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Isaiah Chapters 22-24

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22:1-25  Isaiah < Click to Listen

When Jerusalem fell to moral ruin, soldiers surrounded city leaders and led them off to who-knows-where. The people rejoiced rather than repented. The usefulness of inanimate objects was estimated to be higher than the remembrance of God in the Temple.  When a place falls this far, God has no choice but to purge it, for the sake of the land.  This week, find out why Shebna especially was blamed for this disintegration, and his fate.  We found it amazing and amusing.


23:1-18  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The fall of Tyre and Sidon (Phoenicia, or Lebanon). As all great port cities, it becomes fat on God’s blessing, then permits decadence and corruption to overthrow.  After God allows their opulence to crumble, the result is a much different landscape.  An omen for today (or any day).


24:1-15  Isaiah < Click to Listen

One could spend all day discussing the various empires which have crumbled, and pontificating whether they fell due to some internal economic or social flaw, but the truth is that all fail when they abandon the Law of God, Torah. There’s no doubt of it. Who can make the argument against? If it is not immorality and corruption which destroys, what then is the mechanism?  If it is not God’s Law which defines morality and incorruption, what?  This week, we go way out and bring in the kitchen sink.  Have a good time within!


24:16-23  Isaiah < Click to Listen

It is December 31, 2011.  We now enter into the year 2012, which holds esteem and importance for many.  Yet, there will be no reset of society without the foundation of Torah.  Our lesson today proves it.  We also discover some interesting eschatology amidst the warnings, specifically concerning who (and what!) will be punished, how long the suffering must last, why this must happen, and how it will be administered.  To boot, evidence is presented for the New Jerusalem, that is, the World to Come. Ring in the time!



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