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613 Commandments!

#22. Pray to God. 

(Exodus 23:25, Deuteronomy 6:13)   

recorded Dec25 2016

Praying is acknowledging that there is a higher power who grants all of the positive blessings we seek: Life, Health, Financial Stability, Love, and so many other things. In fact, everything. 

For while we might like to believe that we make our own luck by taking advantage of opportunities, those opportunities which we grab, or would like to grab, derive from SOMEWHERE. Thus, even if we do not believe in "luck" per se, we DO believe that "opportunity knocks." 

But on which door does opportunity knock? What is this door? How does opportunity come upon this door? How does it knock? And why? Why do opportunities of positive experience even exist? If everything is chaos, should there be any expectation of a definable positive, or even negative, result? Why not random disassociation to any “normal" outcome? What IS normalcy? And why do we crave it?

These are all very good questions which we have neither the space here nor the actual wisdom to answer. BUT, for those who believe in God, these mysteries don't quite matter as much as whether or not the future can be affected. Can it? Is there a mechanism or message that moves God? Is He involved in the minutiae of our everyday requirements, or, having already created, has God moved on to other projects?  Does God listen to prayer?   

The answer is self-evident in everyday life. Prayers ARE answered, and miracles DO happen, even if naysayers, for their own reasons, wish to take away that hope and joy.

Prayer is not only seeking love from God, it is also giving love to God. When we pray to God, we also LOVE God, because we are asking for His goodness in our lives. God commands us to love Him, with all of our heart, soul, and might. When we pray, especially in time of dire need, the heart and soul is mightily involved.   

Praying may fulfill our personal needs, but praying does not fulfill all of Torah. We are still commanded to obey many other commandments. When we do not, we must repent. This too is accomplished through prayer (the animal sacrifice requirements being currently suspended due to The Temple in Jerusalem being inactive). 

How should I pray?  Unceasingly.  Earnestly.  Humbly.  Honestly.  According to Jesus, I should pray alone, in my closet, away from prying eyes, and away from the temptation I may have to impress others with my supposed piety.

What should I ask for in prayer?  That God make my path clear to me.  That God perhaps alter my path.  That God keep evil from me.  That God give me the strength to keep away from evil.  That God overturn the negative circumstances in my life.  That God give me the wisdom to handle negative circumstances.  That God forgive me for my sins and mistakes.  That God give me power to fulfill and teach commandments.  

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