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Isaiah Chapters 19-21

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19:1-12  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Many empires have fallen but perhaps none as great as the Egyptian. The confiscation and redistribution of resources and labor (here, water rights) causes great upheaval in the economy and common defense.  When government is allowed to burgeon, especially at the will of the people, their demise is imminent.


19:13-22  Isaiah < Click to Listen

When will a fallen empire reach out to God?  At the very end, of course!  After the currency is debased... after the goodies are gone... after the resources are spent.  Do you think what’s happening in Greece and Italy is bad?  Are there any solutions?  Hear all of the connections, alliterations, and non-sequiturs in this week’s exciting episode!


19:23 - 21:17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

To a weak people God will give a cruel lord.  What is the cure?  Torah.  This week, we explore various troubles in the several empires of Isaiah’s time.  You will notice great similarities to the upheavals of today, including worthless money and refugees.  Coincidence?



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