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* Recording for Mar 22, 2015 * 

Isaiah 58:13-14

The true problem with mankind is that most people can’t admit when they’re wrong.

This affects politics greatly.  Promises made which can’t be kept.  Votes cast which must be justified.  Votes not cast which leads to militant apathy (“Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote!”).  Environmental agendas waylaid by facts but still defended on sheer chutzpah, mainly to save face, but also to gain power and wealth. 

The same applies to spirituality.  Though the Law of God is clear, people create their own versions of the Law to suit their fear of being wrong.  Christianity is the greatest offender, making Jesus Christ an enemy of the Law instead of its greated defender.  Jesus died for Torah, not for your mistakes.  He died for what’s RIGHT, not what’s WRONG.  Islam also has twisted Torah, calling it still Tawrot, and utilizing many principles therein, including kosher (halal), circumcision, tallith (fringes), and so forth, yet with no thought given that Moses received the Law some 2000 years before Mohammed walked the Earth.  Are the Jews blameless?  No, for if they were, Jews would not lean towards gentile assimilation or collectivism not of Torah.  But none can admit they are wrong.

And so we choose sides.  Rather than understand FACTS, and TRUTH, we choose sides out of emotions of fear, anger, and greed.  The FACT is that the Law precedes chronologically Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Machiavelli, the Constitution, the Magna Carta, the Greeks, the Romans, and about any other civilization you can name.

But the FACT is further that the Law existed before the Law was given to Moses.  For Noah was considered “good” by a measuring stick not yet on tablets.  The flood itself is our reminder that an entire civilization, if not world, can become so polluted in sin against God that He has no alternative but to burn out the foul and negative energy which seeps into the earth, the very atoms.

The TRUTH is that we cannot live without rules.  Even a man stranded alone must have rules of health, hunting food, thought process, and other forms of stability.  Because this is a FACT, it is also a fact that men who commune together, in villages and States and countries, must also have rules, for stability’s sake. 

The only question is, whose rules shall rule?  Who’s in charge?  What hegemony shall proliferate?

Come listen today to hear more about Torah hegemony.

* Recording for Mar 5, 2015 * 

Isaiah 58:7-12

Matthew 5:19: “Whoever does and teaches the least commandment shall be called greatest in heaven.” 

What is the “least commandment”?  Whichever one you THINK is least.  Say that refraining from pork is the least, or say that not wearing wool and linen together in one garment is least – whichever you THINK is the least, is the least to you.

Now, if you DO the least commandment, are you not putting aside your own opinions for the sake of obedience?  And if you put aside your own opinions for the sake of obedience, are you not humbling yourself to something greater than yourself?  If your desires of eating, wearing, shaving, working, praising, sacrificing, and so forth, take precedence and priority over any commandment of God, are you not creating a hierarchy of importance?  If you choose your own desire to each pork, are you not choosing your own desire over God’s commandment?

We cannot say that Jesus took away any such conflict, because He has already said that whoever teaches another to NOT do any least commandment, by example and education, is the LEAST in heaven (Matt. 5:19 also).  So then, whoever teaches that Jesus took away the necessity to do any least commandment, whether by example or education, is not only the least in heaven, but is also saying that JESUS is the least in heaven.  Is Jesus the least in heaven?  I think not.

Having therefore established that Jesus cannot be both the greatest in heaven AND someone who teaches another to break the least commandment, we must choose who Jesus is.  This we know by His actual words.  He SAID He did not come to destroy the law, not the least bit of the Law (not a jot or tittle), and He furthermore taught Law to His disciples, at the Temple, in the face of the Pharisees, and so on.  If Jesus did NOT teach the Law to these people, not only would He be a liar and hypocrite, but the apostles would have fled from Him, and the Pharisees would have had every right to jail or execute him.

But the apostles did NOT flee, and the Pharisees had to bring false witnesses to say that Jesus was a lawbreaker, and even then the false witnesses FAILED. 

But even without that evidence, the doctrine of Christianity, which says that Jesus had to be perfect in the Law in order for Him to be what Christianity says He is, puts forward a LAWFUL Jesus, in both example and education, else He would not have been “perfect in the Law.”

Christ did not say, “I am perfect in the Law so you don’t have to be.”  Christ said, “If you want eternal life, do the commandments.”  Christ said, “Whoever does the least commandment and teaches others to do so shall be called greatest in heaven, but whosoever does not do the least commandment and teaches others so shall be called the least in heaven.”  So it applies to everyone.

“Doing” is a work.  Works, therefore, have great impact on how heaven looks upon each person.  But we are all imperfect, and we both sin against the Law and fail to do it daily.  Are we doomed?  Of course not!  We can pray and repent every day.  In sincerity, we may renew our commitment to the Lord God and His Law by sincerely understanding and believing that we have transgressed something important, and seek to remedy it.  It’s not over until it’s over, and therefore we have a daily chance to be cleansed, healed, and forgiven.  And the Law provides the yearly Yom Kippur as well, when the High Priest washes clean the entire nation for its own, and for God’s name’s, sake.

“Teaching” refers to leadership.  Failure to teach is one problem, but to teach AGAINST is the worst of all.  Whoever does the commandments to the best of his or her ability, and teaches others to do so, is the greatest in heaven.  Whoever does the commandments to the best of his or her ability, but fails to teach, has a few issues with God.  Whoever does NOT do the commandments to the best of his or her ability, but teaches in favor of Torah, has some favor with God, though that person has a double standard or hypocrisy.  But whoever does NOT do the commandments to the best of his or her ability, AND teaches others to also not do, is the least in heaven.  That latter person is not only a sinner but also a blasphemer.

When Jesus said, “For I say unto you that unless your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of  heaven” the word “righteousness” does not mean an arrogant self-righteousness.  Why would Jesus or God want you to exceed THAT?  The word “righteousness” also does NOT mean your integrity, or your word, in what you do, for it is that we can have integrity, and keep our word, to do evil works, such as murder, rape, stealing, and crimes against God or society.  The word “righteousness” means LAWFULNESS.

The Pharisees were strict AND lawful, but they also exceeded Torah by placing heavy burdens upon the people.  And though Torah, as all law, authorizes the keepers of the law to make civil ordinances from Torah Law, the welfare of the people is paramount in order to keep the land sanctified.  Thus, these particular Pharisees and scribes had lowered their lawfulness by permitting such things as special favors, superior seating at the table and in the Temple, money-changing at the Temple, and other actions that were not necessarily against Torah but which anyway caused many to get close to, and finally go beyond, what is lawful. 

The Pharisees then attempted to police the people of the licentiousness which they themselves had permitted.  For example, when the adulteress was brought to Jesus, that in itself was not against Torah, but to expect Jesus to rule in judgment when He was not an authorized member of the Sanhedrin was akin to vigilantism, which is frowned upon, if not forbidden, by Torah.

Christian doctrine teaches that Jesus sought soft-hearted forgiveness for the sinner, but in fact Jesus causes these vigilantes to leave not in shame, but FEAR, in knowing that the next mob might take one of THEM, and the next unlawful judge who was not Jesus might actually hold kangaroo court in the streets!  Jesus told the adulteress, “Go and sin no more” which translates as “Go and be lawful.”  In fact, “go” COULD mean “get out of town before the vigilantes come back.”

Let’s be clear.  Jesus was Jewish.  When he said to follow and teach least commandments, He was certainly speaking of Torah commandments.  When He spoke to the Pharisees, it was not as an outsider to the religion, as a pagan with a bone to pick, but as a concerned member of the community with some fire in His belly, who spoke truth to power, and then His death.  Jesus basically died while PROTECTING Torah, and He died FOR Torah.  He did not die so that non-Jews, or Jews, who had no interest in performing the Law might walk about arrogantly, saying, “I’m not under the (oppressive) Law.”

These people Jesus would teach, “No, DO the Law.”  If that did not take root, He would “shake the dust from his sandals” and move on to the next necessary destination.

It is impossible that the Jewish Jesus had Jewish disciples who agreed with breaking the Law, or that any such sect would not be immediately, and RIGHTFULLY, extinguished.  It is impossible that such a heretic could be called “perfect in the Law.”  No, Jesus WAS perfect in the Law, as much as we can comprehend that, and the reason He was perfect in the Law was NOT to “get it done already” so that you might evolve your own law from bits of Torah, Buddhism, Native American animism, your common sense, your compassion, and your experience.  That is NOT what Jesus taught, even if some of those elements themselves are Torah-related, if not Torah-originated.

Come join us today to hear more on this and other great subjects!

* Recording for Feb 23, 2015 * 

Isaiah 58:1-6

Why are we destructive?  Why are we so willing to destroy what we built?  It is not truly to turn back the clock on guilt, or the tide on oppression.  These things cannot be turned back.  What’s done is done.  Destroying the fabric of society does not change history, it only undoes the future.

The changing tide of civilizational hold over the temper of the world is nothing new.  The Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Mongols, and others have all had their day.  But today is different.  We live in the most technologically-freeing time that ever was.  We have access to more information, wise and foolish, than can ever be digested or sorted.  Do we propose to send ourselves back to the days of sewage in the streets, rats in the bedroom, and the dead collected in carts? 

And why are we on this brink?  Laziness in our luxuriant stupor?  Fear of losing whatever small modicum of security we have?  Apathy in mistrust of everyone?  Or do some feel that “it’s just time” to let someone else rule over the natural resources and nuclear weapons?  But why change?  Will changing the guard solve anything.  “Meet the new boss.. same as the old boss.”  Who should be in charge?

These questions also plagued in the time of Isaiah.  When the Jews were living in relative safety and prosperity, they did not recognize God in the same way.  In today’s lesson, we learn that the Yom Kippur, the holiest day, and the day of great atonement, was looked upon as a chore, or a way to gloat over one’s own fasting, as a sport perhaps. 

When we get down to it, God asks for so little.  A little obedience here, a little repentance there.  Don’t eat this food, don’t wear this piece of clothing.  Don’t commit adultery.  When the Temple is standing, follow the rules of the Temple.  And in return He promises us everything.

But for a trinket, and a little peace and quiet, we sell God, His blessings, the Law of civilization, and our own soul, down the river.  We make pacts with Canaanites so they won’t kill us.  We appease the homosexual so that we no longer live in the “Dark Ages,” but are “progressive” and “with it.”  We put up with the corruption of the Temple, the church, and also our government, just because we’re “too busy” or “can’t fight city hall.”

But we have the energy and wherewithal to fight the “city hall” of God, don’t we?

Join us today for more examination of this sad yet stimulating subject matter.

* Recording for Feb 14, 2015 * 

Isaiah 57:15-21

What is the purpose of chaos?  Who wants it, and why?

We know there is a plan to cause chaos, and ultimately it comes from Satan.  The need to see man’s handiwork destroyed, and God’s praise withheld is the highest aim of the devil.  And there is no shortage of people who are enthusiastic to see this goal achieved.  The savages, the corrupted, the hedonists, the collectivists, and the criminals all have a vested interest in chaos. 

For the savage, it means the right to pillage, even kill.  For the corrupt, it is the right to rule over law, and to have the power over life and death.  For the hedonist, it is the rule over the body, in eating, sexual pleasure, and skin manipulation which is against God’s Law.  For the collectivist, it is to force that which is repellant to men to be embraced by men, as slaves.  And for the criminal, it is to work the system for simple lucre.

But what is the outcome for chaos?  There must, after all, be order, unity, hegemony.  Who will be in charge?  Therefore, when we come to the end of this road, and ask this important question, it must be apparent that if evil triumphs, evil cannot become good.  Savagery will not become peacefulness, corruption will not become humility, hedonism will not become propriety, collectivism will not respect the individual, and crime will not become lawfulness. 

What then do the followers, never mind the leaders, of chaos hope to achieve??

Listen today to a good discussion that reaches deep into this topic.  You won’t be disappointed.

 * Recording for Jan 21, 2015 * 

Isaiah 57:1-14

The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart…

But you--come here, you children of a sorceress, you offspring of adulterers and prostitutes!

Who are you mocking? At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue?

Whom have you so dreaded and feared that you have not been true to me, and have neither remembered me nor taken this to heart?

When you cry out for help, let your collection of idols save you!

* Recording for Jan 15, 2015 * 

Isaiah 56:9-12

Who is to blame for our lousy situation?  Is it our desires?  Is it our savagery?  Or are there greater factions of corruption and collectivism which hope to harness our labor for their own greed?  And if so, what can we do about it?  What does GOD want us to do about it?  Another Torah lesson at the University of Truth!

* Recording for Dec 15, 2014 * 

Isaiah 56:1-8

Wherein we find out exactly how the Gentiles receive a covenant, and a great name.  Come hear all concerning Jesus the Sponsor!

* Recording for Dec 11, 2014 * 

Isaiah 55:9-13

God’s Grace brings personal peace.. but that doesn’t help a society to be peaceful.. unless Grace leads one to a common purpose under God.. and that is the Law of God.

There is no common purpose under God for those without the Law.  All those without Law and under God are for their own agendas, whether those agendas cross-connect with Law or not.  “Love” as an agenda has no common purpose unless there is Law to explain that agenda.  Otherwise, a Law will be made for those without Law who still seek Law.  Philosophers, pulpits, and compassion become the Law to those who seek Law, but not the true Law.

When there is Law, there are only a few choices: (1) statism, that is, collectivism, (2) corruption under a republic or democracy, (3) savagery of the jungle, bleeding into anarchy, or on the edge of libertine freedom, which leads to (4) hedonism, libertarianism without the Law.  Crime ensues, disintegration of morality is a given.

Statism is against the Law of God because it is against God.  Corruption cites the Law but hypocritically flouts it.  Savagery makes God as blood without mercy.  Hedonism is by definition against the Law of God because it is for the whims of men.

But if the Law of God is applied, one may have a republic, a democracy, a theocracy of collectivism, which does not transverse into savagery or hedonism not of the Law.

The question is, Why does man choose the more difficult, even impossible, road without the Law of God.  The answer is, Men operate on principles of existentialism with as few boundaries as possible.  Some call this libertarianism, and some even practice a true libertarianism which respects the rights of men AND Law, but mainly this is hedonism. 

Come listen today and hear more on these words.

* Recording for Dec 1, 2014 * 

Isaiah 55:1-8

What is the antidote for lawlessness?  Exertion of Law.  What is the antidote for savagery?  Lawful exertion of peace through lawful police strength?  What is the antidote for corruption in the police and in government?  Expectation of lawful means by those who rule and who are trained in force.

But when Law is neither expected nor exerted, everyone runs wild.  Savages take to the street, burning, molesting, trespassing, harassing.  Police take liberties not granted by law, expecting to be sheltered for their sacrifice of time in protecting society from savages.  Government exploits all situation for monetary and power benefits.

Plato knew that only a benevolent dictator, a type of good fascist, might be counted upon to make things right.  Yet, that fascist must also rule by underlying law.  Ideally, by preexisting law, not by executive privilege.  The BEST of such is Torah, which is ancient, of the chosen people, able to be properly translated, not savage but only firm, not in the corner of the rich or the poor, open to outsiders who abide.

Come with us today and learn more about what it means to have LAW in society, and STILL have love.

* Recording for Nov 30, 2014 * 

Isaiah 54:15-17

Why does Christianity deny that Jesus loved Torah and taught Torah?  Jesus said, “Whoever shall do the least commandment, and shall teach others to do so, shall be called greatest in heaven.  But whoever shall break the least commandment, and teach others so, shall be called least in heaven” (Matt 5:19).  Christians wiggle and worm here.  They say, “Jesus was talking about the Beatitudes which come before.”  Really?  Those Beatitudes are not even commandments, but more like Proverbs, saying who is blessed.  Even if these Beatitudes ARE commandments, Jesus, a Jew, hasn’t any business, or right, to change any commandment of God.  And verily, he says, “I did not come to destroy the Law, not a jot or tittle.  I came not to destroy but to DO (fulfill).” 

But even here, the Christians wrestle.  They say, “The only Law is the Law of Love!”  Really?  Which then is the “least” commandment of which Jesus speaks?  We know the “greatest” commandments have to do with love – Love the Lord your God with your heart, might, and soul – Love your neighbor as yourself (both of which, by the way, are directly from Torah).  But which are the “least” commandments?  Why, whichever you THINK is least!  What does this mean?  It means that if you sneer at a particular commandment, snub your nose at it, refute it – it is least to you.  But if you, thinking such commandment least, still perform it, AND teach others to perform it, you are the greatest, as far as God is concerned.  Why?

Because you put yourself aside for God!  You were humble!  You taught the Law!

As the Psalm (32) teaches, to get close to God, we must humble ourselves by admitting our transgressions against the Law of God.  Otherwise, God only hears our arrogant gums flapping.

In today’s lesson, we explore more about these things.

* Recording for Nov 19, 2014 * 


Much has been made of Jonathan Gruber’s comments regarding how Obamacare was sold, peddled, soft-soaped, and thrust on the people in a deceitful manner.  In every regard, Gruber (who does not deserve the title “Mr.”) should be whipped in the public square.  First, for being a conniver, fraud, and liar.  But this is common, and his punishment here ought to be moderate.  Second, for helping to destroy the known system of healthcare access, delivery, and/or repayment which most people either liked or with which they had comfort.  But in this he was not alone, and there is policy to confront.  Third, for his brazenness in telling everyone who would listen, before, during, and after Obamacare passed, that such laws can only pass with the help of a sleeping public, sheeple, stupid people, ignorant and dumb.  Here, he crosses a line of moral inappropriateness and social calamity.  For it is a short leap from being able to confess fraud without punishment to confessing murder without punishment.  Yes, a very short step indeed.

