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613 Commandments!

#17. Circumcise the Male Child. 

(Leviticus 12:3) (Genesis 17:12)  

recorded Aug14 2016

The Law of God tells us to circumcise the male child on the eighth day after his birth. The covenant with Abraham makes clear that circumcision of the male child is necessary to be considered part of the house of Abraham, and therefore apportioned with the promise of God to inherit the Earth. The meek are those who obey God, humbling themselves beyond, or before, their fears and desires.  The meek inherit the Earth.

Circumcision is one of the commanded signs of separation to distinguish oneself from the non-believer.  It’s like being part of the gang.  Circumcised for health reasons is not the same as circumcision as separation, because, unless it overlaps, the intent to obey God is absent.

Jesus was circumcised. Why was Jesus circumcised?  To distinguish Him as a believer, a Jew, and a lawful male.  If Jesus came, as some believe, to change the commandment of circumcision, why did God permit or command Jesus the infant to be circumcised?  In fact, His circumcision consecrates the commandment (if not the whole Law), and establishes it for all who say they follow Christ.  If this is not true, why didn't God simply have Jesus born to a Gentile family?  Or is it that the world shall only follow (if not be saved by) a Jewish Jesus?  This is supremely important to understand, more so by the fact that the Bible tells us explicitly when and how Jesus was circumcised. 

If you say Jesus was circumcised to fulfill that commandment, as a step towards being a perfect sacrifice, you must still explain why that perfection lies in Torah and not some other Law of God.

Why do we have so little information on the early life of Christ, no list of every commandment Jesus kept or did not keep, but circumcision is made explicit?  Circumcision is thus given the spotlight, and the message is clear, that Jesus was born to keep the Law.  There is no other interpretation. 

Male circumcision is not barbaric, it is commanded.  God is not barbaric.  Circumcision is not especially painful for the male child and rarely, if ever, leads to any physical or mental issues.  It is, in fact, a very safe procedure, especially when performed by an expert (moil).  To refrain from circumcising the male offspring, out of fear, is still disobedience. To refrain out of rebellion curses the child from God’s promise.  Those who say they don’t care about, or desire, God’s promise are a threat to Torah society.  Their place is separate from those who do circumcise.  Sorry if that offends, but the Gentiles have had no issue in separating themselves from the Jews, almost compulsively so. 

The Mohammedans keep this commandment, intentionally.  The Bible tells us that Abraham circumcised Ishmael also, at the same time as everyone else in Abraham’s household.  Ishmael was therefore included in the covenant, as well as having his own special promise. On the other hand, female circumcision is not in Torah.  Perhaps it is not forbidden but there is no lawful, godly, or health reason to perform female circumcision.    

As usual, keeping or not keeping the commandment does not guarantee you wealth, power, love, or any other desired thing.  It is not a sign of domination over other humans or of superior luck. It is a sign of obedience to God, of humility.



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