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613 Commandments!

#6. God Is One.

(Deuteronomy 6:4)  

recorded Apr11 2016

Today we tackle the easiest of commandments, that God is one.  Oh wait, the Christians who profess to believe in the One God have chosen to think of Him in several parts.  Why?  Obviously, it’s easier to relate to a God who has a human side, but relating to God is not the purpose of Law or gospel.  The purpose of Law is to follow it if you are part of that society/community.  The purpose of gospel is to tell everyone how great life would be if we would just follow that Law.  Unfortunately, the Christians have glommed onto the shiny part of that purpose, which is the end result, which is salvation.  They do not believe the gospel is to spread the word of God, that is, the Law.  They believe the gospel is to spread the WORKS of God, which is salvation, as if dispensation is the purpose of conversion.  As if God is seeking salesmen rather than participants and contributors.  As if God is seeking politicians and not citizens. 

If it seems like the Law of God is fascist, it is.  Society cannot live in coexistence very long before differences are noted and the hive cleansing begins.  With some races or cultures, this cleansing is harsh, with others a bit more polished.  But the purpose of the cleansing is purity, which is what the Law commands, and, really, what the gospel commands.  What would Jesus do?  Jesus would first ask you nicely to abstain from breaking the Law.  Then Jesus would come back as the judge of the world and, well, you know the rest.  So if Jesus does not seek coexistence, why does Christianity?

For some reason, Christianity believes Jesus came to perfect the Law rather than to perfect people IN the Law.  The Law does not need perfecting.  To say it does means God is imperfect.  Worse, it means Jesus is better than God.  Jesus himself says that Jesus is only worthy of glory if he does what the father asks.  This does not mean random requests, or even the crucifixion.  It means that Jesus is only worthy of glory when Jesus follows the Law.  When Jesus follows the Law, He and the Father are one.  One mind, one action, one culture, one hegemony, one dominance.  No coexistence among differing cultures or laws.  No Samaritan dogs, no Gentiles.  There is neither Greek nor Jew under Christ… only the lawful.  One Law, one people.  In a word, fascism.

But GOOD fascism.  A strong hand keeps the community safe, clean, healthy.  A strong hand does not permit pagan ways or outside cultures to take over.  Perhaps there is a temporary tolerance for the stranger passing through, but there is no place, according to Law, for idolatry, polytheism, male homosexuality, and a myriad of other things.  So saith the Law.  So saith Jesus (Matthew 5:19, as always).

To therefore break God into three (or any number) is to imply that the parts are necessary.  They are not necessary.  God is the savior.  God is the spirit.  God is the maker of the law.  None may change Him, or change His Law.  He made no mistakes, and any perceived are the error or desires of the human mind and heart.  The changing of Law is the deference to paganism and wickedness, to perversion and evil.  Either this is true or it is not.  If you therefore say Jesus changed the Law, you say Jesus is a pagan, wicked, perverse or evil.  Is He?  How can He be?

Even the Christian doctrine says Jesus was perfect in the Law.  If so, how can He break any commandment or teach anyone to break any commandment?  He cannot.  How can He change the Law and say He is perfect in it?  He cannot.  Only the desires of pagans change God’s Law, and not through Jesus, but only through themselves.  Christ says, “Many will say they did many wonderful works in my name, but in the last days I will say I do not know them, and they shall be banished to outer darkness, with wailing and gnashing of teeth.”  What does this mean?  It means don’t change the Law, or else.

I pick on Christianity because it is the fiercest defender of the Bible, yet refuses to do what it says, or to follow Christ in His own lawfulness. Changing God to three parts is sort of a panacea for this ailment, as it humanizes God, softens Him to “understand” sin, and give a free ride just for acknowledging sin.  But God does not need to be humanized, we need to become godlier.  And God does not and will not bend to you, you must bend to Him.

Whoever today still believes there is a god for every natural event or human activity simply cannot bend to One God.  These people require differing gods to bicker so they may feel secure in the fallibility of their gods.  Such gods are not only fallible but also breakable.  Our One God is infallible and unbreakable, who does not bicker or wrestle with any other gods, who cannot be broken into parts or personalities, who cannot be burned as wood idols or broken like stone idols. 

God is one, indivisible.  Think about it.



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