But worse than Gruber is Nancy Pelosi, who spoke highly of him in years past, then feigned ignorance of him this past week.  This woman is more responsible for the high crimes committed by Congress than is Gruber, and she ought to be punished accordingly.  It’s more than just acting as if Gruber were a stranger to her.  It’s telling the American people continuously, “You can keep your doctor” and “you can keep your policy” and “you have to pass it to see what’s in it (because obviously you will like what’s in it).”  For each lie, deliberate or otherwise, there should be public lashes.  For each deliberate lie, there should be prison also.

Pelosi is not alone.  She is flanked by Stenny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, Chris Van Hollen, Harry Reid, and of course Baraq Obama.  These and a host of others should be hanged by their thumbs until red.  Their gall knows no bounds, their lies are without borders, and the damage they do to the psyche and morale of a country already in turmoil, nearly in civil war, is unforgivable.  Oh, I’m not forgetting the actual lies they spilled, in print, on film, in the law itself!  I’m not giving a pass for the illegal waivers Obama permitted, to which lawlessness Congress looked the other way.  I’m not overlooking the many changes in the actual law which were taken without authority in order to make it conform to simpleton standard.  I just think it’s more reprehensible to trick a stupid populace.

Yes, let’s be clear and honest.  Most people in the world are stupid.  They are not capable to discuss public policy without wincing, stuttering, surrendering, getting angry, or yawning.  By “stupid” I mean unwilling, not unable.  And this is what Gruber meant also.  Gruber’s statement, that Obamacare was sold to a stupid public, doesn’t imply that you can’t understand it once it’s applied, but that you either can’t or won’t engage in a meaningful discussion beforehand.  Gruber is saying that your hand must be forced, that YOU must be forced, to confront inequities in the healthcare system.  But understand this…

The inequities Gruber is talking about are the ones he and his fellow MIT yahoos THINK are most important.  If that means your deductibles go up, be damned!  If that means your rates go up, don’t care!  If that means you lose your doctor, oh well!  Gruber believes that Gruber is the savior.  Gruber believes that whatever Gruber does, irrespective of consequences, it’s good.   And if it’s not good, it WILL be good.  And if it’s still not good, it’s YOUR fault for not liking it, not implementing it, not giving it a chance, etc.

And here’s the hard truth – Gruber is right about one thing – that, for the most part, nobody wants to discuss healthcare, healthcare reform, or anything to do with entitlements, because in politics it’s the “third rail” and in the community it’s like politics and religion to most people: somewhat boring, infuriating when discussed, unfixable.

So we are now in Gruber-land, where if the public desires not to discuss a subject, or is otherwise satisfied with the status quo, a team of “experts” will be tasked by the government, at taxpayer expense, to design a system which suits the experts and government, but not necessarily the public.  The excuse will be that the public had its chance and blew it, now it will be “fixed” by whichever party holds the power. 

This is the same template now being used for immigration, that the people, not wanting blanket amnesty, are stupid, and that the Republicans had their chance.  Therefore, the Democrats will ram through whichever irreversible damage suits them, whether that means not prosecuting illegals, permitting illegal immigrants to march in the street unmolested, or even giving children of illegal immigrants a break.  It doesn’t matter whether John Q. Public is for it – that is just leverage to get the next step of the ladder down, to move the Overton Window of plausibility and tolerance for lawlessness.

Meanwhile, Ferguson looms, ISIS grows, the national debt mushrooms. 

And the public?  It yawns.  Oh, in between yawns, it makes a noise like outrage, but then back to shopping, eating, television, and other distractions.  Are we stupid?  Perhaps not.  But we sure are spoiled to think that no matter what anyone does, or which law is passed in what way, our lives will not be negatively impacted to any severity, but will remain just as it was, or will even get better.  Is that stupid?  Or is that just normal human hopefulness which evil people use to their advantage?

* Recording for Nov 18, 2014 * 

Isaiah 54:9-14

Come hear Torah!

* Recording for Oct 21, 2014 * 

Isaiah 54:6-8


Of the Five Evils, I think Corruption to be the worst.


Hedonism is a pestilence but it is unorganized, except by the corrupt.  Crime is organized but does not provide enough to be condoned.  Savagery is murderous but, when not controlled by Corruption, can be snuffed out without public outcry.  Statism is all-encompassing, but there is the Platonic “benevolent dictator” who can make the Statism of lawfulness, and with Torah can make the Statism of God.  But Corruption is the domain of those who purely want death and/or slavery.


Corruption is, in modern lay-language, the New World Order.  Or, as we like to say here at University of Truth, the OLD World Order, for Corruption is not new at all, but is very old.  The idea that it is “new” at all comes from the mouth of corruption, to apply the veneer of modernism or progress, as if something hopeful is around the corner.  But the Old World Order is not corrupt for using language loosely, but for what it ultimately desires, which is the enslavement and/or extermination of mankind.


Now, you might ask, and rightly so, what does Corruption, or the New (Old) World Order, gain by exterminating mankind?  Don’t they need our numbers to farm, to perform labor of building and repairing, to transport?  Don’t they need our varieties to devise new and better ways to live and do things?  Yes and no.  Before the technology of the transistor, men were necessary at all times.  Since then (ca 1947), men have become increasingly obsolete.  It’s not so much mechanization, or automation, or even Marx’s alienation of the proletariat.  It’s not the labor-saving which threatens man.  No, it is the machinery, the technology, itself.


Many have made similar statements.  Some have adopted the RFID chip as mankind’s final falling card.  Others think the “rise of the machines” a la Terminator is the end.  I cannot say that I disagree.  The MEANS to our end can certainly come by implanted chip, whether we such chip voluntarily (implanted cell phone being an obvious choice here) or it is forced upon us (let us say via vaccine, for example).  The MEANS to our end can certainly come by way of robotic army, as is being manufactured at this moment, or by drones, or any combination of emotionless soldier or unmanned weapon.


In actuality, the technology itself is not the issue, for it is that robots and drones, IN THE RIGHT HANDS, are useful for many things, including security, agriculture, and building.  But such technology in the WRONG hands is, of course, a disaster.  If such wrong hands are incompetent, we will needlessly suffer.  If such wrong hands are CORRUPT, we are destined to either be slaves or dead.


So, here are the questions we must ask to discover how ripe we are for slavery or death.  (1) Are humans corrupt enough to use technology for enslaving or for genocide?  Yes.

(2) Has Corruption ever attempted to enslave the entire world?  Yes.

(3) Are there cadres of corrupt humans who believe in eugenics and depopulation?  Yes.

(4) Is Corruption organized enough to mastermind worldwide enslavement or genocide?  Maybe!

(5) Is the technology advanced enough to carry out such a master plan of Corruption?  Maybe!

Thus, knowing that humans can be THAT CORRUPT, and that many bids for world domination have occurred throughout history, and that the self-appointed elite of this world hold views regarding complete domination of mankind’s decision-making, the only questions remaining are whether the technology is secured, and the organization wide enough, to make the goals of the corrupt accessible and achievable.


Let’s say for the moment that the technology is in place.  I think we can agree that the civilized nations have placed their trust in the combustion engine, refrigeration, the computer, the GPS, and the cell phone.  And that the military of Corruption, the New (Old) World Order, is mightily equipped with worldwide spying technology, kill switches, smart bullets, nano-robotics, mosquito drones, and not to mention good old-fashioned nuclear weaponry.  In every case, then, except for the intervention of God, or conscience, Corruption can almost immediately shut down our technology while keeping their own working perfectly, placing all non-aligned people at an immediate disadvantage.


Add to this the wide array of super-viruses, chemical weapons, and targeted bombs, whether conventional, dirty, or neutron, and humanity has no chance to mobilize against a motivated and focused Corruption.


If all of this is true, our only hope is a schism at the top.  Where Corruption meets, we must pray that Corruption dissents with itself.  We must pray that there is more than one goal of Corruption.  We must hope and pray that, within the inner chambers of Corruption, there are those who do not want to exterminate mankind but would rather only keep them enslaved.  In other words, we must hope and pray that the elite are split between Deathers and Slavers.


We must hope and pray that the Slavers have made a valid enough argument for our continuation, or that the Slavers hold the upper hand.  We must count on the last vestige of humanity in the soul of the Corrupt which has pity upon our smallness, and realizes our value, even our hidden value.  We must hope and pray that the Slavers are strong enough to keep the Deathers from using the technology available against humanity.  We must hope and pray that we have such an advocate for men, and proponent for Life.


And even among the Slavers, we must hope and pray for a benign slavery, as we are used to.  That we should be allowed to continue in luxury, privilege, and bounty, even if unequal among us.  We must hope and pray that within the Slaver influence there is a champion for freedom of expression and economics, which believes that men are enslaved best when they believe they are not enslaved at all.  And we must hope and pray that the Slavers who would make us all farmhands and prostitutes (think Agenda 21) are outnumbered, outflanked, outranked, or just plain outvoted by the Slavers who would permit us our liberty.


For it is that the Constitution of the United States is not the norm, but the anomaly.  And it is this document, among all man-made documents, which best tells the story of man’s liberty.  But this Constitution was not only opposed by the New (Old) World Order of its time (George III, et al) but also by the Slavers who desired George Washington to be a king, and for the United States to have a central banking system.  So you see, even in America, the freest nation that ever was, the seeds of Corruption were sown early. 


In America, we have been living in a poor-man’s paradise for some time.  Oh, perhaps the minority populations can cry foul, but even these, for the most part, have enjoyed the liberty and libertine pleasures of the United States of America.  And for this reason, the “oppressed” do not leave America, and the oppressed of many nations still clamor for entry.


But this freedom that we hold dear, this lap of luxury which we take for granted, is not a thing that exists without help.  For it is that, from the beginning even until today, there are the elite who would rather we did not have such freedom and luxury, and there are the elite who would rather we do not exist at all. 


And it does not matter that these latter elite see our collective excess as debauchery, or as wasting resources, or see our collective stupidity as a blight.  They cannot be turned from the idea that the world would be a better place without our eating, drinking, smoking, entertainment, politics, religion, and, yes, our very breathing, which adds only carbon to the atmosphere and not one iota difference to evolution.  Or so these elite believe.


And therefore we are either at the mercy of these Deathers, those elite who desire our collective death, or we are at the mercy of Slavers, those elite who desire our collective harnessing, as pack horses, for the good.  I grant that the choice we have is barren, harsh, and hard to swallow, but I submit that we are subject to the whims of these two factions at all times.


Where are we now?  Who’s in charge, Deathers or Slavers?  It’s difficult to say.  The importation of Ebola into America at this time, and the proliferation of terrorism, all points to Deathers.  But the continuous action of certain political groups on behalf of humanity’s freedom points to a strong Slaver contingent.  Are we at the mercy of the eugenicists now, or we still under protection of the pseudo-libertarians who permit certain rights at certain times?  Shall we view the worldwide Hedonism movement as an exertion of liberty within the pouch of Slaver, or is Hedonism the door of the Deather, who desires abortion, assisted suicide, and other death-oriented “freedoms”? 


One thing is certain: only God can rescue us now.  And God can only rescue us if certain of the elite come to their senses.  And the elite can only come to their senses when they stand down from their arrogance, from playing God.  And this will only happen when they accept a Law greater than themselves.  And this shall happen only when the Law becomes law for the greater part of the population.  And this will only happen under Torah. 


While it is not a foregone conclusion that we may be saved through Torah, it is a foregone conclusion that we will perish without Torah.  The Law cannot be ignored without consequences.  But whether the elite would destroy us if we all accepted Torah, that is a different dilemma, but we should rather be willing to die for Torah than to die for Hedonism, Crime, Savagery, Statism, or Corruption.

* Recording for Oct 15, 2014 * 

Isaiah 54:3-5


And so we have arrived.  Five Evils at top speed careen forward. 

CORRUPTION continues its spread among the human condition, from the most powerful men in the world to the least powerful.  The willingness to despoil has always been, but now it is on the grandest scale.  Those who were willing to steal are now willing to commit mass murder for it, or to remove wealth for good, returning civilization to a medieval state of complete dependency.  It’s not only that the rich grow richer, or that government continues to collude with corporation.  It’s also that The Mark is being taken by many more every day.  Good people are turning from goodness in order to keep buying and selling.  They ignore corruption, so it grows.  The elected are corrupt, but the voters keep reelecting them.  There is no outcry for impeachment, no uprising of any magnitude.  The sheep sleep, corrupted by the fake money and real luxuries. 

SAVAGERY continues its spread also.  The Islamist becomes bolder, beheading, annexing.  No mercy shall be gathered there, and it shall spread until they win or Torah wins.  Savagery emboldens savagery.  In the civilized nations, radicalism grows daily.  Not protests against injustice, but violence in the name of manufactured crises.  Marches with Molotov cocktails in the name of slain hoodlums.  In the name of unlived slavery, Twitter mobs enter stores to cause damage and harm.  People are knocked out at bus stations because savage youth is bored.  Fight clubs exist in formerly genteel communities.  Road rage grows because driving is more aggressive, and driving is more aggressive because city planners nearly desire savagery.  Bureaucrats of untold corruption manipulate society to their whim, either not understanding or not caring about human reaction. 

STATISM continues to spread also.  The old guard, Russia, is on track to dominate through ideology once again.  The new guard, China, has already dominated through capitalist expansion, but we know their ultimate plan is to pull out the rug from under.  Communism is a ruse meant to exploit the idealism of youth and the emotions of the weak-minded.  It is power coalescing from fear.  Likewise, the caliphate is at least a concept that has captured the imagination of Muslims and jihadists everywhere, including among disgruntled Christians and frightened atheists.  Sharia is not for humanity, but is slavery to power, under fear of the scimitar.  Naturally, only the statism of Torah is permissible under God, being the first Law, and indisputably the root of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  But the ambitions of men have diluted, tortured, and perverted Torah so that Judaism is too weak and assimilative, Christianity is too arrogant and dismissive, and Islam is likewise arrogant in its implementation.  Savagery and corruption cannot uphold statism.  

CRIME continues to spread also.  The crimes of corruption, savagery, and statism are many, but there is also a growing mindset to join power.  If not geopolitical power, many fatherless boys join gangs and cartels, eager for a little cash, and fun in exploitation.  It matters not anymore for conscience.  Sex slavery, drug mule, kidnapping – this and more has no effect on their heart.  And, as always, mafias control several key industries, and power in government.  HEDONISM continues to spread also.  The culture of death expands daily.  People enjoy not only their slow death in opiates, alcohol, and pills, but also their quick death in supporting assisted suicide, unnecessary wars, and open borders which are invitations for terrorists, criminals, and diseases.  They smoke their herbs and sniff their aerosols while the other evils run rampant over them.  They abort, then deny the life they snuffed for their own life.  They don’t care that Monsanto admits to stealing land by permitting their trespassing seed to blow onto unsuspecting farms, or that the food grown from these seeds can transmute the body.  They desire the transmutation from human to the unknown species which requires the altered food, water, air, light, and other things the elite demand be changed.  The human thus transmuted desires not Law, that bonding of society through mutual assent of boundaries, but every form of taboo.  They desire unnatural sex, unnatural bodies, and the permission to be wicked.  The strictness of religion is, to them, bad, but radical paganism and open witchery to them is, if not good, at least not wrong. 

THE SOLUTION, TORAH, is ignored.  While Christians believe that the world hates Jesus Christ, the truth is the world hates Torah, the Law of God, which Jesus taught and lived.  The homosexuals have no choice but to hate Torah, or to destroy the passages they hate, thus mutilating the law.  The criminals have no choice but to hate the Law.  Statists must oppose the Law of God in order to establish themselves as the lawgivers, as God.  Savagery opposes Torah, the Law, because it reins in their murder and anarchy.  Corruption must oppose Torah because it puts an end to injustice, unequal weights and measures, and other forms of slavery used against the people.  The poor and weak do not realize that Torah is their salvation, for it compels the strong to act in ways that benefit all. 

CHRISTIANS MUST ACCEPT TORAH if this world is to be saved.  There are not enough Jews, and certainly not enough Torah Jews, to make the difference.  Only 2 billion Christians exerting the Law of God can reverse the complete takeover of the Beast.  Acceptance of Jesus is a good start, and helps you to find your own salvation, but it does not save the world.  It is a shame that, from the start, Christians have been taught to avoid anything Jewish, as if Torah is harmful.  If Torah is harmful, why did Jesus perform it completely?  If Torah is harmful, why did Jesus say, “Whoever teaches the least commandment shall be called greatest in heaven”?  Christians who fight against Torah are mainly hedonists who fear giving up certain pleasures of food and relationship, hedonists who fight against Torah because they believe their freedom is more important than society, more important than the Word of God.  Their idea of Jesus is someone who saves them from Torah, when in fact Jesus is someone who saves from sin, and sin is the breaking of Torah commandments, which is why the church teaches we are all sinners who cannot keep the whole Law.  While that is true, it is not an excuse to give up trying, especially since Jesus was no example of such surrender, but completely lawful in Torah, for the doctrine says he was sinless.  If Jesus had the attitude of today’s Christian, he would have done as he pleased, teaching sin.  In such case, he would not be worthy of praise, and the Pharisees wouldn't have needed any false witnesses against him. 

BUT ENOUGH PREACHING!  The necessity of the world at this time is the perfection of Torah, God’s Law, the Law which Christ believed and lived.  It is evident, and the time is come to bring that hegemony and kingdom to this planet.

* Recording for Sep 23, 2014 * 

Isaiah 53:10-54:2


As you know, I am in favor of a Torah Nation and world.  As you also may know, I believe there are Five Evils to confront at all times, and that we are now in a state of the world which is in crisis on all five fronts at once.

Let's look at this week's Five Evils Report:

1) SAVAGERY.  By savagery, we mean a propensity to commit violence and murder in a barbaric fashion, with a purpose of domination.  While savagery can also be applied to other evils, there is a barbarism which seems endemic to a people, almost genetic. As usual, the Muslims are at the top of the heap here.  And for those who cry out that there are moderate Muslims, where are they?  Their silence is a tacit agreement to the Caliphate that looms over all of us.  If it were just a few thousand Muslims, we could live with their craziness and eradicate them swiftly.  But if even 10% of Muslims are barbaric, that's 150 million savages.  

