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Isaiah Chapters 31-33

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31:1-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Will men ever learn to trust God?  Will they understand that military power is a gateway to greed, which ultimately ends in a dictator?  In this lesson, the Israelites travel to Egypt to enlist aid against Assyria, but God has other plans.


32:1-6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Wherein we take on the Supreme Court’s ruling re “Obamacare.”  Linking to Isaiah, this week’s section addresses the righteousness of king and princes (President and Congress), as well as the individual (citizen), down to his sensory organs.  A very powerful hour. 


32:7-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Only three verses today, but how powerful they are! Why are we in today's global predicament?  Sure, there are connivances, conspiracies, and consortiums.  But when you boil it down, the problem is that we have forgotten the Law.  The Law of God which distinguishes good from evil, which if followed keeps man from destroying himself.  Today, we discuss the “instruments of evil” and what it means to “destroy the poor” and why the poor themselves have a responsibility.  We also delve into the meaning of “liberal” as used by Isaiah.  Hint: Liberal is conservative!


32:10-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

A continuation of the previous recording. We explore the feminine appellative ("she") for the nation, what it means, and what it entails. What is the “connection” needed for our survival?  Discovery!


32:13-20  Isaiah < Click to Listen

An exploration of human nature, the “thorns and briers” of the Bible.  A deep discussion, quick-paced and fun.  Come and understand how Torah is the underpinning for all things.


33:1-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The chaos of the manipulators shall not succeed.  Their plans will go awry. God shall make Himself known.  There shall be comeuppance, and the meek SHALL inherit the EARTH.


33:10-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

As the Arab imperialists (Caliphate) stir up worldwide troubles, and the money manipulators (IMF, Federal Reserve) attempt to destroy the value of all currency through Quantitative Easing 3, and the Communists either instigate nationalist master racism (China vs. Japan) or crack down on their own people (Russia) in order to distract from their failures, the good people of this world must STAND FAST and remain a shining light of Torah. We must not surrender to the Mark of the Beast, which is the willingness to engage in murder or corruption.  Now more than ever, the world requires God’s Law, and the parameters which define who is right and who is wrong, who is good and who is evil. There is no righteous relative morality.  There is no faith which circumvents obedience.  God will not be mocked!


33:14-16  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is a “double standard”?  It means you have to do something, but I do not.  What is “hypocrisy”?  It means I will tell you to do something, but I will not do it myself.  Hypocrisy is among the worst of all human traits.  It is elitism: that I am at a higher level than you, therefore I am not subject to the same restrictions or laws as you.  In this week’s presentation, we find Isaiah speaking out against the hypocrisy, and the elitism, which has corrupted Judah.  This is plainly defined in verse 15.  Those who will be saved by God are not involved in gain from oppressions, or profit from extortions. They are not involved in taking bribes, those payments which subvert the law.  They do not listen to plans of bloodshed.  Oh, if only our officials would stand as fast, and think as clearly!


33:17-19  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The “end of times” is not a one-time event.  Adam and Eve lived through an end to their civilization when they were expelled from Paradise. The Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt for 400 years, a decimation of spirit which we can only imagine. The nation of Israel was destroyed several times, by the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Romans.  These empires were exterminated, their empires crumbling through the curses of God and their own decadence.  Yet, there is always a remnant.  What are the characteristics of those who rebuild after their empire falls?  Isaiah tells us they avoid certain things and embrace others.  Be excited to discover these traits!  What is necessary to reestablish a righteous nation?  These two foundational pillars: (1) sound money, and (2) strong defense (verse 18).  Listen and learn with us!


33:20-24  Isaiah < Click to Listen

God is our savior.  We shall behold the glorious land of Jerusalem, and we shall be healed.  We shall no longer be sick, nor shall we say we are sick.  The enemy will be weak before us, and we will be victorious forever.  Now is the time to make your stand.  We are not about to enter a time of tribulation… we are in it!  Be brave, be humble.  Here we go!



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