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Isaiah Chapters 10-12

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10:1-11  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Savagery is paganism.  The riots happening right now in America over nothing more than someone looking the wrong way?  Savagery.  The uprisings in the Middle East which end in senseless violence?  Savagery.  Why is this happening?  Why is it spreading?  How can it be stopped?  What can YOU do?  I'll tell you now: STAND UP!  Stand up for what's right.  Listen and be inflamed.


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Only a few will remain.  There are the "elect" who have been chosen by God for no reason that we can know, except He finds them pleasing or useful.  There are also the faithful, who return loyally to God over and over again.  Today, we learn how God keeps His hand outstretched for those who are continually coming to Him.  Be ready in 2011.  A wave is coming.


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Is God bad?  No. Everything He does, regardless of our view, is good. Why then does He punish so harshly?  Is there a reason? Does He treasure the nation more so than the individual?  Yes.  However, hear this: only God is able to successfully be a collectivist because He alone is pure of heart, and able to provide the actual utopia which He promises.  No man can do this, and no man should follow any man who says he can.  The man who makes such promises is pretending to be God.  Listen to today's interesting commentary!


11:1-8  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Independence Day and Passover. America and Israel, bound together in history. What should we do for continued prosperity?  What should we avoid?  If you want order, you cannot also include chaos in your society. Just as the Constitution of the United States does not guarantee the right of sedition and sabotage (even if some say it is not excluded), Torah does not permit or promise complete liberty. A house divided cannot stand. You cannot be for God and against Him at the same time. If you reject any commandment, it is because you are against God on that one point. This rebellion is, according to the Bible, the same as witchcraft (that is, a capital crime), and is essentially blasphemy (also a capital crime). Just as any life outside of Constitution is un-American, any life outside the bounds of Torah is ungodly. Neither can be acceptable to any people who believe in the system, or the society under the system. Such unrighteousness against the law must be expunged as soon as possible. Then, if we accept God's Law and receive a righteous king (or elect a righteous president), even the lion will lay down with the lamb. The free-will choice is, as always, ours: order and peace, or chaos and disaster. In today's lesson, the Israelites learn that to embrace an influence outside the bounds of Torah (Assyria) is to invite disaster. 

(recorded July 4, 2011)


11:9-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

When the Gentiles come seeking the Jewish way, the Messianic Age will have come.  This is what Isaiah wrote, and there is no other interpretation.  The Gentile (pagan) way must first spread throughout the world and cause maximum havoc. Only then will the Gentile come begging for law, for Torah knowledge, for peace.  Only then will the remnant of the Jewish people be gathered from the four corners of the Earth.  Only then will there be no more slavery, no more predatory activity.  The child will play at the lair of the snake and there will be no danger, for even the serpent will have been tamed.  Come hear a message of hope... but also of responsibility.


11:14 - 12:6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Closer and closer we come to the inevitable. Who ever thought we would be in this situation? Certainly the man of The Enlightenment did not. He thought man would evolve, and the evolved would be greater, and in charge of society, a utopia. Certainly the Age of Aquarius did not. She thought a great sweeping of cosmic proportion would come, or that an alien race would arrive to reclaim its seed (don't worry, though, only a few more weeks until the comet!). Similarly, the Christian believes a rapture before any tribulation, though Jesus says just the opposite! The Bible tells us the world shall not change, and must be destroyed when sin becomes too great for the ground to bear, and that no one shall escape their just judgment, except those who died for the Law (the cause of Christ). Torah is thus not only that which could've saved us from ourselves, but also that which will save an individual from communal desolation. Come listen to a message of hope.



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