The big news this week is that the United States has begun bombing Syria, in accordance with the John McCain Doctrine to bomb anything that moves.  Many applauded the arbitrary military activity, saying that it’s about time our President teed off on something other than the 13th hole.  Liberals everywhere were astonished at how fast they made their transition from anti-war to completely bloodthirsty.  ISIS vowed to make a full-length movie recording the marginal attack, but they were outbid by Steven Spielberg, who needed the special effects for his next Star Wars incursion.

More importantly, the strafing of Syria deflected attention from the fact that thousands of American soldiers were heading to Liberia in order to contract.. er, fight.. Ebola.  It is reported that Ebola, miffed by being dissed in the press this week, will go on its own airborne strike.

None of this changed anything.  Saudi Arabia will still run OPEC.  Dubai will still be a haven for the naïve wealthy who believe their magic carpet won’t be pulled out from under.  Gaza will still be a breeding ground for the next generation of terrorists.  The Caliphate is still on the agenda, only the Board of Directors is still shrouded in mystery… or secrecy.

Antisemitism continued this week, with some pushback from pushy Jews, who were instantly vilified as TEA Party members.  Dossiers available in the lobby. 

Slaughter of Christians in the Middle East dissipated somewhat this week, but only because they were officially placed on the endangered species list.  Complaints regarding this remark may be sent to John Kerry.

2) STATISM.  The big bear continued its push for Lebensraum, carrying out its demiurge to recreate the Tsarist state.  Ukrainians, seeing American jets heading towards Syria, yelled up, “Hey! Over here!”  Ukraine, in order to get proper attention, is now planning its own Caliphate.

Communists descended on New York and other cities this week to protest climate change.  To appease, the government will remove all references to seasonal and tidal shifts.  “Tens of thousands” attended these “rallies” for “action.”  The media was on hand to exaggerate this huge event.  Millions of people who don’t want any such action were not quoted by the media, mainly due to laziness, caused by cowardice, invoked by the church, under strict orders.  Plans to hose down the pseudo-hippies with honey and release the fire ants were foiled by the FDA, who confiscated the raw honey as dangerous.

 Fast food workers ended their strikes with a whimper when it was discovered that unemployed MBA’s were lining up for their $15 per hour jobs.

And Obamacare went on a rampage this week, destroying billions of dollars in pension funds, an unintended consequence.  When interviewed, Obamacare called the charges bogus and racist.

3) CORRUPTION.  Leon Pannetta made a surprise visit to 60 Minutes this week to let us know that when US troops finally pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan he was not confident that peace and order would be maintained.  Previous testimony he gave in 2011, in which he said just the opposite, was immediately scrubbed from the Internet, and all persons involved sent for reeducation.

Benghazi made the news this week, as Muslims finally said NO to terrorism in that city.  The State Department immediately hailed this great victory for its public relations.  When questioned regarding whether it’s too little too late, one spokesman screamed at the top of her lungs, “What difference does it make!?” 

The Federal Reserve is set to be audited.  On hearing this news, three hard drives immediately crashed.  The noise could not be heard over the sound of printing.

4) CRIME.  Mexican cartels threatened to execute a number of American patriot groups who planned to monitor and perhaps even block up ports of entry from Mexico into the United States.  A letter of apology was immediately delivered to Los Zetas. 

Turning to weather, heavy cowers are expected throughout the nation. 

5) HEDONISM.  A news reporter quit her job on-air, saying she was a hypocrite for running an anti-marijuana story while at the same time heading up a pro-pot organization.  Supporters exhaled a sigh of relief. 

Homosexuals were enraged this week to find their fab-ness stolen by Gallo Nero, who stole their thunder by advertising “straight” ice cream.  Flavor of the week was “ingratitude for helping you stem AIDS epidemic so you might continue having unnatural and immoral sex.”  Mayor Debasio is set to lead a march against this “blow to humanity.”

Atheism made news by opening a foxhole factory.  Critics who claimed that such foxholes are invisible and therefore don’t exist were ridiculed.

That's it for now.  Goodnight and have a Torah week.

* Recording for Sep 17, 2014 * 

Isaiah 53:6-9


As you know, I am in favor of a Torah Nation and world.  As you also may know, I believe there are Five Evils to confront at all times, and that we are now in a state of the world which is in crisis on all five fronts at once.

Let's look at this week's Five Evils Report:

1) SAVAGERY.  By savagery, we mean a propensity to commit violence and murder in a barbaric fashion, with a purpose of domination.  While savagery can also be applied to other evils, there is a barbarism which seems endemic to a people, almost genetic. As usual, the Muslims are at the top of the heap here.  And for those who cry out that there are moderate Muslims, where are they?  Their silence is a tacit agreement to the Caliphate that looms over all of us.  If it were just a few thousand Muslims, we could live with their craziness and eradicate them swiftly.  But if even 10% of Muslims are barbaric, that's 150 million savages.  We have seen this past week more beheadings, more destruction of property, more threats, more declarations of war.  In the past couple of weeks, missing planes in the Libyan Embassy, slaughter of Christians over a wide swath of the Mid-East, and their counterparts in England, Belgium, and elsewhere inciting antisemitism.  There is the case of the New Jersey boy, a Christian, butchered for no reason than simply being.  There are banners hanging, and messages left on street corners, in America, saying that another 9-11 is coming.  There are ISIS uniforms being worn in America.  There are women joining jihad from Minnesota, home of Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison.  In Africa, Boko haram continues unabated.  And Farrakhan is still at it, ginning up the masses of his own. 

NOW, what are you going to do about it?   The time for beatdowns is long overdue.  That's a good start.  I'm not interested in debating the lawfulness of citizens keeping the peace for the police, or providing for the true hegemony of Judeo-Christian culture, in America.  Savages do not respond to civility or reason.

We also seem to have a problem with black youth.  Riots in cities over things which happened far away.  Flash mobs looting in malls.  Knockout violence of random nature.  Once again, I cannot debate with you whether protecting yourself is lawful, biblical, or racist.  You'll just have to hit hard now and go to therapy later.

2) STATISM.  Putin is making tremendous inroads into Ukraine, and into the hearts of the youth.  Putin seems like a cuddly bear, doesn't he?  That's sad.  Putin made it clear that we don't have his blessing to go into Syria.  And Obama is using that "flexibility" to consort with Putin on World War 3.  Meanwhile, Red China, where we buy our clothes, rattled their swords against America as well last week.  Not really a new development.  Even the lowly Cuban reds have gotten in on threatening America.  Terrifyingly, the younger generation, having been taught that McCarthyism is bad, have rallied to calling "conspiracy theorist" against anyone who suggests communism is alive.  Good job, communists! 

Common Core met a small defeat last week, but it's not dead.  The only thing that can kill it is a benevolent dictator.  I am open for business in that regard.  The education system continues to pump out brainwashed pansies who think girls are demigods but boys are animals, that homosexual is cool but being normal is not. 

Meanwhile, Deblasio, the mayor of New York, can't get a security clearance.  That should work out well in case of terrorism, planned or otherwise.  Bill Ayers continues to run free.  The walrus Trumpka continues to incite the fast food workers out of their jobs, for obvious reasons, to stir and cultivate anger.

And Obamacare, meeting a defeat in the courts, has decided the courts are wrong and to go on with redistributing wealth anyway. 

3) CORRUPTION.  The New World Order integrated its factions this week, promenading Hillary Clinton around Iowa to draw attention away from Obama golfing, which draws away attention from the fact that America funds ISIS, which draws away attention from the border, which draws away attention from Ebola, which draws away attention from Benghazi, which draws away attention from Fast and Furious, which itself was a diversion.

The Fed continued to pump out the fake money unabated, even as tax receipts reached a new high, causing some to ask, "If you're gonna print, why do you need my taxes?"  This drew an immediate SWAT response.  Four dead, including a dog.

Syria was on the list of targets that Obama said he will "hit" in order to teach ISIS to obey.  But Mecca remained off the target list.

Glenn Beck continued his tirade against anyone who disagrees with him, and feigned more ignorance who Alex Jones is or what Building 7 might be.  9/11 came and went without a victory in hand again.  And the TSA, NSA, and DHS felt up and spied upon a record number of travelers who enjoy being slaves.

4) CRIME.  The topper of the list this week was learning that the Mexican cartels are not only running sex slave rings and drug mules into America, and not only dropping illegals into every possible spot, but are also inserting terrorists over the border.  Why not?  Our border guards do nothing anyway.  And before you criticize the criticism, aim your gun over that way. 

Mafia topped the charts again this week on IMDB, and glorifying crime and the thug culture hit new heights when a rap party turned into a shoot-em-up and TMZ was there to film the whole thing, for your pleasure.  Exposure of entertainers as former pimps, drug lords, and even murderers failed to dent the charts.

Chicago was the scene for many more bloody drive-bys.  Rahm Emanuel was unavailable for comment or funeral processions.   

5) HEDONISM.  Marijuana made a name again for itself by failing to produce enough tax revenue to justify its legalization.  When questioned, nobody cared.  More transportation wrecks are noted due to pot use, but these were overshadowed by increased alcohol-related accidents by drunk illegals. 

Ray Rice made the news for hitting his wife, proving that Americans can really get behind something very trivial when they put their mind to it.  Female Ravens fans jeered Rice by wearing his jersey for Monday Night Football.  ESPN publicly apologized for these women, but those sportcasters were immediately dismissed for being insensitive.

More abortions were performed than ever before last week, but experts are sure these will decrease with the rise in homosexuality.

Tattoos continue to mark up bodies everywhere in celebration of "Drunk Night Out" Day.  Bacon was the #1 tattoo of the week.  If that offends you, you need sensitivity training.

That's it for now.  Goodnight and have a Torah week.

 * Recording for Sep 4, 2014 * 

Isaiah 53:4-5

We continue into the Truth of the matter, the heart of the matter, which is that the Law of God is rejected, and therefore nations stumble and fall, and therefore the people of the Law of God are persecuted.  Those who follow the Law of God are persecuted for issuing warnings concerning rejection of the Law of God, while those who were supposed to follow the Law but didn’t (Jews, Christians) are persecuted for NOT following the Law!  Nevertheless, those who reject God’s Law will be applauded by evil, but the prophets of Truth shall be vilified by EVERYONE!


What is the Truth? 1) That God exists.  Here, you will meet your first stumbling block from the minority of non-believers, who have found their strength in a weak society, where they thrive, and in a government which does not serve the majority, as true democracy, but the minority, as a fascism of that minority.  More to the point, the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers have found friends within the Supreme Courts.  This affects every person, forcing tolerance where none needs to be socially, never mind religiously or spiritually.  The minority sneers at , cries against, whines about, and finally sues the majority which keeps the minority in its true place, not equal.  Sympathizers join in.  A media with an agenda, not objective, chimes in.  Soon, a cacophony of boos and banana peels against the majority.  And the result?  A loss of morale among the majority.  And this matters why? 


When the chips are down, and this is coming VERY soon, the majority will have no interest in helping the minority, except for the sake of the common land which both occupy.  The minority will scream for help because, let’s face it, there aren’t enough atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers to beat back the Muslims or the communists.  In the past, this sort of talk was ALSO grist for the mocking mill.  But now that the Caliphate mentality is spreading everywhere, and both Russia and China are back in the world-designing business, it has become apparent that the minority is in deep trouble.


I have foreseen and written about every bit of this.  The Mark and the Chaos, available for free, delineates what exactly the Mark of the Beast and the Mark of God are, and exactly who the players will be in a global showdown.  Some might say, “That’s not exactly a difficult thing to predict,” but those same people were only a few years ago mocking those predictions!  Caliphate?  Unthinkable.  Communism arisen again?  How quaint.  Christianity weakened from within and begging for a charismatic leader?  No way.  Jews persecuted again as the scapegoats for all things?  We have evolved.  No, you haven’t.  Israel is blamed for the Caliphate rising, and, as usual, the “Jewish banking cartel” (a falsity) is blamed for everything from massive debt, wealth gap, wars, and communism itself.


But you see how far afield we go already when discussing whether God exists?  Because those who say they disbelieve God really mean they are not interested in participating in the struggles of mankind.  They view all this chaos as due to religion.  And they logically assume that if God is such a great guy, such a cool dude, either the religion(s) would reflect that coolness, that greatness, or God Himself would make Himself known and set quite a few things straight. 


We can argue their logic and conclusions, but even if we stipulate how right they are, the main complaint is not against God, but against His representatives on Earth.  For it is that the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers all desire a powerful hand to protect them, as all do, but they cannot turn to God for that protection due to their anti-God stance.  Or, more accurately, their anti-Torah stance.


2) Torah.  Torah is Law.  Law sets the standard for all things.  It tells how men shall behave, both in private and public.  It tells how communities and nations shall treat citizens.  When the law is flouted, there is crime.  It’s interesting that those who reject the notion of Torah, that is, a Law from God, desire protection themselves under two godly documents, the Constitution and Torah!


From Constitution, the ungodly believe they have equal rights under a 14th Amendment, or a 1st Amendment, but these Amendments speak to the rights of citizens to be free from a certain amount of regulation from government, not from each other.  So that, when the minority gain access to government, and thereupon utilize government to protect their interests, they break the very Constitution they say is there to protect them.  No, the Constitution is not there to protect people from people – those are community laws, each different among the many – the Constitution is there to protect the people from too much government intervention.  And if the minority is able to use government intervention against the majority, the Constitution is no longer.


Likewise, Torah.  When the minority exerts that men should love their neighbor, that is Torah.  Yet that same Torah tells to kill the man who commits a homosexual act, who is convicted in a court of Torah law.  That same Torah commands to love God with all your heart, soul, and might.  That same Torah commands to destroy the Canaanite, the Baal worshiper, the Moloch worshiper, and the blasphemer. 


So if the Constitution were truly exerted, the will of the majority, the godly, would win the day, every day.  And if the Torah were truly exerted, the will of God would win the day, every day.


What would the nation be at such a point?  First, the minority would have no access to special protections which the Constitution does not afford, for the Constitution is not there to force people to accept people, the Constitution is there to force government to accept people whom the communities have decided they accept.  So if the communities accept Jews but not Muslims, the government cannot intervene through Constitution, but only by a civic action which they think overrides Constitution.  Their opinions, their feelings, their thoughts are more important than the law of the land.  The mere fact that great throngs cheer these unconstitutional moves does not override the Constitution.  Only an Amendment to the Constitution can change it.  But that is too difficult, in fact, impossible for the minority to achieve.  And so it is rage, collusion, illegality, stacked courts, and lawsuits against the weakened which temporarily give the minority an upper hand.


Second, the minority would not survive a Torah nation.  But then, neither would the adulterers and bacon-eaters.  For in a Torah nation, no commandment is too small to be ignored, and no doctrine overrides the eternal law.  In a Torah nation, Jesus Christ would be heeded, that “whoever teaches against the least commandment is called the least in heaven.”  Apologists who say they are not teaching against commandments, but only explaining the grace which Christ gives Christians to break commandments, willfully, are even worse.  In a Torah nation, neither the heathen nor the self-proclaimed permitted lawbreaker survive.


And this is good.  For in a Constitutional nation, the Law is supreme, and those who are against that law are criminals, and those who are radicals against that law are traitors.  The idea that civil rights are gained by civil disobedience is incorrect.  Lawbreaking deserves punishment.  Whether the Constitution is amended is a different point.  It cannot be assumed that the Constitution will be amended due to radicalism.  It must be assumed that the communities shall be able to quell radicalism by their own means without government intervention.


Now, some may say that such rampant lawfulness leads to lynching and vigilantism.  But those are crimes also.  The solution is not to destroy the community for the sake of peace, but to permit the community to police itself.  These are hard choices, to be sure.  Civil wars are sometimes fought over such things.  But if the government enters the civil war, the end is fascism over everyone, and the resulting quiet is called peace, but it is a police state, and whoever controls that police state will conduct that civil war anyway.


Under Torah, there is no escape.  Torah cannot be amended.  Jesus Christ cannot change anything, and he specifically said he did not come to change Torah, not a jot nor a tittle, and it is completely ascribed to him by Christianity that he performed his Torah duties perfectly.  How then can the followers of Christ not desire Torah?  It is due to lawlessness, in this case the desires of hedonism, all justified by certain phrases made by Jesus, Paul, Peter, and so forth, including the claim that pork is permitted.  How now?  I don’t see a clamor for horse-meat to be legal, or rat flesh.  Only pig, because it “tastes good.”  The idea that God made it clean through a dream of Peter, or a random contextual phrase from Paul, or Christ, is not a Torah argument, nor is it true!  For the dream of Peter concerns the uncleanliness of Gentiles, the thoughts of Paul are summed up on "Do you have faith?  Have it to yourself in front of God," and the words of Jesus concerned unwashed hand, pots and pans, none of which is commanded under Torah.  So Christ was right and lawful, but Christianity uses his lawfulness to justify their unlawfulness.


And it is not a small thing that pork is of conflict.  For neither do the Christians have any intention to give up this “freedom to eat.”  And neither do they care that the Jews, their friends, they say, are underwhelmed by this freedom, or that such contentions in the past led to the slaughter of Jews, from the time to Constantine until the present day, depending where you live(d).  So that Torah is undone, and those who proclaim the Law of God, yes, even where it concerns bacon, are persecuted because they are in favor of the Law. 


