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Isaiah Chapters 4-6

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4:1 - 5:7  Isaiah < Click to Listen

God has given America all it needs, just as He gave Israel all it needed.  But, for the sake of perceived freedom, or for the sake of some concept of evolved society, or being, both Israel and America have desired the name of God without also desiring the Law of God.  This attitude pervades Christianity, secularism, and even the so-called passion of Islam.  For it is not fervor which God desires, else all of our sincere activities should be blessed.  Instead, such "wild grapes" will be allowed by God to be despoiled by the elements and by rapacious men.  Take heed, Christianity, you are weak in seeking "freedom from the Law."  Take heed, Judaism, to keep Torah. Take heed, Islam, to progress beyond a doctrine of "wild grape" zeal and cleansing.


5:8-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Do you ever wonder what God thinks of the human race?  Wonder no more!  The coveting, the stealing, the partying after the stealing. Ignorance of the Torah, and men who keep the people in darkness.  Arrogance.  "Hell hath enlarged herself" (Isaiah 5:14).


5:18-23  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Stealing property, murder, adultery, coveting.  God hates these.  What does He hate more?  Those who party as they sin, and those who celebrate their evil victories.  Woe to those who are wise in their own sight!  Does this mean we who believe in the law, and in Torah, should keep our mouths shut?  Hardly!  In fact, our silence allows evil to spread, first by tolerance, then by blindness.  Corruption is the root, and taints all religion and politics.  Do you want peace?  Torah is the answer.  All we are saying...


5:24-30  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Why will God not only allow, but enable and assist the nations to overrun his people, the Jews?  It is because they cast away the Law, and ignore the Word.  Understand!  The Jews have not lost God's love - they have lost their grip on Torah.  Understand!  Christians who claim to be "children of Israel" and reject Torah are in the same boat, and not rescued.  Understand!  The victory of the various Beasts (New World Order, Islamic radicalism, Communism), who reject Torah, will be short-lived. What is the answer? Torah. Listen and learn.


6:1-10  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Isaiah's vision. What did he see?  Where did he see it?  Some insights on Seraphim.  Some glimpses into afterlife.  Most importantly, for what mission did Isaiah volunteer, and isn't it interesting that Jesus was in the same squadron?


6:11-13  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Japan's earthquake.  What will they do now?  Will they accept the present circumstance and praise God, or will they hate God for what has happened?  They will, of course, praise God, which is why Japan is a great nation.  Great nations and great peoples accept that suffering is inevitable.  To curse or walk away from God is making your circumstance worse.  Now you have two problems.  Jesus knew that His mission would not end with personal success, and that He would die.  This suffering He accepted for what was greater: the defense of God, of His people, and of Torah.  Today's reading from Isaiah reflects this tremendous and very high lesson.



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