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Isaiah Chapters 7-9

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7:1-14  Isaiah < Click to Listen

In these verses, we find some mysterious and cryptic messages, and the Sages don't seem to help.  Come see why doctrine often does not "fix" but worsens. We sniffle and cough our way to answers - it's allergy time! 


7:15-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

We have it all figured out!  What does it really mean that Immanuel's mother was a "virgin"?  Why is this so important?  Does it have anything to do with Jesus?  If so, in what context?  More importantly, how does this benefit Israel (both the land and the people)?  Find out in this week's exciting installment!


7:18 - 8:10  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The prophecies of Isaiah bubble, as the first rumblings of universal salvation through the Jewish messiah become known. "Associate" ("destroy") yourselves, Gentiles, and become believers. As the Egyptians left their homeland with the Jews after the ten plagues, the Gentiles will eventually come and give all they have to be a part of it.  As Jesus said, the days, and level, of corruption will grow until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled.  If we would only learn the lesson of Sodom and Gomorrah: if ten righteous had been found there, the cities would have been spared.  Be the "virgin" in the midst of infidelity.


8:11-16  Isaiah < Click to Listen

The choice in life is between freedom and slavery, between liberty and tyranny, between individual achievement and the collective.  Though there are times when we are called upon to help society in general, or to give generously in the name of charity, we are for the most part permitted by God to live life freely, within the bounds of Torah.  Passover, for example, is the holiday which celebrates freedom from bondage under masters.  It is a collective holiday for our people, but it is individual liberty for each Jew.  No man freed us, no philosophy destroyed the taskmaster.  It was God, who did so in the name of freedom, for He is the God of free men.  Read the First Commandment and see it is so.  But there is always a force loose in the world which would take our liberty, and convince us that selfish motivation is the prime evil in the world (the convenient lie).  Those who say such things are persecuted themselves but would be persecutors.  They covet power, especially personal power.  They say, "Why do you have power and not me?"  Then they enslave who they call bourgeoisie.  They are Communists.  They hate capitalism, they hate America, they hate the individual.  But most assuredly, they hate the Jew for being the light of Torah, the standard of liberty.  In this week's lesson, we learn that God warned man of this evil many thousands of years ago. In fact, it goes back to Nimrod, and even the serpent in Eden, if you want to get technical.


8:17-23  Isaiah < Click to Listen

There is a struggle for your soul. The atheists desire you to abandon your faith. Yet, they expect you to have faith that there is nothing after life. Can they prove it?  The communist calls religion an "opiate of the masses." This shows a hatred for the masses, for the masses shall desire religion, whether or not it is permitted. This is historically truth. Communism promises an end to crime, and even sin. How? By a forceful law. Since this differs not from a Torah society, why trade the liberty of Torah for the tyranny of men? Christians purport that having a particular prayer or mindset bestows positive afterlife, that is, a trip to heaven, and say those who have not are doomed to hell. This intentionally ignores Torah, the Law of God, creating a false "lighter yoke" of Christ which He never intended. Rather, Matthew 5:19 imparts that those who follow and teach the least commandment shall be called greatest, while those who teach against the least commandment shall be called least. Christians cannot square their anti-Torah ideology with Christ's pro-Torah stance. Many Christians also depend upon a Rapture to rescue them from tribulation in the final days. But, as we learn in this week's lesson, when false beliefs fail to transpire, those who previously thought themselves pious and immovable will curse their king and God, then fall into despondency and darkness.


9:1-6  Isaiah < Click to Listen

What will happen on May 21, 2011?  Most likely, nothing very drastic.  And thereupon, come May 22, some Christians will be deeply disappointed to still be on this Earth.  What will Mr. Camping's followers do?  I think many will abandon their sect, perhaps even their religion.  Having pinned their hopes on the selfish desire to flee this corrupted world, they have no recourse but to resign themselves to their worst nightmare: continuing to live on with the rest of us.  This will surely cause many of Mr. Camping's flock to turn 180 degrees and become themselves immoral, giving up on any further hope.  But here is a worse scenario: What if on May 21 there begins a Great Tribulation (by tribulation, I don't mean wars or earthquakes, but armored locusts that sting like scorpions, that which cannot be denied) but yet no one is whisked away by rapture?  What will you do?  Verily, I say to you, that at such time many who claimed to believe in the Lord will be quickest to throw off that faith, and will become the greatest enemy of those who continue to believe.  For many of those who did not believe will convert due to their fear, but many of those who did believe will become apostates due to their anger.  This was true in Isaiah's time, and it will be true again.  O believer in doctrine, read Matthew 24 and see that if there is a rapture it will come at the end of tribulation, not at the start.  And those "elect" who shall be scooped up early are only 144,000 whom God chooses secretly, and are of the 12 tribes of Israel (most likely, you are not one of these).  This is a moment of choosing.  Tell yourself now that you will love God in good times and bad, even if you must withstand great persecution, even if you must face the Great Tribulation, even if you must land in perdition for a time.  Prepare.


9:7-20 Isaiah < Click to Listen

The rapture did not come on May 21.  But the Tribulation may still yet be upon us, as early as this summer!  Today's lesson is that God, though He allows (indeed, must allow) such things, always has His hand outstretched.  What does this mean?  Find out.



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