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Isaiah Chapters 13-15

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What happens when a person embraces corruption?  When a population immerses itself in rot and sin?  When a government becomes itself a tool of evil?  The doom of Babylon is a lesson not only in history but also for the present and future.  What will become of America?  What of the final days?  Isaiah gives us a taste of what we can expect if we don’t turn the ship around, financially and morally.  

(posted Aug 11, 2011)


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The details are gory. There is no part of the last days of an empire which are or will be pretty.  It begins with debasement, moves to personal corruption, and ends with invasion from barbarians worse than you can imagine. This week, Isaiah teaches that even after the women and children are ravished and cut to pieces, the Jewish people will survive. The remnants of the Gentiles will help the Jews return to Israel and will voluntarily become servants of the chosen people. And the verdict for those who led the flock astray?  Hell.  Call it what you will but the netherworld cannot hold back its anticipation to swallow these worst leaders.  Now is the time to fortify yourself against the coming wave of self-pity and helplessness. 

(posted Aug 13, 2011)


14:13-23  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The fall of empires is not necessarily a requisite thing.  Empires dissolve due to corruption, not simply because they are empires.  Empires are power, and power is a corrupter.  Therefore, most empires have crumbled.  What is an empire?  How is an empire designated as corrupt?  How can doom be avoided?  Today’s lesson concerns all of this and more.  Come listen to a message of reason and intellect, with power.


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Non-Torah collectivism will be the death of us… literally.  If you don't want collectivism of any sort, this is understandable, for you are an individual who desires to use his God-given free-will as he pleases. This independence from a higher law releases personal power, and even creates clubs and movements. For the independent individual still seeks out like-minded people with whom to associate, commiserate, and plan. Nevertheless, such free-will living does not create a strong society. Only law creates the safe and stable society that all men seek, even if the goal is to be a little fish in a big pond. Since law is necessary, it shall also be the free-will choice of every individual whether such law shall be from God, that is, Torah, or some other, more primitive and ghastly, or more tyrannical and exacting. Who shall make your law? Who shall be in charge of society? Why?


15:1-9  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The fall of empires is again our theme.  This week it is Moab’s turn.  What was their sin?  How was Reuben involved?  Where does Ruth come in?  This and many more questions will be answered as we describe the corruption which rots kingdoms.  Beware, great nations of the 21st century – your destiny is not yet written but can be foreseen.



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