“But,” you may say, “if you believe the majority holds sway over the community, shouldn’t bacon be lawful in the community?”  According to democracy, yes.  According to Constitution, yes.  But there is one larger context, and that is God.  Thus, if we return to the very first premise and Truth, that God exists, it becomes an hypocrisy for the Christians to say they believe in God, and God’s Law, but thereupon use many reasons and excuses to break God’s Law, to eat bacon because it “tastes good.”  Christ did not die so you could eat bacon.  Rather, He died so you would continue to not eat bacon.  He died for the Law of God, not for your selfish desires.


And the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers?  Their “bacon” is bolder.  And it is of little use for the Christians to complain about God’s Law being broken by the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers, as long as the bacon continues.  So, the Christians have four choices: 1) continue to eat the bacon, and look the other way while the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers thrive, 2) stop eating the bacon, and have every right to persecute the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers, 3) continue to eat the bacon, and have no right to persecute the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers, but do so anyway in a hypocritical rage, or 4) stop eating the bacon, and permit the atheists, homosexuals, and devil worshipers to thrive. 


Of those choices, #1 is the worst of all possible worlds, #3 is the current incorrect atmosphere, and #4 makes no sense at all.  Only choice #2 is lawful and logical.


I realize that such statements offend every single person mentioned.  That is a necessary consequence of spreading Truth.  Shalom.

* Essay for Sep 3, 2014 * 

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke 

When we view the chaos and carnage in today's world, several questions come to mind. First, wasn't it just a few scant years ago that things seemed peaceful? Well actually, it's been about 20 years since things were "peaceful." Twenty years ago is when Bill Clinton finally pushed us too far: His marital infidelity, his initiation into Bosnia, his ignorance of Islam, his boast that he balanced the federal budget when he did no such thing and his arrogance.

By the time Gore and Bush openly fought over who won 2000, America was already deeply divided. By the time 9/11 rolled around, we were so busy feuding that we didn't notice our rights ebbing away for the sake of so-called security. Sure, it's a dangerous world, but 13 years after 9/11 we are still quaking in our boots instead of stomping the enemy with those boots.

Twenty years ago, racial divisions were a bit better. Rodney King wanted us all to get along. OJ Simpson's "victory" gave many blacks an opportunity to gloat. Bill Cosby was one of the most popular syndicated TV shows of all time. And rap music was still not exactly mainstream. Today, we have a "black" President who enjoys inciting riots and fanning flames. Yes, enjoys.

But this isn't new. Louis Farrakhan has been around a long time, as have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the usual bunch of criminals and nuts who parade. Give them credit, though, for longevity and their ability to command attention, if not respect. No black alive today was ever a slave in America, yet we are constantly bombarded with the idea that America is guilty. And that's from white people! Yes, white racial militants are the new Black Panthers! Well, again, that's not exactly true because it's ALWAYS been the white racial militants who have helped the black racial militants have their day.

What would the Panther movement be without the Weather Underground? And if you think Bill Ayers is dead and forgotten, you're wrong. He is still advising the White House, spreading communism at Zuccotti Park, and organizing with Turkish flotilla on Israel. He is still bragging that he wrote Obama's biography, and arguing with Megan Kelly on Fox. Why?

That's the second question: Why?

What is wrong with us that we would permit Fox to air Ayers without making a gigantic stink? To me, Ayers is one of the most dangerous people in America.

As is Richard Trumpka, who purports to be for the working man, but who is for the Old World Order, specifically the Clintons.

These are just examples. There are probably 1000 people globally I could name who need to be offed tomorrow in order to make this world less savage, less corrupt, less Marxist, less criminal, less hedonist. That's in America, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Gaza, Nigeria, Libya, and several other places of interest; basically, one thousand of these people so that the rest of us can breathe again.

Now, you might ask, and rightly so, wouldn't the vacuum simply be filled with more evil? If those people die natural deaths, of course. If it's a coup from within, naturally. But I was talking about the less probable event, that good people would take things into their own hands.

Is that an oxymoron that good people should or would take things into their own hands? I think the thought that it seems like an oxymoron is what keeps good people from doing right things. They think, "I'm not going to stoop to their level." And so the evil continues while good people do nothing, all in the name of having a clear conscience. Or so they think. It's really for vanity, so other people will say what a good person they are for not stooping to such-and-such level. Meanwhile, evil continues as good people pat themselves on the back.

And make no mistake: evil people know how good people think, and evil people pat good people on the back for not making waves. That's why on TV you see even some CONSERVATIVES getting compliments for accepting evil - compliments from evil people!

And this brings us to our third question: If good people are going to do nothing, how will good people finally win the day? Or, more simply, will a miracle occur?

If you're waiting for God to bring things to balance again, I'm with ya on that. However, good people standing around waiting for Him is the reason He has to come in the first place! If we wouldn't stand around yakking about the next Coming, and would in fact do something outside of our vanity, God wouldn't need to bail us out because He's already given us the grace to accomplish what needs to be done. It is completely vain to think that we are good people for doing nothing, or for tenderly applying ourselves to tough objectives, or for withdrawing from confrontation. And it is completely vain to think that God is on our side when we've done nothing except proclaim how righteous we are for doing nothing!

So, just on that subject, we need more than a miracle. We need God to overlook how completely selfish and hedonistic we are. Hedonistic? Yes. Remember, Revelation 13 tells us that, to permit the continuance of buying and selling (economy, eating and drinking), "good people" took the Mark of the Beast. Taking the Mark of the Beast simply means to allow evil to run rampant, as long as your lifestyle isn't too negatively impacted. It's a form of privilege, to think that no matter what you do, you're safe, or that you're just being pragmatic. Well, you're not safe. And pragmatism isn't stopping evil from spreading.

So what are we actually waiting for? Are we hoping evil will just die off on its own? I have news for you - it won't. We didn't nip it in the bud, we didn't make examples of anyone, and now there is an entirely new generation of militant radicals who have no fear of God, and who have an entire lifetime to work at controlling, or destroying.

Islam? Reared from birth. New, young converts every day.

Corruption in government? Brand-new staffers and interns every day, learning the ins and outs of graft, nepotism, favoritism, and all the things we love about government.

Statism? Nationalistic socialism is always the breeding ground of the poor, and if there's one thing the young love to purport they endorse, it's the end of poverty. Especially their own poverty. So we now see dozens of neo-Nazi groups popping up in the unlikeliest of places. Likewise, Communism is annually groomed in our universities, even high schools. And always the unionization of the impoverished, as if unionization automatically gives the poor the sophistication necessary to get what they want, or to fight the corruption inherent in that socialism.

Crime? If the new rap generation doesn't scare you, perhaps the pace at which gangs are growing, due to increase in fatherless children, due to mindless acceptance of single-motherhood, will scare you. Or perhaps you think our cities, such as Chicago, are becoming younger and therefore safer?

And hedonism? Forget about it. Whether its sensuality, ingestion of pharmacopeia, piercing of skin, acceptance of paganism, or just plain eating and drinking, everybody is out of control. Youth is not more clean-cut than the older generation, which is scary by itself, to think that the oldsters are also juvenile in mind. I was a youth, and I did youthful things, but in the end I wanted to be accepted for who I was, as a good person. Today's youth wants to be accepted no matter what they do, good or bad. Their motto is not "you can't judge a book by its cover" (true) but "you can't judge me!" (false). That is an exertion of hedonism as hegemony! Sodom and Gomorrah, in other words.

So we cannot simply think better times are coming. We are not evolving spiritually, but decaying into pagans. We are not evolving towards holiness, but simply tolerating evil. We are not evolving physically, except the most savage will defeat the weak and fey, which means the Muslims win. Except the Old World Order has better weaponry. However, it's in evil hands. Hmm. Maybe I can just "accidentally" hit the chessboard and start the game all over?

 * Recording for Aug 13, 2014 * 

Isaiah 53:1-3

We are in the same position as every other great empire or civilization, which is to say we are poised for greatest downfall.  As Isaiah, we attempt to alert whoever will listen that what we are seeing is a complete absence of Torah, from the way that we worship to the items which we eat to the government which we endure, if not demand.

“Who hath believed our report?”  Today’s lesson is that the “suffering servant” is one who is not desired by men but who nevertheless speaks as a reflection of the Law of God.  Think Jesus is the suffering servant?  Then you must acknowledge Him as the bearer of the Law, for all to hear and obey.  Think Jesus came so you did not have to obey?  You are WRONG.

What is “despised” and “rejected” is not Jesus, for His life is of little difference to any other person who is persecuted merely for his heritage or family tree.  What is despised and rejected is God’s Law, Torah.

Those who claim Jesus came to relieve them from the Law despise the Law.  Those who claim the Law was twisted by the Jews despise the Law.  Those who claim there is no God despise the Law.  Those who claim the Law represses their rights despise the Law.

It has no comeliness for them.  It is ugly and disgusting to them.  Consequently, the Jews, the bearers of the Law, are likewise ugly and disgusting to them.  The hatred towards the Jews is the hatred of the Law.  What are Jews?  They have money?  So do many others.  They have power?  So do many others.  This jealousy of what the Jews have is not of their money or power, but of the fact that God chose them, and specifically to bear the Law. 

* Recording for Jul 28, 2014 * 

Isaiah 52:13-15

Geopolitical much?  Some people complain that we spend too much time on what’s happening in the world, as if ignoring these events is the path to greater spiritual enlightenment.  That is a subjective and, frankly, incorrect view.

Whenever the prophets of the Bible chose to remain alof from current events, especially as it concerns God’s people, God called them harder and louder.  Whether Moses, Jonah, Jeremiah, or Jesus, the Lord God shows us we cannot run away to hide in the desert/wilderness.  We cannot ignore the absence of Torah.

In this week’s segment (actually a TWO-hour show!), we stray far and wide regarding the slaughter of Christians, the rising anti-Semitism, the American border crisis, and many other issues of interest and disgust for those who understand history and Torah.  Join us.

* Recording for Jul 8, 2014 * 

Isaiah 52:7-12

We are just about there.

If you haven’t noticed, the present federal government for the United States of America has become a treasonous entity worthy of complete extinction.  Am I speaking a Torah philosophy?  Of course I am!  To eliminate the Canaanite by force is a Torah commandment.  To punish the judges if they do not perform their Torah duties is a Torah commandment.  To require just weights and measures, whether a monetary system or a system of law, is a Torah commandment.

And what else would Jesus require of you but to be a community organizer for Torah?  For He told His disciples to go to every house and speak to them.  Not about acquiescing quietly to slavery, or permitting corruption, or accepting savagery, or encouraging hedonism.  No.  Jesus did not eat with publicans and prostitutes because He was a hedonist, He ate with them because there is no Torah commandment forbidding them.  But He would not sup with the corruptors of Torah.  Nor would He tolerate the adulteress but told her, “Go and sin no more!”

But today we live in an upside-down world, where Christianity is a religion which is expected to do no more than help those whom the federal government tells it to help.  Tolerance of sin is the norm  Weak-willed spinelessness.  False compassion for the sake of hearing no guff.  It is taking the Mark of the Beast to permit sin in order to live in peace!

And where are the Jews?  There is some resistance to complete enslavement and corruption, here and there, in Israel, and Russia, and even America (we are here).  But in the main, it is a bacon-fest.  Torah created this world, Torah is the Law for this world, and Torah is ruler of this world.  But only when people adhere to it.  Where are these people?  Where are the Jews who speak loudly for Torah, as Jesus did?  Where are the Jew, and Christians, willing to die for Torah, as Jesus did?

Meanwhile, the Muslims are on the march.  And the communists are on the rise.  As we wrote in our book “The Mark” in 2007, communism and Islam are in tandem against capitalism and Christianity, and are on a collision course for changing world history.  You don’t care?  You will.

This is only the beginning.  The Mexican-US border will be opened up, and crime will spread rapidly.  People will be shot breaking into homes and businesses.  The federal US government will be deployed to protect these criminals.  American citizens will be forced to shoot at their own soldiers.  This will give cover for a great fascism to rise.  Blood will be shed far and wide.  The only thing I do not know is if Torah wins, or if cruelty, or corruption, wins.

* Recording for Jul 1, 2014 * 

Isaiah 52:1-6

People ask us, “Why do you spend so much time on the geopolitical, on the political, on the conspiratorial?”  The question itself speaks volumes.  For when we question, we are not wise in our eyes but we seek Truth.  But if we do not question, it means we are satisfied for the moment.  Are we satisfied at the moment?  No!

Five evils are in this world.  Savagery (the current “winner” for most overt: Islam), Corruption (the current winner: New World Order, or, OLD World Order), Statism (call it what you will, communism, socialism, collectivism), Crime (gangsters), and Hedonism (Sodom, legal murder, justified adultery, bread and circuses).

As students of history, we can honestly say “we have never seen it this bad in human history.”  Besides the confluence of the rise of all these Evils, combined with a great ebb in Torah thought, both among Jews and Gentiles, there is technology.  Never before has it been so simple to transmit military plans, diseases, devastation.  Never before has it been so easy to catch communications from enemies and supposed enemies.  Never before has the planet been a place where there is almost literally “nowhere to hide.”

The Mark of the Beast is the willingness to go along with Evil in order to maintain life or lifestyle (to “buy and sell,” as it says in The Book of Revelation).  With this confluence of Evil about, it is a simple enough matter for a person to say in his or her conscience, “I just want peace,” or “I just want to live my life,” or “What can I do about it?”, and to do nothing.  With technology, it is also easy enough to become lost in a permanent escape.  The formula for disaster is plain.

What can we do?  Accept Torah.

And not only accept, but believe.  Believe and do.

If we will turn from our sins, which are from the Law, and nowhere else, and expect, no, force, our public officials to do likewise, we will have a society worth having again.  It is force which is necessary.  It is might which is necessary.  The “sword of the Lord” is not a sheathed instrument that never comes out.  The sword of the Lord IS Torah.

It is time, no, well past time, for good people to claim their Law, the Law of God, Torah, and defeat, beat back, the enemies of mankind, who would enslave and murder.

* Recording for Jun 14, 2014 * 

Isaiah 51:17-23

Hatred for the Law.  Hatred of oneself.  This is what we see in our society and civilization today. 

What we call “Western Society” has decided that God’s Law, Torah, is NOT the protective shield, but rather a forward mouth and discord are the protective devices, and therefore “calamity” shall come quickly (Proverbs 6:12-19).  Not refraining from male homosexuality, but affirming and seeking it as a right, even a birthright.  Not refraining from abortion (deliberate killing of life, which is murder), but celebrating it as a godsend to the poor and the fearful.  For it is that a fearful world seeks not God but men who make laws in their favor, to comfort them.

Western Society has also decided that it is guilty.  There is self-loathing for being white, being an oppressor, being a colonialist, being wealthy, being a man, being consumerist.  Other than being an oppressor, none of these things are wrong.  Even being an oppressor against anti-Torah sinners is not wrong.  Yet it is “trendy” to hate oneself, to desire one’s own demise at the hand of one’s own enemy.  It is trendy to desire slavery, and the end of an empire.

For what?  If there is atonement needed for the self, repent!  If there is atonement needed for society, follow Torah!  Otherwise, it shall be savagery that rules you, fascism, corruption, crime, and lascivious desires of brutality, deviance, and death.

In this recording, we discuss how it is that God shall save all of Israel for a promise, and save all those who treasure, obey, and teach Torah.

* Recording for May 25, 2014 * 

Isaiah 51:13-16

The collectivists tell you what you “need.”  They tell you what you need beyond what they say you need is… selfish, guilty, racist, denier, dangerous, psychotic.  In reality, they project.  It is selfish to control behavior to satisfy your own goals regarding ego, conquest, or even do-gooding crusader-ship.  In fact, “Crusader” is the tern reserved for religious conquests, and therefore the scientific crusaders are as hypocritical as it gets.  The religious crusaders are right at least in their passion that God has commanded certain things.  And when it comes to commands, we know Torah is the King, in fact the Only Law.  When God commands, “Thou shalt have no other god before me,” he means no other LAW.  For if you regard someone or something as god, you obey it. 

Why then should anyone bow to the whims of collectivists, whether sincere or not, when there is God who has beforehand set our limits?

It is the collectivist who is guilty of usurping God. 

It is the collectivist who is racist, determining which races are too weak to fend for themselves.

It is the collectivist who is the denier of things which are foundational.  The progressive believes the way forward is in the hand of man, not God.

It is therefore the collectivist who is dangerous.  Psychotically so.  For when confronted, it is the collectivist who will attack with fury the person who varies, the individualist.

Why then is Torah collectivism good?  First, it is humble, because it notes that man is not ultimately in charge of all things.  Second, it is, among all religious laws, the fairest without being squeamish.  The account of the Sabbath-Breaker (Numbers 15:32-36) shows that, when confronted with Torah, even the best of us (Moses) can become collectivists in “compassion” rather than obedience.  When asked what to do with the Sabbath-breaker, God’s response to Moses was, “I already told you to kill him.”  And so they did.

The achievement over collectivism is the humility to God.  We do not have greater answers than He.  It is the cleansing of society which we fear, lest we be called names.  Or, attacked ourselves by those who believe they know better.

* Recording for May 8, 2014 * 

Isaiah 51:7-12

Over and over again, God tells us that we should not take The Mark of the Beast, in that we should not refrain from the Law of God because we be afraid of other men (51:7). 

