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613 Commandments!

#9. Do Not Test the Word of God. 

(Deuteronomy 6:16)   

recorded May20 2016

Society today is imploding for one reason: law-and-order is being tested every second.  

I do not mean that society is imploding because the law is tested. I am in favor of testing the law in court.

I do not even mean that law-and-order, the police, are being challenged on the streets by thugs, gangs, communist radicals, or race-baiters. This is nothing new. This is crime.

I mean that our entire concept of law-and-order is under assault. We are pressured to accept unacceptable, even criminal, behavior for the sake of peace. "No justice, no peace" is not a plea for help, but rather a warning, even a war cry.  Zealots of every stripe rampage through the cities, setting things ablaze and hurling rocks. Vigilantes take the law into their own hands and mete out street justice, based on their own political or religious views, especial Leftist and Sharia views.

Yet this is hardly a war.  For it appears the citizens are frozen, paralyzed, afraid to take action. Perhaps luxury is to blame, and the citizens are too cozy, too reluctant to move from their warm spots. Perhaps politics is to blame, and the citizens are subject to the whims of mayors, city councils, and governors with agendas ranging from excessive compassion to weak tolerance to sympathetic solidarity to outright allegiance for crime or savagery.

Whatever the case, it's getting worse.  Perhaps we believed if we looked the other way, petty criminality and savagery would level off or dissipate. Perhaps we believed if we were more understanding, the complainers and radicals would calm down.  But that's not the way it works. That has never been the way it works.

On a worldwide level, we are being subjected not only to "political correctness" regarding our words and behaviors, but also to re-education on an unparalleled level.  We are lectured constantly, whether we watch the news, sports, comedy, or drama, regarding race, gender, and other so-called inequalities. We are harassed concerning whether or not we should be armed, or defend ourselves, or defend our property. Meanwhile, those who would police us at the most miniscule level refuse to act according to the law which protects their right of speech to criticize that which protects their right of speech!  In other words, we are under attack by hypocrites!

They are also the most dangerous hypocrites.  For they not only rail against the trivial, to control us for their pleasure, they also attack that which is vital, our system of law-and-order. While they seek legal shelter for their "rights" to protest, they exceed their rights through violence and mayhem. Then, they blame others for their violence and mayhem, making themselves passive-aggressive sociopaths who cannot take responsibility for the very actions for which they demanded protection!

Furthermore, they seek asylum from prosecution. Their "civil disobedience" which carries a penalty for transgressing the law is nullified by police hamstrung by political operatives who agree with the mayhem and violence, and not with peace and stability! That is, the police receive stand-down orders from Leftist and Sharia infiltrators at the higher or highest levels. Thus, we see bolder and worse radicalism festering on university campuses and city streets.

Even when radicals are arrested, it seems that judges are too lenient, suspiciously sympathetic to causes rather than strict on the law, never mind defensive for the population-at-large. Therefore, criminals go free and ringleaders walk. 

The media too appears to have an appetite for the anti-hero, that lawbreaker who receives undue love and appreciation. In fact, the media helps create the image for these anti-heroes, refusing to tell the simple facts. Thugs are portrayed as naive innocent youngsters, and radicals as oppressed freedom-fighters.  Excuses are made for violent and unlawful behaviors, ranging from "he couldn't help it" defenses to "it was a long time coming" collusion. At the highest levels, the media even defends communism and Sharia as worthy additions to Western culture.

Funding for this illegality and immoral collusion pours in from connected persons and factions. Street radicalism receives training from Bill Ayers, and money from George Soros. Naturally, links are blurred to make whistleblowers and detectives appear foolish.  Should any information tying higher-ups to street thuggery become public, the reporter is mocked.  Big Media has decided it's better to join in the lawlessness rather than to report on it accurately, never mind with any investigative curiosity.  Citizen-journalists who take up the mantle for this information vacuum are destroyed. Breitbart dies. O'Keefe is put through the wringer. Assange is accused of rape. Alex Jones is permanently scarred as a far-right conspiracy theorist.

Where civil law fails, one might expect moral law to pick up and defend society. Yet here too we find traditional religion too weak. Christianity, that bastion of tolerance, has ignored the Law of God for too long. Beginning in the 1960's, the Left learned that Christianity would defend its own, against the Law of God. Therefore, the never-ending struggle between Torah Law and Leftist irreligion drew more and more Christians from traditionalism to progressivism. Today, churches find themselves internally battling over abortion, homosexuality, and other things forbidden by Torah. Whether we blame this increasing tolerance of sin on an innate hatred for all things Jewish, or merely on a growing erosion of general faith in God, Christianity is not doing its job.  The lawless are not being beaten back.

In case you wonder, yes, lack of beatings is the key element to lawlessness, and beatings are the key element to lawfulness. There is no obedience without punishment. Those who say they are good people do so to avoid a variety of punishments, such as prison, gunshots, or a police record, and to maintain good standing with friends, family, bosses and co-workers, and with oneself, in the conscience. Criminals and other lawless types must ignore one or more of these beat-downs in order to "properly function."

The huge issue we have today is that criminal and lawless types are not being beaten down, but rather are being given a pass on many levels, while good and lawful types are being vilified for demanding that the law be enforced and society be stabilized by righteous police and judges.

Another gigantic issue we have today is dilution of the law through multi-culturalism.  When two different enclaves live adjacent, there must be one law to rule them both.  If one has a different law, the other will say the law, their law, is being broken. If two such enclaves exist in the same nation or state, the majority must rule, else the minority or minorities rules over the majority. If the government of such nation or state is on the side of the minority or minorities, there must be clashes, many lawsuits, constitutional upheaval, even civil war. These are all ingredients which weaken a nation, making it ripe for dissolution or invasion.  When any law of any land is tested in such a strenuous manner, with countervailing codes, that law and that land is destroyed.  

The solution is one law for the land, and enforcement of that law.  Not only enforcement, but a serious wall against testing law-and-order at the street level. This means leaders who will not hamper or attack the police but on the contrary will praise and reward them.  This means police who not only are straight arrows and concerned for law but who also are paid well enough to refuse graft.  This means education at the elementary level to respect rules. This means parenting which teaches children they don't always get their way and are punished for transgression of house and other rules. This means involved citizens who not only call the police when they see a crime but also form neighborhood action groups to sweep out bad elements.

True, there will always be rough sections of town where lawfulness is less likely, but we cannot permit that behavior to spill and spread. At minimum, we must isolate such lawlessness, not make excuses for it, and not permit it to test our law-and-order.

Torah is the perfect Law for such a society. We may argue whether Torah is fair enough, or too tough, but only after we demand and install a law strong enough to keep lawlessness at bay.  We cannot refuse a tough law while simultaneously permitting lawlessness to overtake us.

But if Torah is not accepted, it will be another solid law which shall rule, for lawlessness and weakness cannot last long in a land which is rich in natural resources and atomic weapons.  For such reasons, the Left shall never surrender unless they are totally ground under, for they covet and desire those resources and weapons. For different reasons, Sharia shall make inroads, as humans crave stability and framework, and Sharia provides such a hegemony, together with enough savagery to defeat more peaceful frameworks.  If you do not desire to live under Sharia, it will be necessary to take on a similarly disciplined and stringent law, and Torah fulfills those requirements. This is doubly so since Sharia is derived from Torah.

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