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Isaiah Chapters 16-18

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16:1-14  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We continue with Moab and their loss of status.  Time-shift chronology causes some prophetic signature confusion, but there is no doubt that suffering is coming.  Why?  Coveting is at the heart of almost all sin.


17:1-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

All of our problems are accelerating.  Failure to corral, if not completely stop, improper lending practices, unsustainable budgets, lazy work ethic, irresponsibility, and Marxism has led to institutionalized coveting.  Collectivism of the worst sort is out to prove that blame goes not to those who embrace Marxism, but to those who do not!  In Damascus during Isaiah's time, the situation was similar.  They too were not happy until the cities themselves became a ruin of apocalypse.  Hear for yourself!


18:1-7  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Happy New Year!  We have made it past another Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (2011), which means God at least has approved our further temporal existence. Yet, in the midst of this joy, we have encountered a new period in human history.  Although their numbers are relatively small, “occupiers” have settled into tent cities throughout the world.  Are these the irresponsible who will usher in that charismatic antichrist, or are they waking youth eager to become mechanics of their future?  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, Isaiah tells us only God can reclaim his people.  “Paper boats” are a laughable escape pod from any devastation that must come from total corruption.  Where will the good reside?  Is there a rapture?  Come and listen.



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