Whether it is the Jew who is hiding his identity from virulent Gentiles (Christian, Muslim, pagan, atheist) or even from himself (!);

or whether it is the Christian who pretends that much Torah is inactive in trade for the death of Jesus, though Jesus Himself declaimed such things, and Christianity in every regard utilizes parts of Torah as if it were stem-celling, all for the sake of being part of a community afraid to lose personal security;

or whether it is the Muslim who tells himself that murder is warfare, simply (and understandably!) because his community is filled with violent gatekeepers who shall not permit Torah to enter their hearts;

or whether it is the hedonist who knows what is right and wrong (for is it not written on the heart?), yet fears that his “freedom” and “right” shall be taken away if he does not demonstrate every perversity which he believes not, in order to salvage his own compulsions, whether sexual, psychoactive, or monetary;

or whether it is the atheist (what is an atheist?) who is afraid that he shall not be rational, or, more to the point, that he shall not be KNOWN or SEEN as rational, and therefore does not admit, even to himself, that his self-proclaimed “morality” is but a figment of Torah, portions absconded and sewn together in salivating theory, without God, proud of oneself without thanking a source;

and here the world of fat and lazy men teeters on the edge, as centuries of hatreds and jealousies pours over borders, hands grabbing for that which is not truly theirs, with lies regarding inheritances stolen, yet only savage banshees who haven’t the inclination to fit in, conform, or be lawful to any degree;

and the fat and lazy sit on their bank accounts, their Grace, their virgins, their habits, their reason, believing that one or the other shall be spared the fire and guillotine of those crazed by covetousness, a massive ball of energy untargeted, left rotting in the streets of affluence, told they are “special” since the day they were born (whether fed or hungry), until their belief of entitlement morphs into grabbing hands without Torah;

yet even these shall have to account in from of their own, when the wild eyes look towards THEIR bowl, as the hungry infected are not satisfied with only the rich and luxurious, but must destroy the “impure” of their own basis (whatever that may be), and true carnage reigns throughout a world on fire…


Accept Torah, the most perfect Law from the most perfect God, and fashion your law from it, within it, never outside it.  Integrate Torah into your family life, your community, your church, your groups, your government, your Constitution.  Defend your righteousness in Law and Torah against those who would crack you open due to their filth, abomination, curse, hatred.  Do not permit them to bribe you with promises of golden roads, mansions, virgins, here-and-now, pleasures, whoredom, or false freedom.  Take Torah, keep Torah, use Torah, wield Torah, live Torah, be Torah.  Give Torah as Moses, spread Torah as Jesus.

* Recording for May 1, 2014 * 

Isaiah 51:4-6

Is it World War 3, or is this too a sham, simply disinformation to make you scamper, away from God, away from Torah?  As we say every week, LAW is what makes the man not a savage, the community safe, the nation strong.  Not faith, not hope, not charity, though these things be very important.  For without LAW we are lawless, even if without charity we are hard-hearted, or without faith we are flighty, or without hope we are lifeless.  Only with LAW can we define our lives by the standard of Almighty God, and everything else is measured by ego, peers, and groups.

* Recording for April 29, 2014 * 

Isaiah 51:1-3

We invite you today to discuss world affairs in light of Torah.  What’s wrong with the world, and what is the cure?  We know what’s wrong – The Five Evils: corruption, communism, savagery, crime, and hedonism.  We know the solution – Torah, which demands equal law, private property, proper jurisprudence, protection of life and liberty, and a sound moral and natural society based on Torah hegemony.  Come listen!

* Recording for April 15, 2014 * 

Isaiah 50:4-11

(Sing the following  to the tune of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas”):


And so this is Passover,

Did you throw out the yeast?

Are you fighting corruption?

Or a friend of the Beast?

And so this is Pesach,

I’m glad you are free,

but it’s not just about you,

we all need liberty!

A merry Gut Yontiff,

let’s have matzo balls,

and let’s not be found grumbling,

when Messiah calls!

And so Chag Sameach,

your Seder be grand,

but much more important,

your sons understand,

and yes, too, your daughters,

to not just clean your pots,

but the tree of free is watered

by the blood of patriots!...

Happy.. Pesach,

if you.. love God,

Matzo.. maror,


* Recording for April 10, 2014 * 

Isaiah 49:24-50:3

SO out of control! The lawlessness we years ago predicted would come is upon us swiftly and densely.  Though we are not yet at a saturation point, the world is knee-deep in corruption, communism, sharia savagery, criminal activity, and hedonism. 

Government Corruption has escalated to overt and bizarre levels.  In the US, the President changes laws on a whim, and his Attorney General openly tells Congress he will stand up or down on law as he chooses, while impotent Congress, including the Vice-President, does nothing but whimper.  In Europe, countries defy their agreements and charters, making record debt against their neighbors, stirring up centuries-old hatreds of nationalist and other sort.  In Asia, Russia roars, China warns, Korea continues on, causing decades of seeking liberty to evaporate in mere years.  In Africa, governments appear to do nothing as communism and sharia take over.  In South America, it is mainly crime and communism which is making inroads, not liberty and religion.

Communism is reaching deep into the hatreds of hearts.  Coveting is reaching a peak, and wealth does not seem to understand it must now mind its P’s and Q’s in order to avert revolution.  In fact, wealth seems hell-bent on destroying itself, proving that Marxism is alive and well at both Hollywood and Wall Street.  Putin openly states his intentions to invade South America, while Sweden and Finland, as well as Bulgaria and Romania, move to high alert.  China has finally shown its true colors, siding with its enemy Russia against the United States, proving that its capitalist stance is only a temporary façade to seize the means of production.  Wherever there is or has been communism, revolution brews again, fomented by NWO thinking wrapped in Leninist language.  Ugly.

Sharia, meanwhile, continues its ascent in Africa, Europe, especially England, and, terribly, in America and Canada.  War is everywhere for these savages.  The terrible tortures for which Arabs are famous are now televised, while those who wish to remain blind look away. Killing in the name of honor is becoming more common, overt and bizarre.  Muslims roam free in airports while grandma and infant are mercilessly searched.  To escape the law, merely say you are Muslim and you might walk.  Thus we see, the communists and NWO are in league with, using at the moment, sharia as both a tool of destruction and leverage for sympathy.  We are doomed.

Crime attracts more and more now.  Cartels rule entire countries or governments.  Gangs have almost free rein in some cities, such as Philadelphia or Lagos.  Drug culture is rampant, meaning more black markets, more extortion, more murders.  The police are seemingly losing their collective minds, arming themselves to the teeth, claiming it to be against criminal activity, then committing acts of brutality, even murder, which is then not prosecuted.  Sexual crime increases as our societies become more lurid.  Rape is boasted in Brazil, bestiality in Europe.  As people become more desensitized to violence, and more used to abuse, the way we abuse each other becomes more commonplace.

Hedonism is now used as a tool to leverage entire nations.  Homosexuals march openly through the streets, not for pride, but for spite.  Their cries for equality were lies, as they now brag to be above “heterosexual scum.”  They throw feces at Christians in Germany, and the police do nothing.  They teach our children vile sexual acts, and are given awards.  Above all things, they stomp on Torah, as they must to survive, for Torah is their end, as it is the end also for crime, communism, corruption, and savagery.  But it’s not only homosexuality.  Shopping is blistering in the Western nations which have incredible debt, and the people are oblivious to their ironic participation.  Eating and drinking is good, but not when it is to block out government intrusion, collusion, and contusion!  Where it is still possible, the pleasure principle is now used to block out the painful aspects of life.  We become angrier both when we cannot block out the pain, and when the pain is obvious.  Those who care, who believe in God, in Torah, in Constitution, are looked upon as “bad people” because they are reminders of the pain being inflicted.  They remind us of our duty to God, to law, to thriftiness, to goodness, to conscience.

In today’s lesson, we understand that when all is lost for humanity, there is still God, who will remember His covenant, and save those who do not give up on Him, that is, who do not give up on Torah.  As the world deepens its shame, we who believe must deepen our commitment to Torah.

As the Passover approaches, we clean our homes of chametz as a symbol of removing sin from our lives.  But more importantly, we do it because we are COMMANDED BY GOD to do it.

This Passover, a blood red moon will fill the sky.  Some say this is prophecy fulfilling itself.  It would be easy to say that God is warning us, telling us, that He’s coming, and to prepare for the end.  If this is true, Torah is the way to prepare.  But if it is not true that the end is near, Torah is still the way to prepare your life for tomorrow, for eternity, or for any surprise God may have in store.

* Recording for April 1, 2014 * 

Isaiah 49:16-23

Here at the University of Truth, we pride ourselves on being right while at the same time wishing we weren’t.  This week, the world learned that Putin isn’t faking his aggression, and that the United States IS willing to stand by while he takes over the former Soviet Union and reconstitutes it back.  WHY is the United States willing to stand by?  Because, first, the American people are sick of weakness and actually ADMIRE Putin.  Naturally, we believe this has been a plan of Obama’s for some time, to play the weakling, so at the time of negligence, which is now, it will appear as if he has always been a weakling.  IS he a weakling?  Probably.  This makes him a good candidate for the play.  Remember that Obama said: “After the election, I’ll have more flexibility.”  Does he?  Not if we get a backbone.  Will we?  That is the question.

In the Bible, we see that the Jewish people were given judges but they wanted a king, so God said, “Oh, I’ll give you a king alright.”  But that line of succession didn’t always work out well, and in fact not well at all.  Today, we have a Constitution, rights from God, and a law, Torah, by which to judge.  But we abdicate our judgment, and leave it to men who we, deep down, believe are better than we because (1) they run for office while we make excuses, (2) they make decision while simply follow the rules of society, the office, peer pressure, etc.  Though they are tyrants, we obey, or fail to obey, based simply on self-contempt, accruing guilt which, over time, they can manipulate.

In today’s lesson, we learn that if we will follow Torah, these kings will bow to WE THE PEOPLE.  We will hold our heads high, and they will not be able to bend them down again, and therefore will admire us and fear us.  But when we laugh at the lessons of history, believe that THIS time we will prosper even in our hedonism, in our ignorance, and in our abdication of responsibility for our own lives, even politically and religiously, we are doomed.  We MUST have Torah in our lives; we MUST expect our leaders to apply Torah to our nations.  Otherwise, not only will empires fall, but perhaps the whole world.

To those who say “Good! Let it fall,” I say, The Lord will punish you too, perhaps more for your selfish actions which you believe will benefit your doctrine, especially that of bringing about end-times.  This applies to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, even atheists, who all believe in a better world through collapse.  Perhaps the world WILL be better off through collapse, but it must not come at our behest.  Our inheritance is this world and it is our DUTY to PROTECT it.  I am not speaking of environmentalism or destroying corporations but of DEMANDING TORAH.  Then there will be true justice and true equality of law.

In * Recording for March 24, 2014 * 

Isaiah 49:10-15

In which we learn that God shall rule the Universe forevermore, Amen. 

The statists will stake their claim.  The savages will try to run the table.  The anarchists will attempt to carve out a corner for themselves.  And for a short time they will succeed.  But the YOUTH.. the YOUTH.. will know that it is THEY who are being shafted.  When the spying into their private lives is incessant, every time they text or look at Facebook or take a call.  They will know that it is CORRUPT GOVERNMENT which is always at fault, not individuals, not parents, not systems, not corporations, not religion, not politics.. but simply when EVIL people are permitted to run things.  And how can we TELL who is evil and who is not?  Through Law.  Not through belief, or opinion, or clairvoyance, or intuition.  All these are subjective and cannot be applied universally, except by force of personality.  But a LAW.. preexisting, ancient, valid, utilized, recognizable, said to be from God, translatable in its language, with a current following and religion of high order.  This of course is Torah.  When this Law, this Torah, is applied, the evil will be squashed.  How?  When men and women are told that whatever they accuse, the punishment shall fall upon them if they are bearing false witness, then the fraud, the corruption, the perjury, WILL end.  And when the fraud stops, the truth will be told.  And when the Truth is told, it had best be a good Truth, else there shall be a comeuppance.

In this current context, I foresee a youthful uprising and revolution worldwide.  Why?  To save that which they hold most precious, the connection and communication with their FRIENDS.  And why is this different?  Occupy Wall Street was a sham.  It was a “gimme” revolution, and those don’t last, and are instantly infiltrated by communists.  But the war against spying is NOT a gimme revolution, but a LEAVE ME ALONE revolution.  When a Leave Me Alone Revolution is afoot, it cannot be stopped or compromised.  And with spying, the communists will NOT interject because they WANT spying.  Once and for all, we will KNOW.. FOREVERMORE.. that it is the Left which is obsessed with snooping, watching, censoring, controlling, limiting, piece-mealing. 

This has the potential to exceed the anti-war movement of the 1960’s.  This has the potential to overthrow every 1960’s radical now in power, from Obama to Hollande to Abbas to Putin, all products or vestiges of that past.  NOW is the time for Cruz, Paul, Le Pen, and a host of those who desire LIBERTY.

Today’s lesson from Isaiah tells us that God shall be there when the people demand LAW.  God gave the Jews judges, but they wanted a king.  America received the blessing of a Constitution, but they have reached a saturation point of socialism and a monarch is emerging.  Now is the time.  Install Torah into your heart, your life, your country.  Now.

* Recording for March 15, 2014 * 

Isaiah 49:3-9


Looking at an old Terminator 2 Screen Saver CD-ROM, which carried the face of Arnold Schwartzenegger as the Terminator, it occurred to me that we put much stock into our heroes, but our heroes keep letting us down.

Arnold was supposed to be on of "us."  He was Conan, the good (and bad) Terminator, the guy who killed Predator.  He was also the skinny sickly kid who worked his way out of Austrian ridicule and into the American stratosphere.  Maybe we should've known when he married into the Kennedy clan.  Certainly we knew when he was caught cheating on his wife.  And his stint as governor cemented forever his political intents against us.

And yes, there IS an "us" and a "them."  WE are the people who believe in ourselves, the little people, those who struggle.  THEY are those who believe in the superiority of their superior intellect and who look down upon our struggles, even our victories.

While We revere those who fought to free the little people from King George, They find the time and energy to point out their weaknesses, inadequacies, hypocrisies.  We can't simply like George Washington for what he did, we also have to endure countless attacks on his character, his private life, his properties.  The same goes for Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.  But it goes deeper.

Their contempt for our hero-worship must extend down to our religion.  Those who love Jesus Christ must be ridiculed incessantly.  In the "old days," it would be the contemptuous who would suffer more dire consequences, so now I suppose they think they are getting some revenge for the tortures to their "ancestors" (whether or not related to them)!  But even in their struggle against God, they lie to themselves, because they make themselves out to be the little people, that is, Us, and therefore leverage our innate sympathy for the little guy against us.  It is a clever tool.

This twist-around did not actually make an indentation into society until the 1960's, when the media all of a sudden took the side of those who wanted chaos for the average American.  It was seen as a victory for the little guy, that America the powerful should suffer for its violence against the black man, first and foremost, but then also any other victim which could be dredged up, real or imaginary.  Some of this twist-around was likely a backlash to the anticommunism of the 1950's, a "never again" attitude that was manipulated BY communists, using the idealism of youth, who naturally root for the little guy.

By the time the 70's came around, this had worn thin.  These commies went underground.  The 1980's, however, brought them into the political arena, where they have survived and thrived ever since.  They learned that in order to HELP the little guy, they had to CRUSH the little guy!  And thereby they understood that not all little guys were equal.  In fact, to them, "social justice" became a joke.  It was not about following the law for all peoples.  It was about USING the law AGAINST those thought to be oppressors.  And thereby the warning of Frederic Bastiat (1850) came true. 

Socialism, that is, using the law to take anything from one class to give to another, became a commonplace desire and reality in America, under the guise of helping the little guy.  The obvious issue, of course, is that in order to help "the little guy" there must be theft from another little guy, simply because there aren't enough big guys from whom to steal.  This we know from incessant Fox News programs which show the math, that there aren't enough rich guys to feed the poor guys, and anyway, once you take from the rich guy, he ain't rich no mo'!

Now the concept is fully impregnated.  It IS America now to be contemptuous of the hard-working upwardly-mobile white guy, more so if he is religious.  He embodies the oppressor.  Never mind that he came from nothing.  Never mind that he gives to right charities.  Never mind that he even believes in the "struggle."  A target is necessary and there he is.

In Congress we hear a cacophony of wailing from white guys who are LOVED by victims.  People like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Chris van Hollen.  Those who claim to be "down wid it" but we know are either communists in drag or else scared out of their wits for their own safety, which to us little people is more acceptable, even when WE are getting hosed!

But even when we offer such sympathies to those who hate us, we receive nothing but their contempt.  Why?  You see, they believe they are of a higher order being than you.  They even believe they are of a higher order being than those they are helping.  They don't REALLY believe that black people and white people are equals!  Some believe whites are superior, some believe blacks are superior.  But in the hallowed halls of Them, there cannot BE equality of race when every day They make the distinction between who is being oppressed and who is not!

Don't get me wrong.  Distinctions are necessary for survival and community.  Sameness is a good thing.  The little people understand that those who think alike are more apt to protect their mutual interests, whether that be religion, politics, property or country.

But what I JUST wrote They condemn, even as they preach and practice it!  How do they get away with it?

I'll tell you the secret.

In reality, YOU believe what They believe.  You believe they ARE of a higher order than you.  That’s why they’re leaders.  You don’t REALLY believe your own ideas are worthwhile, or else YOU would be a leader. 

Yet you malign these higher-order beings because you gave them hero-worship and they let you down.  Don't reject the truth.  It will be your undoing.  You see, YOU have as much contempt for yourself, being a little guy, as they do for you.

Oh, you may have a more comforting aspect to it, that in your inadequacy you ought to be able to proliferate and be free, but in the end you know that you are a little guy.  You find community with other little guys.  You make a big noise in religion and politics.  Sometimes you even make some money, or maybe marry a really good-looking or worthy human being.  But for the most part, you have contempt for yourself in the arena of building communities.

Guess what?  They KNOW you have contempt for yourself, and they COUNT on you to go against your own interests.  The proof?  These same high-minded cretins, They, are voted in over and over again.  And it is not because of the handouts they offer to the poor.  It is because, in your contempt, you do not vote, or you do not put in the adequate energy to get others to vote. 

