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Isaiah Chapters 28-30

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28:1-10  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Ephraim.  What does it mean in terms of Israel?  In terms of America?  Is there a connection?  More importantly, what was the sin of Ephraim that brought them low?  Was it drunkenness?  Tune in for today’s program and find out just how deep was Ephraim’s problem.


28:11-21  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The Truth is learned precept by precept, line by line, a little here and a little there.  But everywhere we go there is scorn for truth, and a covenant with death.  Is there an answer?  Tune in and find out!


28:22-29  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is the mercy of God?  How can it be that all who know about God's mercy do not seek it? How can it be that all who receive God's goodness do not respond to it with gratitude? How can it be that all who wish to avoid God's wrath do not stay clear of bad situations and sin? Is it because God is not fair? How do we know God is fair, or reasonable? How do we know He even exists?  Come hear a few words on this.


29:1-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Ghosts!  Dreams! Blood!  What is the fate of Jerusalem?  All this and more in this week’s installment.


29:10-14  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is the “Two-Generation Theory”? Isaiah knew. It is how empires fall, and how they are reclaimed.  Find out why Torah is the answer, and why every law and precept of men is destined to failure.  And... discover why communism is a sin!


29:15-18  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The existence of God.  Chaos and order. Torah foundation. The importance of faith and belief. Just a few of the light subjects discussed in this week’s installment.  Click now!


29:19-24  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The ways of the world intrude into the lives of the meek.  For the precepts of men are strong, and overcome the ways of the Lord. Why do we permit these things? What can we do? Find out in today’s episode!


30:1-18  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Why do empires crumble?  They ignore Torah.  What is the characteristic which sets such disintegration into motion?  Isaiah 30:10.  What is the response of God? What shall we expect after corruption is confronted head-on?  These and many other questions explored and answered!


30:19-26  Isaiah < Click to Listen

In which way shall we be redeemed?  By “we” I mean those who wait on the Lord and His Law, and by “redeemed” I mean rescued from tyranny and doom.  The manner is shown to be by our steadfastness in Him, and His Word, and His Law.  All else is a menstruous cloth!  It begins by removing idolatry from our midst.  Then, the blessings of the Lord will mount one on top of the other, beginning with sustenance and ending with the new heaven and new Earth.  Come listen and learn with us.


30:27-30  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is Truth?  Today, we answer that question!  Tune in – you may be surprised.


30:31-33  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Let’s talk about Hell (Tophet)!  Not only this, but we discuss the ramifications of political suicide by repeating the same mistakes from the past, whether of empire or of individual.  For example, learn why Assyria (Syria) is always destined to be in the news.



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