnant, a ransomed, a people of God.  And what is their common denominator?  They believe in Law.  They believe in directives.  They believe in morality.  They understand humility towards something bigger than themselves and their desires.  They know the way of coveting, the root of all evil, and they shun it.  They avoid, and fight against, communism.  They fear to murder, and they fight against Islamic radicalism which permits indiscriminate killing of aliens (infidels).  Now is the time to realign with the Lord God and His eternal Law, Torah.


36:1-6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

When civilization crumbles, it will not be from opposition, but because man surrenders.  It will not be due to technology, but man’s apathy towards that technology, towards its evil use.  Drones?  Good in the hands of good men, but our doom in the hands of evil men, and indiscriminate killing in the hands of mediocre men.  IPhones?  Wonderful when controlled by the godly, enslavement when the levers are pulled by the wicked.  How do evil men gain control over good men? Today's lesson begins an historical documentation from Isaiah concerning the overthrow of Jerusalem by a slick-talking huckster, who seems to speak truth, with words of promise, but who is, after all, the enemy.  Sound familiar?


36:7-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Rab-Shekah tells the people of Jerusalem to surrender.  He speaks in their language.  He tells them that Hezekiah is anti-God because the king took down the idols!  Rab-Shekah tells the people of Jerusalem they will starve unless they give up to their oppressor!  Interesting…


36:14 - 37:4  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The parallels between the past and the present are startling, more so when they span thousands of years.  Nothing has changed.  The people would rather be told sweet words than the truth.  Come listen to a rousing hour of Bible study, political commentary, and lively banter!



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