And do you know why you don't have that energy?  Because deep down you think your ideas are not worthy.  You BELIEVE that you ARE the oppressor.  You see the black man struggling, and the homosexual crying the blues, and the woman kvetching, and you say to yourself, "Maybe I AM oppressing.  Maybe I SHOULD be kinder, more Christian."  And then they have you.

Let me be clear.  No matter WHAT you do, short of killing yourself and giving all your property to Them, you will never win them over.  All your kindnesses will be seen as weakness, and the media and other cronies will blast you as a panderer who is only seeking to soothe his own soul, or get votes, or get sympathy, or save his own skin.  You feel it?

The answer?  Don't do that!  Your sympathies are rooted in wrong doctrines.  If you knew the Law of God, you would reject Their covetous talk and thoughts, their theft through "taxation" and other means, their murder in unnecessary wars, their false witness in describing you as an oppressor and/or killer, their atheism, their polytheism, their deviance, their fires of Moloch, even their habits of food and drink!

The Law of God rejects anything not of itself.  It does not care if you are a sympathizer with evil or just evil - it condemns you the same.  It does not care if you are contemptuous of yourself or not - it demands obedience regardless.  It does not command any faith other than to obey because God told you so.  It does not demand any pound of flesh other than that written in it.

Some may say this Law of God is violent.  Good!  There is a counterbalance to sin, and it is to get rid of sin.  It is NOT to tolerate it.  When you tolerate sin, They have contempt for you.  When you do not tolerate sin, They fear you.

Now, a warning.  The Christian religion is not the administrator of God's Law.  Not only is that IN God's Law, and IN the New Testament, it is also proven by mismanaged history.  Islam is not the administrator of God's Law, and they KNOW it, which is why they struggle so mightily against Israel.

In fact, the reason why everyone seems to revile the Jews is due to the knowledge that the Law of God is superior, and that the Jews are its chosen administrators. 

But not only is it a matter of authority but also a matter of empowerment.  Because the Law of God makes the little guy prosper, They hate it!  Communism HATES Judaism (see Marx, "On the Jewish Question").  Christianity, which desires its liberty from Law, has CONTEMPT for Judaism.  And Islam struggles for hegemony with Sharia, which is but a distortion of Torah!

So there you have it.  The major players in this world each have played Torah against the little guy, when it is Torah which is the SALVATION of the little guy, from making a Sabbath against 7-day work-weeks to offering a society of peace and prosperity.  The only question is: Do you have such self-loathing that you cannot accept the free gift of Torah?

* Recording for March 15, 2014 * 

Isaiah 48:20-49:2

Are we doomed?  Only God can save us now.  When I say “us,” who do I mean? 

Certainly, it is Islam which is on the move and on the rise, and where Islam is in the news there is only violence and death.  While Christianity may breathe some sigh of relief that Islam will take the public relations brunt, that is cold comfort for the coming world struggle, which has not yet even BEGUN!  But if we look only at the violence of Islam, religion in general will suffer a setback, the smug smirking “See?  Religion ALWAYS leads to violence.”  Perhaps those people will, however, be subsumed.  Perhaps not.

For Communism is also on the rise.  We spoke of this six years ago when all was “well.”  We warned that the wars in the Mideast were struggles not against Islam but against creeping Communism.  Now we see that Russia, always Russia, is back on track to take the tiger by the tail again.  China will back Russia for the time being.  And the embittered socialists of the world will rise up.  However, they are one step from being cowards, and therefore it must be asked, Will Communism ask swiftly enough to destroy barbaric Islam, which in the end can have no truck with atheist Communism?

We wrote many years ago that The Mark of the Beast would embody itself as a willingness to become enslaved or perverted.  We see now a Great Capitulation.  This Great Capitulation is away from and against Torah.  It is not against Christianity, for Christianity is entreated to accept “social justice” (Communism) and “coexistence” (agnosticism/new age) and even “sharia” (Islamic Law over Constitutional Law and Torah).  No, Christianity is only a belief system of doctrine, tailoring God’s Law to its own desires through a series of special offers and apologetics.  Christian “law” is so flimsy that it offers no threat to the Beast.  Only when Torah is injected, as the fight against homosexuality, is Christianity lambasted.  Otherwise, it is treated as a religion for the retarded.

But don’t get me wrong.  Jesus Christ IS Torah.  He IS the Law.  Jews who revere Torah ought to understand that once and for all.  Jesus IS Judaism.  Christians also must get this in order to “win.”  But “winning” means becoming Torah.  As long as Torah remains rejected by Christians, there will be world struggle.  The Christian claim that Christianity has created the greatest empires is false.  Christianity did not build America.  Torah did.  Law did.  A nation of laws.  But whenever Christianity inserted itself outside of Torah, America permitted slavery, prohibition, even the Ku Klux Klan.  This is not to demean Christianity as a right vehicle.  It IS the right vehicle.  Unfortunately, most Christians have never taken the correct curriculum to learn how to drive that vehicle.  They are as teenagers with dad’s Corvette.  Eager but dangerous.  Not evil, only ignorant and unbridled.

The answer to this world struggle is Hegemony.  And the Hegemony, the dominance, which MUST be applied MUST be Law, and not Faith or Belief.  Faith is invisible.  Belief is personal.  But LAW is visible and ancient, interpreted and valued, disciplined and right.  And if it is LAW we require, it is NOT the violence of Sharia, the diluted cruelty of ancient Christianity, or the man-made encryptions of Statism, Communism, and other known evils.  We ought not bow to the Law of the Jungle, or the Law of Criminals, or the Law or Pleasure.  We ought not give in to “social justice” or cries for “rights” or cries against “discrimination.”  Rather, we ought to invoke OUR Judaic background, the Judeo-Christian principles which built Rome, Europe, and America, and which ought to rule Israel today!  The answer IS and always will be TORAH.

Otherwise, you WILL submit to Sharia or Socialist/Communist dictatorship.

* Recording for March 4, 2014 * 

Isaiah 48:12-19

There is only one God.  There is only one Law of God.  There is thus only one correct path.  Only Law can save us now.  Law and order.  Bastiat knew it.  Jefferson and Washington knew it.  Jesus knew it.  It is not about tolerance, acceptance, coexistence or non-judgment.  It is about differentiating between right and wrong, using the most balanced, still-extant-yet-ancient, translatable, ubiquitous law there is.  It is Torah.  The Law of God WILL be victorious, whether it is in YOUR hands or in the hands of Islam.  It’s your choice.  The communists can NEVER win because they deny human nature.  The Muslims apply themselves to discipline but with too much savagery.  There is still a little time.  Christians and Jews, accept Torah, follow it, and God will bless you once again.

Tune in for motivation to fear God and do His commandments!

* Recording for March 2, 2014 * 

Isaiah 48:1-11

We march towards madness.  One communist, the Black Russian, stands idly by for the other communist, the White Wolf, and we think there is a cold war, or a hot war.  There is NO war.  It will be over without a whimper.  The world will plunge into darkness, the savages will howl through the streets, and all we’ve known will be wiped out within years.  All it will take is one more catastrophe and the power will ebb from the people once more.  And why?  Because we have given up on Torah.  The Jewish people are not gravitating to Torah but towards hedonism.  The Christians now tolerate hedonism and communism.  The Muslims do not evolve but entrench even further.  The Chinese build.  That is about ¾ of the world’s population, not counting unbelievers, who think their elitist stance is somehow enlightened or advanced, when Torah itself speaks to them.  It is ancient.  It is all evil. 

Today, listen in and hear the solution - if we will implement – Torah!

* Recording for February 6, 2014 * 

Isaiah 47:11-15

We are dumb and easily led.  We are like sheep, thinking not for tomorrow, or even the next moment.  We think only of our bellies and our anxieties.  But OK!  Solomon, in Ecclesiastes, says that the best a man can do is eat, drink, and enjoy the good of his labor, of his hands.  Nevertheless, Solomon also writes that the entire DUTY of man is to fear God and do His commandments.  So it’s not enough to just be a hedonist, thoughtless and carefree.  There is duty and obedience also.  Now, when there is duty and obedience, there are limits to Hedonism. 

In today’s lesson, we learn that God’s chosen people were no better at learning these lessons.  This doesn’t disqualify His chosen people, or qualify another to take over.  It merely means that the Bible has shown, and continues to show, that human nature has not changed, though empires crumble under the weight of said nature!

* Recording for January 23, 2014 * 

Isaiah 47:6-10

We talk quite a lot about Hedonism.  We speak to the fall of empires as a consequence of Hedonism.  One aspect of Hedonism is that men and women eat and drink as they like.  “What?”, you say, “the fall of empires is due to eating and drinking?”  If we believe that God’s commandments are true, and from God, then indeed eating forbidden foods, such as pork and shrimp, is the same as eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.  “No, no!,” you reply, “it wasn’t fruit which was the issue, it was the disobedience to… oh… right.”  In so saying, any Gentile or Christian authority to permit eating forbidden foods is corrosive to the empire.

Another aspect to Hedonism is proliferation of sexual attitudes and disintegration of mores.  This includes not only the obvious deviances, such as incest or bestiality, but also the more accepted deviances, such as the male homosexual act.  It is NOT a sign of progressivism that a society is more embracing of male homosexuality.  In fact, it is regressive, because… if the Law addresses it, and it does, it predates the Law.  This means the LAW is progressive against the more ancient and pagan acts of male homosexuality.  That Greece participated after Moses (debatable) is not proof of progressivism, for we simply ascribe too much intellect to the Greeks.  They were neither smarter nor less warlike than any other people, only more prolific in saving their arts.  But if someone invokes male homosexuality as “natural,” that the animals do it often, there is a problem with that argument: according to evolutionary theory, the animals predate, so male homosexuality is a step backwards, towards the animals.  Besides that disobedience to God’s Law causes disfavor, male homosexuality cannot help but bring forth a tolerant society which is more involved with its desires than its protection, which permits government to run rampant in order to “secure rights” for Hedonism (sex, drugs, etc).  This is a weaker empire, ripe for picking.  Finally, male homosexuality cannot produce children, which is a cause for two negatives: (1) reduction of gene pool within that empire (important for Jews especially), and (2) reduction of work force, which guarantees more influx of foreign workers.  It might be argued that the number of male homosexuals cannot make a noticeable dent, but since the argument favors Hedonism, it is too biased.

But let us also note adultery as another Hedonism which instigates the fall of empires.  First, the adultery of sex with another man’s wife, which causes neighbor to suspect and hate neighbor.  The empire cannot sustain if its inhabitants hate each other more than they do foreign invaders.  Besides this practical consideration are many spiritual ones:

(1) the mere act of lusting after your neighbor’s wife is coveting, another deep sin, and one which causes indiscretions which break up otherwise solid marriages and families, divorces and childhood traumas which corrode society to the core,

(2) sex with women who have not divorced for the cause of adultery is adultery, and is like a virus spreading; the fact that such things go on all the time does not make it right or without consequence,

(3) when certain groups of people engage promiscuously, they have sex with women who, by their previous sexual engagement, caused themselves to be scripturally married already; the fact they these women don’t recognize such marriages or laws does not negate God, or the effect on society;

(4) the number of fatherless children from such promiscuity rises exponentially, causing a breakdown on the streets and in homes, with an increase in gangs for support, with commensurate increase in violence in and out of the home; in fact, an entire culture of violence; and if this violence is blamed upon society rather than on the perpetrators, as if the victims deserve what they get, society is about to explode, either to implode or to crush such elements;

(5) due to these cultural elements, and prevailing belief on the sanctity of life, promiscuity also leads to abortions, some 50 million in America alone within the previous 40 years, and this not only is murder (premeditated killing of life), it also is weakness of resolve, for abortion is the inability of the mother to care for its child, and this is not strength.

These are but a few of the corrosions of Hedonism which destroy empires.  Tune in to our program for more.

* Recording for January 18, 2014 * 

Isaiah 47:1-5

Whoever does not help Israel to retain Torah is the enemy of God.  Period. 

We can say we love Israel, but if we assist her to be secular and faithless, dependent upon the goodness of men to stay safe, it will fail.  It failed when Palestine was formed, it failed when Israel was formed, and it failed in the 1967 War.  By “failed” I mean that Israel relied not on allies but God, and we see that Israel was favored.  But victory breeds cockiness, and cockiness breeds insouciance, and that leads to carelessness and destruction.

It cannot be denied.  The empirical evidence of empires crumbling is our guide.  The Bible goes back further, to say the same thing.  Isaiah in particular is rife with noting the fall of empires, and the reasons for the fall.  Today, we learn why Babylon, who thought herself a lady, shall be treated like a whore.

* Recording for January 14, 2014 * 

Isaiah 46:8-13

Why do the heathen rage?  Why do the people imagine vain things?  First, it’s in their nature.  Second, the heathen is not beaten back, and the vain things are not judged by Torah.  If Christians will not come to Torah, then destruction will come to Christianity.  It’s not enough to say, “Christianity’s been just fine.”  It hasn’t.  The Jews have carried the day for the Gentile, in always reestablishing the Law.  The Gentiles are prolific, no doubt about it, but only when they espouse the portions of Torah which matter, such as regarding money, property, family, and God.  We now live in a unique age.  Every evil is upon us, and it seems there is no good choice or escape.  But Torah, that one great Law everyone talks about, that Law which is neither too rigid nor too flexible, is still untried in its entirety among the nations.  Listen today to a geopolitical take on Isaiah, and see if you don’t agree!

* Recording for January 4, 2014 * 

Isaiah 46:1-7

The idolatry continues.  Oh, not the trite criticisms do I give you regarding money, cars, or status.  These are not idolatry.  No, instead I speak to you of statism and the “dear leader” who is the head of such statism which makes rules seeking to circumvent and supersede God.  For when men make laws which go against Torah, they makes themselves God.  Who has the right to make a law contrary to Torah.  Why, not even God!  The anti-Torah crowd, and they are many, may say that Torah itself is contradictory, but this is not true.  Their moaning that one word is not the same as the other does not remove that no commandment blocks the way to obedience in another commandment.  And this is the real issue.  For while men strain to show that Torah is not perfect by the sight of their eyes, the hearing of their ears, the research of their minds, it is only so that they do not have to follow Torah, not so they can!  They have no such goal or aim.  Their purpose is not to make Torah clearer but cloudier.  Their purpose is not to teach to do but to teach refraining from doing, to teach to disobey. 

And why?  Simply, there is something in Torah which stops their desires from coming to full fruition.  Perhaps it is the commandments which say to refrain from male homosexuality, and the capital punishment for the conviction of such.  Perhaps it is the commandment of Sabbath, which tells the State that on one particular day, the same day, every week, I shall not be working.  The head of state is then put in the position to either reject Torah and force the Torah follower to work on Sabbath, or to relent to Torah, even if the reasoning is that to press forward against Torah might end in revolution.  In either case, it is capitulation to Torah, as it should be. 

Perhaps it is the Christian who desires to eat unclean meats of all sorts, and utilizes the death of Jesus Christ as the occasion to dilute Torah so that such eating takes place.  Never mind that Christ’s death, according to Christian doctrine, has nothing to do with destroying Torah, but rather is supposed to be a propitiation for blood sacrifice.  Where did Jesus say He came to destroy the Law, or any jot or tittle?  Did He not say that anyone who broke and taught against the least commandment would be called least?  If this is true, why teach to eat unclean meats?

Some might say that Islam is the correct path, but Islam IS Torah, at least according to their own writings, only with improper administrators, chosen not by Torah, that is, not by God, but by men who unlawfully gave themselves permission to administer Torah, under the false pretense that the Jews lost that right and/or privilege.  Who gave these Muslims the right to administer Torah?  Who told them that the Jews had lost their administration over Torah?  Mohammed?  Who is Mohammed but another harbinger of outside influence against  Torah?  As Paul before him, Mohamed made his exceptions, his own rules, and was therefore a statist.  That the Sanhedrin of Christ’s time were statists does not justify changing Torah, but only justifies changing out certain ones from the Sanhedrin.

But if one says that Torah is subservient to the “law” of “common sense” or “universal principles,” it again devolves that someone must quantify what these laws are.  Commonly, they are dilutions of Torah, involving the Ten Commandments, derivations of charity commandments, and a love of nature which is already in full bloom in, yet properly limited by, Torah.  And whenever these more nebulous “laws” are scribed, there is seemingly always a component of pagan nature-worship included, whether it is the worship of trees, the sun, the Earth, animals, or even one particular bright and charming man, that is, the statist. 

These words I write today give meaning to the question, “Why Torah?” and not another way?  Torah came before Christianity and Islam.  Torah dissolves the old ways of polytheism.  Torah is the evolution of religion.  Torah is for the many, not the few.  Torah is simple to implement yet takes a lifetime to fully understand.  Torah makes enemies, which means it has guts and character.  Torah comments fully and decisively on the Five Evils: hedonism, crime, communism, corruption, and Islamism, and makes them subservient.  When Torah is implemented, the kingdom of God is on Earth, for sin is not the norm when obedience is. 

God wants our obedience, not our sin, not our sacrifice for sin.  Focus on the sacrifice means we have little respect for the obedience.  Therefore God’s Law, Torah, is once again thrust down.  However, as history shows, Torah shall never be fully or permanently defeated or killed, only temporarily misplaced, waiting for the statist to make his next fatal flaw against humanity, when thereafter Torah shall straighten it all out again.

