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Isaiah Chapters 25-27

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25:1-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What happens in the final day? There is reward for meekness in Torah, and punishment for arrogance against Torah.  That’s really all there is to it.  Come listen to many details and deep connections.


26:1-10  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We find out more. The walls of the New Jerusalem – what is their composition?  The gate to the city – its name and type?  The path to the gate – its material?  What is outside the city?  What is the proper attitude, and necessary actions, for walking the path? What of those who do not walk the path – their categorization, and how to recognize them?  And much more!  If not satisfied, return for full refund!


26:11-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

This week, we focus on the pain of the accursed.  Sounds like fun, but it’s not.  Many interesting details dot the landscape as we explore the reactions of God, and whether or not He ever really gets angry.


26:18-21  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What is the Resurrection?  Is it real?  YES!  Is it Hebraic?  YES!  Is it bodily?  YES!  Is there a favored status?  YES!  In these few verses from Isaiah, cross-referenced with Ezekiel and Daniel, we find a wealth of information concerning these and other questions, including whether the Book of Revelation offers a distinction or an expansion!  And what is the significance of Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur?


27:1  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Why only one verse?  When it comes to dismantling embedded thoughts, this can take time.  We learn this week that leviathan is almost certainly NOT a real beast, although one should think so from the many text proofs.  Instead, it is... well, that’s the surprise, isn’t it?  Come with us on a marvelous journey traveling through Isaiah, Job, Exodus, Revelation, Psalms, and more!


27:2-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

More eschatology!  The judgment, and redemptions for sin!  The gathering of the elect!  The final trumpet!  Yes, Isaiah said it first!



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