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Isaiah Chapters 1-3

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What is the Bible's message to mankind?  In today's lesson, we will discover this message, and make it personal in your daily life.  Currently, we live in especially weary economic times, with much social upheaval. What can you do for yourself and others? Become a shelter!  Listen and learn how.


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The world as we know it is coming down fast.... yes she is.  Sin is the problem. Freedom is not the answer. Torah is the answer. Listen today and find out why.


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Dennis and Tommy try to save the world, but come to a roadblock over definition of terms!  Come hear the fun.


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A nation of fatness.  The prophet tells us quite truthfully, and rationally, that when people have things too easy, but are not satisfied in their plenty, they revert to paganism, worshiping in elder mythology, and creating new gods never known before.  Sound familiar?


2:9-17  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Personal change comes through anger, a consequence of being dissatisfied with one's lifestyle or relationships. However, anger can never change the hard truth that people want to do what they want to do, and that only enforced Law can stop the crime, savagery, corruption, statism, and hedonism which stem from such desires. To maintain a stable and constructive society, humans require law.

Which Law?  It cannot be a law of the jungle, for that does not attend to the innate desire of most humans to have compassion for the weak and needy. It cannot be laws of men, for they serve only those men, and thereafter other men come to change the law to serve themselves. It cannot be a law from any visible god, for such idols may be broken and burned. It cannot be a law of many gods, for this is the same as chaos, the needs of the one god overriding the needs of another god. It must be a Law from One God. This is Torah, the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and, to some degree, Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions also constitute the majority of worldwide thought on ideological law.

Why should it matter if a majority agree on a law? What about the rights of minorities and free-thinkers? The hard truth is, coexistence of this type is a myth. Multiple laws of intended equal value cause societies to be balkanized and ghettoized, eventually clashing in civil war.
In order to avoid such internal weakness, laws must be singular, for all, and enforced quickly. If such a singular law benefits the minority, the majority shall soon vote back, or otherwise fight for, their particular majority rights, and laws, to be restored. If the minority should win such battle, how shall the minority retain such power? Shall the majority continue to fight against itself, as a form of societal suicide? Shall the majority repel invaders for the benefit of the minority who, in the case of victory, would ostensibly retain control?

Though the Jews are a minority people, Torah is not a minority Law. Of all laws, Torah benefits the greatest number. The hedonists, the pleasure-seekers, also desire a stable society in which their desires may be, in some manner, safely quenched. Does it really benefit the hedonist to live in a weak and irresponsible hedonist society, or is hedonism not better served as a minority interest which is best kept sequestered?

Enforcement of laws must be brusque, even lawfully violent, so that society maintains. This is another hard truth, that societies only maintain by societal cleansing, whether this means ostracizing those who deviate, sweeping the streets of revolutionaries, or executing certain types of offenders.

How does Torah differ from any other cleansing of society?  Unlike primitive societies, and tyrannies, Torah society does not enforce law without a trial and witnesses, and demands a fair courtroom which does not benefit the rich man, the poor man, or any other person. Unlike Leftist societies, or right-wing police states, the Torah society does not have secret police, and does not require citizens to rat out their neighbors.  Under Torah, we are instead given duty and opportunity to be merciful many times, in order to cajole a sinner's change to Torah godliness, lest they come upon a court date.

What about compassion, especially Christian compassion? Even Jesus said (Matthew 18:15-18) that we must confront those who are in Torah ungodliness, and not permit sin to fester, and eventually we must cast out such sinners from our midst, and not tolerate their presence.  Even Jesus said (Mark 7) that we must not tolerate the disobedient son who dishonors and curses his parents, and not permit society to be corrupted by such sons, but they must rather be, according to the Law of God, eventually put to death. Does this disturb you? It shouldn't. Every society cleanses itself, and those which do not eventually fall, through weakness of sin. Torah is merely the best system we have for cleansing society without inviting tyranny. 

If you think this is wrong, you have not accepted truth. You also have not accepted God, for He not only created man to be this way, but also created Torah to limit our behaviors and action. Why has God done this? To give man Free Will. Without free will, we are merely puppets doing God's bidding, not happy or unhappy, not lawful or unlawful. God has given us the opportunity to be happy and to experience love, but these are not possible without their opposites, which require, in their dissatisfaction, limits. If this seems to you too much like a test, or an experiment, it cannot be helped. You either accept the gift of free will, and the pain which it may cause, or you reject God. Many have done so, saying a "real" God would never let the good die young, or experience agony in its many forms. Such statements generally derive from painful personal experiences which cause resentment against God. These are not atheists, they merely hate God.

In sum, then, we must accept that we are made a certain way by a particular God, and that we are given the ability to know this, and to accept or reject this. If we reject it, we live against God. If we accept it, we live in Torah, and we challenge ourselves to improve. The atheist who says otherwise nevertheless accepts the premise of self-improvement, and of the ways of the world, only saying God did not do this. Every other objection is merely struggle for hegemony, domination over society, or else personal desire.


2:18 - 3:15  Isaiah < Click to Listen

This week, Isaiah rips into 'em good!  The lesson is, It never ends.  Micah hits the nail even harder, and Jesus was the exclamation point.  But it doesn't end there.  Today, we face the same challenges to the spirit.


3:16-26  Isaiah < Click to Listen

Much controversy this week, as we learn that women have a particular and peculiar responsibility to society which is overshadowed only by the responsibility of men to enforce Torah.  The disintegration of our society, and especially the feminization and political correctness which weakens us, is the result of an ineffective or scared judiciary, men, who allow every kind of depravity and/or rebelliousness for the sake of "tolerance."  Softness equals failure and defeat, not evolution of the species.



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