* Recording for December 21, 2013 * 

Isaiah 45:20-25

Who is to blame for the mess we’re in?  The Christians, undoubtedly.  Having venerated themselves as the “new chosen” with the authority to abrogate and abridge the Law to a certain standard of paganism that suited both their taste to be rid of paganism, that is, to be Jewish, and their taste to remain pagan, that is, to be themselves, early Gentile Christianity made a choice to be more sinful than is permitted, by the permission to ingest unclean foods without purpose of survival, to create for themselves doctrines which did not conform with God’s Law, and to generally deify the Jew whose sole purpose and mission was to goad and push the corrupt Sanhedrin back to proper confines, that is, in Torah.  In order to enshrine this decision with some degree of godly approval, the Christians went about persecuting and destroying the very people who were persecuted and destroyed for the benefit of these same Gentile Christians, that is, the Jews.  After several hundred years, the Jewish Christians, the original church, was about wiped out, or at least spread to such a degree that it made not a mark against widespread Gentile Christianity.  Having disposed of their greatest enemy, the Law of God (or so they thought), these Christians set about themselves to decide which school of Trinitarian thought was least pagan, and therefore began a battle between the followers of Arius and Aristarchus which would rage for decades, bloody battles fought over whether the Trinity were three faces of God or three aspects, or whichever degree of paganism suited them best.  It should be noted that the main motivation for retaining this paganism was twofold, first, that the security of salvation from the effects of sin was somehow wrapped up in the notion that God died on the cross, an impossibility of course, for God cannot die, and naturally it is best explained that “God” died on the cross in that Jesus, the prophet of Torah, the greatest Jewish evangelist, was killed for standing up to endemic institutional corruption among His own people, but it was not in the strength of pagans to understand any of these things, Jewish things, and thus the King of the Jews was re-crowned as the Savior of the Word, bringing with Him a salvation peculiarly dispensed only by a belief in the magic and mystical power of His blood, which of course is a return to the paganism that even the Council at Jerusalem (Acts 15:20-21) dedicates as the first hurdle which all Gentiles must vault in order to even be considered a follower of Jesus and a member-in-good-standing of the new sect of Judaism known as Christianity; and second, this paganism was culturally foundational to the main body of Gentiles brought into the church at that time (indeed, to this day), Greeks and Romans with mythological religious roots, Arabs of various polytheism, and sailors from far lands who came to Israel and Jerusalem.  But in establishing any Christianity with paganism, every particle pagan naturally takes away from the purity of Torah, that which Jesus taught, that under which Jesus was perfect and flawless, but not so He could be a blood sacrifice for heathens, in order that they might continue in their willful paganism, or even unintentional sin, for we know that Jesus even viewed the expansion of Torah gospel to the Samaritans to be as pearls before swine, good meat to dogs, but rather the perfection of Christ was, first, an example to His own people, the lost sheep of His people, alienated by corruption and hypocrisy in the Jewish leaders of His day, to bring them back to Torah, and even to Temple, and second, a light to whoever else desired to take on this burden of the full Law.  I say “burden” because it is clear that Christianity and Judaism do not share the same view of Torah, or law in general.  It is a generally-known fact that people leave Christianity, or perhaps more accurately, leave the church because of hypocrisy and hypocrites, those who say what is right but do not endeavor very much to do what is right, an obvious flaw in Christian doctrine, being “not under the law,” giving antinomianism, that is, the attitude that salvation gives one the right to sin without effect, such as condemnation, sway to run wild.  For when law is undermined by doctrine of dilution, as in, quite colloquially, “Jesus died for my sins, and therefore I can eat pork without any fear,” the desires of carnality are given allowance to exist in a justified state, and there is no power of persuasion which will convince such a believer that to refrain from pork (for example) provides any positive benefit, but rather, and quite extraordinarily, it is considered that to refrain from pork is a step backwards, as if obedience to the Law of God is the more pagan action than the disobedience!  As if the confidence given, quite without right or justification, to break any least commandment is the “right stuff” that promotes a higher plane of spirituality, circumventing, yea, ascending over commandments of God which are eternal and unbreakable, but which are quite breakable in the minds of Gentile Christians taught by leaders of incorrect doctrines that to break the commandment is a sign of spiritual maturity!  Is it any wonder then that many who analyze Christianity see a religion of absurdity, where the commandment of blood atonement through animal sacrifice is termed “of no effect” and yet there is named a propitiation, a substitute, for those commandments “of no effect” which stands in for that which has no efficacy in the first place!  For if the blood of bulls and goats never could atone for sin, howbeit that the blood of Christ works where the blood of animals, blood commanded by God to be shed for sins, has no such workability?  This is but one aspect of absurdity in Christianity which is also hypocrisy, for if belief in animal blood atonement is to the Christian a fantasy, or even some passé ritual, why is the substitution of Jesus, whether He is a man or God Himself, of any more value and usefulness?  One can make grandiose remarks, such as, “The blood of God is always valuable and useful!” but the instant and effective retort, “How does God have blood?” is so strong that it must, and does, cause the Christian to retreat behind a wall of violent possessiveness, and indeed, that has been the Christian answer up until perhaps the 1800’s.  That Christianity has matured as an attitude, and violence among Christians towards anyone is frowned upon, it does not remove that Christians still ferociously guard this mystical religious dogma with every fiber of their being, as if the mere belief in the doctrine itself is what promotes salvation, when it is actually clear that the entire gospel of Christ was “Repent!”  The one difference between Christianity and Judaism, if we can say there is only one, is that Christianity promotes a type of hypocrisy that demands obedience while also not only disallowing various commandments of God but also persuades its followers to cultivate an arrogant notion of their own superior spirituality based on not following Law, while Judaism alienates its followers because there are too many laws and rules!  Is it bad or wrong that there are too many laws and rules?  No, that’s the religion!  There is no hypocrisy in demanding congregants to follow the Law of God, and this is made stronger by the fact that Judaism is rooted in the genetic aspect of being born Jewish, a “burden” from birth that commands Jews to not only keep the Law for the good of themselves, and for their families, and for the communities, both social and genetic, but also to be a light to the Gentiles, to those who are not born with the responsibility.  It ought to be obvious that when a group born to a duty to see God’s commandments carried out in full meets with a group which contends that those same commandments have been abridged in some fashion, there’s going to be conflict, even blood spilled.  From the beginning, Gentile Christianity has made its mark by destroying everyone in its path who does not agree that the Law of God is abridged by the blood of Christ, even though Christ Himself said He did not come to destroy a jot or a tittle of the Law or the Prophets!  Quite astounding!  Quite hypocritical that those who are Christians ignore Christ in order to keep a doctrine which benefits them solely to satisfy their carnal desires, for how can it be that Christ died so that you can eat pork, or shrimp, or wear certain clothes, or groom a certain way, or plant a certain way.  Really?  Jesus came, and as a Jew, to set free everyone from those parts of the Law which separate Jews from Gentiles?  You mean to say that the purpose of Christ was to make Jews more Gentile, not the other way around?  Christian apologists may say “No, more Jewish than Gentile” but there is, as always, a stopping point to the Law where even the apologist will not tread, that is, telling the Gentile to simply follow the Law as the most Torah Jews of the day follow the Law. Can we imagine a world where Christians follow the Law as if they were Hassidic Jews?  This would put secular Jews to shame.  But as long as Christians insist that their salvation, their pride, their holiness, their spirituality, includes “getting away with things” because Jesus died on the cross, not only will Christianity wither further, but they are particularly culpable for the destruction of Torah, more so than the Jews, for in their numbers and power the Christians have made themselves the most holy of people, favored by God, exempt from Gehenna, and yet how is that possible if their claim to fame is to accept the sacrifice of a man who was flawless in the Law while they themselves are exempt for a good portion of that same Law?  This is the guilt of Christianity, that it promotes sin through its own doctrine, yet fights violently to shed that image and label, but does not change its doctrine to match how violently it fights!  More next week.

* Recording for December 18, 2013 * 

Isaiah 45:18-19

Is it the end?  Sodom is rising.  I take signs seriously.  Duck Dynasty smacked by A&E Network is not the be-all, end-all, but it gets to be a bigger story when the homosexual jihad continues unabated as much as the Muslim jihad.  Remember the homosexuals said they were the new blacks?  Well, that’s too tame now.  They are the new Muslims.  But even this is not big enough to contain just this week’s tales of hedonism.  Marijuana considered decriminalized down to 12 years old?  More handouts so more people can work less and feel worthy while doing nothing or, worse, doing something else while feeding off those who do their civic duty.  Lying is epidemic, beginning with the Liar-in-Chief, who this week received three nomination for “Lie of the Year” by the Washington Post, no enemy of Obama.  And why should Americans feel any less empowered to lie, cheat and steal?  And so they do.  Today’s message is one of hope, but not one of rapture or grace or forgiveness.  It is of LAW and TORAH.  Law and order. Choose Torah now, or live under Sharia later, or anarchy, or fascism.  Choose.

* Recording for December 14, 2013 * 

Isaiah 45:14-17

So we come to the conclusion that Christianity is weak and getting weaker, while the Muslims are getting stronger.  We understand that both Christians and Muslims have tried to steal the mantle of “chosen” and have not succeeded.  Instead, they’ve warred for 1500 years or so.  Meanwhile, Torah awaits all who desire not too cold (Christianity) and not too hot (Islam).  But what about Buddhism?  The virtue of humanity is limited and does not stretch to righteousness, for righteousness is entirely the purview of God.  Thus, all who reject God can do more than be “good people,” measured only by  the standards of men who dilute and hack at Torah.  But if one says Islam is superior, in what manner?  Islam also boasts only an imitation of Torah.  Come hear a few complex ideas mixed with a bit of fun.

* Recording for November 27, 2013 * 

Isaiah 45:9-13

Cyrus the Persian worked for God to establish Torah back to Jerusalem and Israel.  God can use anyone to bring man and Torah back together, so that man can be free. 

Torah is not a curse.  The Law is not a curse.  The “curse of the Law” is the punishment we gather for our own misdeeds.  The Law of God is not a curse from which to escape.  The Christian who says he is “not under the law” has no understanding of the meaning of that phrase.  If one is “not under the law,” it is not that one is safe from the Law of God, it is that one is not sinning at the moment.  If the reasoning is that Christ puts one “not under the law,” it is that Christ points a person to follow the Law.  Is that what Christ said?  Was that His mission?  Yes!  He came to fulfill, as an example, not destroy.  Whoever teaches to break the least commandment, He said, is least.  There are may ways to prove that Christ is not a remover of Torah, the above examples being only two. 

The Christian believes he is an heir to the promise of God.  But this is only true if the Christian picks up the mantle of the Jew, to follow Torah.  That the Christian has overthrown following Torah for a doctrine of absolution is the undoing of the world, as much as it is when the Jew forgoes Torah for assimilation into Gentile culture.  The Christian wants a waiver from the Law of God like a union boss wants a waiver from Obamacare.  The Christian wants a bailout from the sins which stem from poor custodial and stewardship like the banks want a bailout from their sins in creating worthless derivatives from worthless mortgages.  In fact, if the bank had followed the law, no bailout would have been necessary.  If the union boss had stood for his membership in the first place, no waiver would have been necessary.  So the Christian looking for this bailout and waiver is an acknowledgement of sin against the Law of God, seeking from the author of the Law an unfair advantage and pardon, which the Law itself forbids!

When the people are vigilant for the law, they are a moral people.  This is true for Constitutional issues and spiritual issues.  Only a moral people deserve a Constitution, and a deserving people embrace the Law of God fully, and demand its implementation within construct and spec of both word and spirit, judiciously utilizing it to also secure the cultural hegemony.

Islam was born when Arabs saw that non-Jews took Torah and twisted it for their own means.  Mohammed approached the Jews, to fight against the paganism inherent in Christian custom and doctrine.  The Jews instead offered Mohammed a place in Judaism, saying, “We already have a monotheistic religion with a firm law!”  Mohammed was insulted and enraged.  However, as far from it being the Jews’ fault that Mohammed came to them, that is how close it is that Christianity is to blame for the birth of Islam.  If the Christians had embraced Torah and not rejected the Jews, the Law of God, and the Temple, as established by God, Mohammed would never exist as a figure of history.

It will do you no good to say, “But the Talmud ruined Torah.”  So?  Follow Torah without Talmud, if that is your reasoning.  But you did not, Christian, because you needed your bailout and waiver, without the hard work associated with keeping the Law for yourself, your family, and your society.  Instead, you made rules of behavior which mimicked to some degree Torah, which made you feel as if you were fulfilling some part of a bargain never made. 

Here is the proof… What if the Pharisees had seen the light, recanted their accusations against Jesus, and let Christ go?  What if they never executed Him?  Then Christ’s mission, to cause the leaders of Israel to cease alienating the sheep to be lost, would have been fulfilled.  You would not have your doctrine of propitiation, but Israel would have been saved from itself.  If you say, “But they were never going to recant,” you are merely selfishly saying that God chose Jesus to come at a particular corrupt period of history so that at no time would He be saved from the cross.  You are saying that you embrace the death of righteousness and of Israel so that your putrid soul could be washed clean.  Rather than embrace Torah, and do the right thing, as Jesus did, you would rather use Christ as your blood-towel.

Is it any wonder that Islam views Christianity as a pagan religion?  The Muslims believe Moses did receive the Torah from God at Mt. Sinai, and they do believe Christ came to renew the power of Torah among the chosen people.  But.. like the Christians.. the Muslims believe THEY are now the chosen people because.. like the Christians.. they believe God reneged His promise to the Jews because of sin.  As if the Jews never sinned before or after.  As if the Christians and Muslims don’t sin repeatedly against Torah.  As if any human comes close to righteousness.

Christians, do you not think that God can use the Muslims of today to bring the Jews back to Torah?  Do you not know that the entire purpose of Christ was to bring the Pharisees back to Torah and away from their human ordinances?  God does not need you, Christian, nor does He need the Muslim.  But He does need Torah to proliferate for the Kingdom of God to domicile on Earth.

In today’s episode, we learn that Cyrus the Persian (Iranian) helps Israel return to Torah.

* Recording for November 9, 2013 * 

Isaiah 45:1-8

The universe bows to God.  The universe bows to no man.  Yet man believes he can conquer space and time.  Man cannot even conquer his own desires, nor weather, nor famine.  God is the Lord of all things.  All He desires is for His creation to create the circumstances for us to live in harmony with Him.  How?  Follow Torah, and create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

* Recording for November 2, 2013 * 

Isaiah 44:26-27

It’s hard to continue in goodness when everyone is dancing in Sodom.  It’s lonely when one is Torah and other people barely know what Torah is.  Torah is Law.  God’s Law.  Pure, antecedent, definable, against all evils, cultural hegemony, mystical in its wisdom and efficacy.  There is no other way to put it.  When the nation heeds Torah, they prosper.  When the nations dismiss Torah, savagery and hedonism, fascism and slavery, crime and death.

* Recording for October 26, 2013 * 

Isaiah 44:21-25

TODAY’S MESSAGE is simple.  One God, One Law.  Torah.  The Jews need Torah.  The Christians need Torah.  The Muslims need Torah.  Can you imagine?

* Recording for October 19, 2013 * 

Isaiah 44:18-20

TODAY’S MESSAGE regards the ACA-Obamacare, and idolatry.  What is the connection?  Listen for an hour and find out!

* Recording for October 12, 2013 * 

Isaiah 44:9-17

TODAY’S MESSAGE is a message to and for atheists.  Do you notice the idolater makes a “god” out of something visible, thereby proving that man is the creator?  Is it not obvious that the container of an idol is the container of what is invisible?  For if a man worships something made of wood, why does he burn wood for heat?  Or if a man worships something made of stone, why does he use stone to build a structure?  No, it is not the container, the idol, which is holy, but only the invisible God.  For what is invisible except that which keeps what is visible constant?  The invisible God has made our lives easy by commanding us to refrain from idolatry.  We do not have to, in fact must not, fashion any visible thing to symbolize the invisible.  Like a radio which contains waves, but is not the wave itself, the idol is but a container.  What is a dream?  Can we know it by examining the brain?  What is “cold”?  Can we know it by building a refrigerator?  No, we may only know the effects.  The invisible God is strength.  But if the atheist believes that faith in invisible things is foolish or worse, why does the atheist have faith in an invisible “nothing” after death?  Or, rather, why does the militant atheist find it necessary to destroy religion in order to live in peace?  The answer is that faith in an invisible God reminds the atheist that a belief in “nothingness” is akin to a belief in invisibility.  However, the believer in an invisible God is not threatened by an atheist’s beliefs, only the destructive nature of a militant jihad atheism against religion.  Atheists may claim a fear of religion for many reasons, but experience now proves that atheists are a menace to religious beliefs in schools, on public grounds, even on private property, in conversations, and so forth.  If religion is so fearful, why does the militant atheist take the attitude of that which he despises?  Again, the invisible God is the reminder of the invisible.  God’s Law is invisible.  But the container of God’s Law, Torah, is visible.  How detrimental to the atheist who desires not to see any evidence of an invisible God!  The atheist can always claim that men wrote Torah, but by the same token men make opinions of atheism.  The question is only, which man to believe.  In this regard, who shall the atheists bring forth?  Dawkins?  Kierkegaard?  What proof do atheist scientists bring to their vaunted table?  What experience do atheist writers extend?  None!  Only their biases against commandments which restrain them, religions which irritate them, elitism which elevates them disproportionately!  There is therefore very little for the atheist to say besides, “I don’t like it!”  Their claims that religion is the greatest killer of men is false.  Atheistic communism has been the greatest killer.  Not only Mao, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, and the rest.  But also the national socialists like Hitler, Genghis Khan, and the tribal socialists like Idi Amin and Mugabe.  But further, it is Baal who is the maker of sameness in the name of rejecting the invisible God.  One need only read the Bible to see how idolaters destroy.  Listen to this week’s message for more.

* Recording for October 5, 2013 * 

Isaiah 44:1-8

TODAY’S MESSAGE shows us absolutely there is a difference between those who raise their hands for God and those who raise their hands for their birthright or adoption.  It is NOT enough to simply say, “I am chosen” or “I am saved.”  There is an “AND.”  AND… you raise your hand for the Lord.  And how do you raise your hand for the Lord?  Follow Torah!  “But,” you may say, “I am not under that law.”  Is this your gratitude?  Is this the extent of your faith?  Is this your commentary on what God has already commanded and promised?  What can you obey?  What can you believe?  Listen to this week’s recording and hear.

