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613 Commandments!

#23. Recite the Shema in the Morning & at Night.

(Deuteronomy 6:7)   

recorded Dec27 2016


They say that true love lasts all day, from the moment we rise, to the moment we go to sleep. At no time is one who loves strapped for time to pay attention to the object of his or her affection. Love conquers all - every obstacle, every limit.

God commands us to love Him, as we know, with all of our heart, soul, and might. Yet, sometimes we are not in a place of love with God.  Sometimes we are consumed with our own circumstances, and cannot fully commit to Him, whether we are enduring some hurt or pain, or whether we are simply "too busy" to think about Him.  In any event, we neglect God.

The idea that God should be "bigger" than human interaction is a false idea. God desires to be loved, or else He would not command you to love Him.  Hoping that "God can take it" or "He will forgive" does not fulfill the commandment to love God. It is not God's responsibility. It is OUR responsibility to love Him as best we can EVERY day, DESPITE any circumstances or emotions. This takes willpower to remember, and it takes sacrifice to perform.

Love is sacrifice.  Love is giving up some things in order to have time for more worthy or greater things. If you do not make time for God, you have sacrificed NOTHING, nor do you think Him more worthy or greater. All your talk of loving God is, at such time, empty.

Today's commandment is to make a willful sacrifice of time twice a day, to say the Shema. What is the Shema?

"Hear O Israel, the Lord Our God, the Lord is One."

When it comes to fulfilling commandments, it doesn't get much easier. When you arise, say the Shema TO God and FOR God; and when you lay your head to sleep, say the Shema again. It takes less than a minute. Is that too much to do for the One who gives you life every morning, and permits you to see the day's end?

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