* Recording for September 21, 2013 * 

Isaiah 43:22-28

TODAY’S MESSAGE is simple.  Thank God for all things.  Thank God for creation, for origin, for the scientific mechanisms of the universe, for astrophysics, for quantum physics, for genetics, for mathematics, for biology.  Thank God for all anatomy, for ears, for eyes, for all senses, for extrasensory, for variety, for adaptation.  Oh, thank God!  Thank God for these and so many more things which work like clockwork perfection, so that we do not say, “How will we know the sun will rise tomorrow?” or “How will these molecules remain together?”  At this time of High Holidays, we thank God for the opportunity to renew the universe, to be one with Torah, be commune with people of like mind, to cleanse ourselves, to start anew, to BE!

* Recording for September 7, 2013 * 

Isaiah 43:14-21

FIVE EVILS.  ISLAMISM.  Syria, Iran, Somalia, Mali, Kenya, Congo, Nigeria, Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Sharia worldwide, the Caliphate.  COMMUNISM.  CHINA, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, socialism, class warfare, Occupy, unionism, dialectic, Overton Window.  NEW WORLD ORDER. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Bush, the Pope, the EU, corporatism.  CRIME.  Mexico, Guatemala, Mafias, gangs, cartels, excuses for minorities.  HEDONISM. Homosexuals, abortion, rampant drugs, rampant anger and violence, indolence.  THE CURE.  Torah.  When implemented by Jews and Christians working together, that’s 2 billion people fighting for God’s Law, for the true and stated rights of man, for private property, for children, for family, for women, for one nation under God.  Come listen!

* This Week’s Recording PART 2 * 

Isaiah 43:5-13

Spiraling out of control faster than one of Stephen Hawking’s wheelchairs, the world is heading towards a showdown.  Oh, and I don’t JUST mean Syria, Egypt, Iran, Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Sudan, Congo, Libya, and the United States. 

The world is careening madly in a final battle between good and evil.  You can choose the side of Evil power - the corruption in a New World Order, the savagery of Islamism, the death of individualism under Communism, the endless violence of Crime, or the dead end of Hedonism.  Or, you can choose the way of Torah.

The way of Moses, the way of Elijah, the way of Isaiah, the way of Jesus.

It is not the way of the hippie, with peace and love.  As Jesus said, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword.”  Listen today to hear what that means.  As Jesus said, and I paraphrase, the greatest love is to lay down one’s life for those who do God’s commandments.

Come listen and learn before it’s too late!

* This Week’s Recording PART 1 * 

Isaiah 43:1-4

Who is God?  Who are you? 

Do you REALLY understand what a Savior is?  Do you REALLY understand what it means to be a “chosen people”?   Do you understand baptism?  Do you understand what it is to be “ransomed”? 

This week, hear what TORAH and ISAIAH have to say about these things.  Don’t guess!  Don’t be ignorant!  There’s no need! 

* Last Week’s Recording * 

Isaiah 42:14-25

Five Evils got you down?  Is there enough corruption for you yet?  Ready to fight back?  If the answer is “No” you are not alone.  There are so many major and minor wars and skirmishes, both military and spiritual, to fight, it gets tiring.  People give up.  After awhile, it becomes a blur.  Once you saw, now you are blind.  Once you listened, now you are deaf.  Then, after a time, you don’t even understand the argument anymore, not even the language of the argument.  You are in a burning building, smoke is in your eyes, your flesh is on fire, and you don’t even notice.  The GOOD NEWS is that there is HOPE.  First, there is repentance for sins.  Second, there is Torah for guidance into goodness.  Third, there is an elect of God’s people who He will save for His own name, His own promise.  Who are these people, and how does one recognize?  TODAY is the day to find out!  As always, we must fight against Corruption, Crime, Hedonism, Communism (collectivism), and Islamism.  Be renewed!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 42:10-13

The strength of the Lord is mightier than all.  Torah is His word.  How much more do we need to hear?

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 42:6-9

Torah will save the world.  Torah drives back Sharia law by providing the proper context and foundation against barbarism.  Torah destroys communism by establishing capitalism, family, and religion (both God and rite) as necessary.  Torah commands crime to be punished and stopped.  Torah demands an end to corruption, making any “one world order” to be fair, just, balanced, sustainable, and thriving.  Torah forces hedonism (including homosexuality, abortion, and fatherless children) back to the seedy alley from which it springs.  If you think Torah is a fantasy, I will show you the Law of God.  If you think Torah is a Jewish conspiracy, I will show you Jesus Christ.  If you think Torah is a laugh, I will show you the disintegration of empires.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 42:1-5

Who is the judge of the World?  Is it Jesus?  Is it Isaiah?  Is it me?  Tune in to today’s lesson and learn what it means to BE the “servant of God” and the judge of the world!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 41:21-29

Are we “doomed”?  When someone demands that you “prove the Bible,” there are only two reasons: (1) that you should give up on improvable things, or (2) that someone really wants the Bible proven so they can believe.  A true prophet of God is one who speaks well, not ill, of Torah, and who believes that when we keep Torah the land shall be blessed.  A true spokesman for the Bible can prove all of his words through the Law of God, the foundation for all things.  For without Law there is only anarchy and personal preference.  Thus, when a prophet of God says “come and bring me your arguments” your arguments shall only be valid if you completely dismiss the factual evidence of “thou shalt” or “thou shalt not.”  If your goal is to accept the foundation of Torah, you shall be well-pleased with Torah, the Bible, and God.  If, however, your goal is by all means to avoid obedience to anything but your own desires, you are doomed.  But even if you personally do not suffer much for your choices, you affect the ground upon which you walk, and your nation shall suffer.  This is irrefutable: that though obedience to God does not always bring blessings or joy to the obedient, and that the disobedient many times prosper, a nation of disobedient people is a nation about to crumble.  You can argue that Torah is no better than Koran or Buddha, but you would be wrong.  You can argue that a land without God is a more advanced culture, but you would be foolish.  Come hear today’s discussion and discover new thoughts.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 41:14-20

What is a “worm”?  We know the meaning in modern terms to be a man who is not a man, but a mealy-mouth, or, more specifically, one who does not stand up for his rights.  Yet, to stand up for one’s own rights is to stand up for everyone’s rights.  What good is it to be treated correctly, that is, through Torah, if one fees his fellow man to the wolves?  What good is it to “grandfathered” in if it means that the next guy doesn’t have the same or similar right?   The worm, then, is a man’s soul.  And when a man dies, his soul continues on, as does the worm.  The only question is, will the worm continue on eternally as a worm, or shall it be enlightened to the greater level?  And if still a worm, shall not that worm be tortured constantly for all of the moments it did not stand up for the Torah rights of men?  When does that torture end?  This week, we learn that God is constantly moving us to become men instead of worms.  Through the words of Isaiah, God HELPS us moment by moment, providing us with opportunities to become men rather than worms.  As the evil in this world now manifests itself in a very overt manner, it is imperative that we choose to be men and not worms, to fight for Torah and not take the Mark of the Beast, to die for Torah rather than to live like worms.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 41:8-13

So now the truth comes out.  The United States government spies upon its people in the same intention as the KGB did with the Russian people, to find “traitors” and “terrorists” who would harm the State.  Except that “State” does not mean you, people.  It means the people with the apparatus.  Your health is only as important as it does not cause revolution.  Today’s lesson is likewise.  When the people trust anything other than God for their safety, the enemies of man take over.  Crime, Corruption, Hedonism, Islamism, and Communism are more than happy to control your behavior, take your natural resources, and abduct your nuclear weapons.  Listen and learn!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 40:27-41:7

When God speaks, the atheists listen.  When the atheists are silenced, the people hear.  But even when the people hear, they are stupid.  For then they make idols.  Rather than disbelieve God, they make Him into a man.  What ho?

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 40:18-26

Who is God?  Who are YOU?  Are you the same as God?  Is ANYONE the same as God?  Is every person capable to create their own reality?  If so, where are all the wishes granted of desperate men and women whose hearts yearn and ache for love, loved ones, power, money, and so forth?  In fact, only God creates reality.  There is only one reality we can know and all else is conjecture.  Isn’t it interesting that those who dispose of God nevertheless look to scientific “theory” to provide answers for those things which God has already explained to our senses?  There is one God, and therefore the universe works according to one perfectly mathematical plan, which has, over and over again, been proved by science.  There is no multiplicity of gods working in or out of tandem.  There is no chaos which magically comes together to make one uniform mechanism we call reality.  There is only order, sameness, and God.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 40:12-17

The main issues with the world today are centered on competing interests.  Islamism, a collectivism, threatens all.  At the same time, communism is arising anew, molding thought and population.  But hedonism, against both communism and Islamism, is also sweeping through the nations, forming new Sodoms.  Meanwhile, Christianity can’t decide what to do, a squirrel in the road.  And Corruption is embedded in the governments, corporations, and people.  What is the answer???  The answer is, as always, Torah.  Torah is the strength of the Judeo-Christian society that destroys communism, repels Islamism, holds down hedonism, and crushes corruption.  Torah is the Law of God.  Only God has the true measure of the universe, and all who inhabit it, and His Word is Torah, which attests to true measures and true doctrines.  Torah tells us who God is, what economic system is correct, which perversions are abominations, which liturgy and custom are correct, and how money ought to be handled.  Tune in for today’s lesson and SEE!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 40:1-11

In the present day, we are in a war between good and evil.  It is not by our own power, but only by the word of the Lord shall the Earth be reconstituted back to righteousness.  Then, there shall be a kingdom of heaven on earth.  Today’s portion extends this same message, especially that all flesh withers and all kindnesses fade.  As the Book of Ecclesiastes states, “fear God and do His commandments.”

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 39:1-8

Hezekiah has 15 extra years, being “born again” and “saved” by God, through repentance and prayer.  So what does Hezekiah do?  He indulges himself and gives away the secrets of the kingdom.  When Isaiah informs Hezekiah that his carelessness is the destruction of Israel, Hezekiah says, “Eh!  So what?  I won’t be here to see it.”  Sound familiar?  Listen!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 38:14-22

The sun moved backwards.  How?  Why?  What is the proof?  We find further that God saved Hezekiah, not only the king’s life but also his soul.  What makes Hezekiah so special?  What makes Hezekiah so ordinary?  You will enjoy this extra-special and slightly-long broadcast!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 38:1-13

Hezekiah, the good king, “won” the battle of Jerusalem.  Actually, God vanquished Sennacherib in a comeuppance of plague against the enemy troops, followed up with patricide against the Assyrian king himself.  Now, Hezekiah is sick unto death, and Isaiah forecasts that the monarch will not live much longer.  But there is yet another chance for Hezekiah.  His cries cause God to extend his life.  Find out what this means, and why it is so important!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 37:32-38

Who is in control of the universe?  Who should we fear?  Who should we believe?  Listen today and learn why God is mightier.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 37:5-31

The people of the land ultimately have the power to change their destinies.  If they rise up without God, they will kill everything in their path, including each other.  If they rise up with God but without Torah, it will be likewise.  Only if the people rise up with Torah, and the expectation of equal justice under the law, and not special rights or privileges, will the land be saved from all of its enemies, foreign and domestic.  Hear me, O Israel and America.  God will save the remnant, and they are those who obey Torah. 

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 36:14-37:4

The parallels between yesterday and today are startling, more so when between today and thousands of years ago.  Nothing has changed.  The people would rather be told sweet words than the truth.  Come listen to a rousing hour of Bible study, political commentary, and lively banter!

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 36:7-13

So, Rab-Shekah tells the people of Jerusalem to surrender.  He speaks in their language.  He tells the people that Hezekiah is anti-God because the king took down the idols.  Rab-Shekah tells the people of Jerusalem they will starve unless they give up to an oppressor.  Interesting…

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 36:1-6

When civilization crumbled, sit will not be in the face of opposition from man, but because man surrenders.  It will not be technology, but man’s apathy towards that technology, towards its evil use.  Drones?  Good in the hands of good men, our end in the hands of evil men, indiscriminate killing in the hands of mediocre men.  IPhones?  Wonderful when controlled by the godly, enslavement when the levers are pulled by the wicked.  How do evil men gain control over good men? Listen to today’s lesson, which begins an historical documentation from Isaiah concerning the overthrow of Jerusalem by a slick-talking huckster, who seems to speak truth, with words of promise, but who is, after all, the enemy.  Sound familiar?

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 35:7-10

More and more we see a rendering today of the Book of Isaiah.  The past, present and future converging on us at once.  Evil spreading over the whole world so that there is no place to go, nowhere to hide.  But God has made a way for the righteous.  There is a remnant, a ransomed, a people of God.  And what is their common denominator?  They believe in Law.  They believe in directives.  They believe in morality.  They understand humility towards something bigger than themselves and their desires.  They know the way of coveting, the root of all evil, and they shun it.  They avoid and fight against communism.  They fear to murder, and they fight against Islamic radicalism which permits indiscriminate killing of aliens (infidels).  Now is the time to realign with the Lord God and His eternal Law, Torah.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 35:3-6

Time to wake up!  Open your eyes!  The presidents of the world flout the law of God, the law of nature, and the law of the land.  You are witnesses to it.  It is up to you.  The only solution is a return to Torah.

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 35:1-2

Why is communism in the Bible?  Is it because collectivism a good system, benefiting the greater good economically and socially?  In a word, hardly!  Listen in today, on a winding pathway of truth and knowledge that will bring you into light, hopefully for good!  

* Week Before * 

Isaiah 34:12-17

Demons.  Satyrs and succubi.  What are the connections between the unclean birds of the air, the beasts of desolation, the end of times, and demonic forces?  How can a world ravaged by sin make a comeback?  Only through God.  Otherwise, a lazy and weak nation shall appoint a cruel lord over them.  In the name of safety we shall permit the point of the government sword to direct us.  Only Torah, the Law, is the answer.



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Welcome to the University of Truth.  Here you will learn Truth.  Not organized religion, not unsubstantiated doctrine, but unfiltered Truth as our Creator has given us.  There is indeed Truth and it is easy to see if only you look.  If you have ears to hear and eyes to see, we will teach you.

First, when we say "The Truth" we do not mean facts per se.  Facts are necessary to prove certain things, but The Truth is well-known, and distinguishable from lies.  The Truth is indeed based on facts, but for us The Truth is not a compilation of data and evidence which excludes every unseen thing.  Indeed, the unseen must be regarded as The Truth (if not fact) as deliberately as that which is seen.  Second, we do not say The Truth is a point of view.  Truth must be universal and must apply to every person, regardless of gender, color, culture, religion, or intelligence level.  The Truth is not an opinion, even if it includes certain leaps which must be considered.  Third, The Truth is not a one-liner, and it isn't a one-dimensional thought, but it encompasses everything we know about science, religion, instinct, and the human experience. 

This is The Truth we hope to bring to you.

Right away people will have the wrong idea of our core and goals; and this is because the doctrines of the world are well-known, and to categorize and pigeonhole The Truth with such fritter is the easiest way to dismiss the unknown. You see, we are explorers into uncharted territory. We are not connected to a particular doctrine, or any related thing of which we are aware. In fact, we are not really believers in “religion” at all.  We are essentially pioneers and scientists into the world of Tanakh/New Testament crossover.

Our faith is in one God, the Creator of the universe (which we can prove), and our light is in Torah. We see Jesus as something peculiarly different than other traditionalists. Contrary to Constantinian Christianity, we do not view Jesus as God, for there is only One God. Contrary to Judaism, we do not view Jesus as a traitor or a myth. To us, it seems that just about everyone has missed the boat.

Jesus Christ was extraordinary, and not altogether for miracles, or any doctrine that has been placed upon him, but for prophecy, lawfulness, courage, honor, and charisma. We believe He was resurrected, but not for the reasons you may think. We subscribe not to a dogma of salvation per se, but of repentance which is Christ's only message. Who will argue that repentance (teshuva) is necessary? Who will argue that lawfulness is necessary?   What human being will argue against that we should treat each other as we would want to be treated? 

It will be flatly stated, by some doctrinists, that Christ was a lawbreaker, or a heretic, or one who leads to idolatry.  These are not only incorrect assumptions, but are easily refuted by the words of Gospel, and even underlying foundations of Talmud.

We believe that the Jews are a chosen people, with a singular relationship to God, which has never been lost or rescinded.  Christianity in no way replaces Judaism, but Christ adds to the understanding of The Truth.

Concerning some specific things which we believe:

1.   To be human means being animal, human, or some mixture of the two, a level of savagery.  No human is or ever has been purely animal or purely human.

2.   Free Will, the ability to reason and choose with long-range goals or goals beyond mere survival, is given only to human beings.  This is both our gift and our curse.

3.   There is a true, inflexible, and non-relative human morality.  It includes the Golden Rule, and the concepts of dignity, honor, and compassion.  This is easily proven.

4.   Free Will is always present in a human, regardless of age or culture.  It resides within, unlocked naturally by parental education and experience.

5.   The Truth requires that human beings keep their behavior in some type of cage, as a way to guide, monitor, and preserve the humanity of humans.

6.   Although every religion (Christian, Islam, Judaic, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, etc) reveals some type of cage, the Torah is the most excellent and moral of all cages.  This is easily proven.

7.   God exists and has formed this universe. Mankind is a special creation of God.  God predates all things and is present in our daily lives. All of these things are easily proven by mathematics and science. 

8.   Man was not created to be just another animal.  Man has a singular purpose, and reason for being.  While God's ultimate purpose is not fully known, the mere fact of human existence is contrary to evolutionary themes.  Man is by nature anti-evolutionary though profoundly progress-oriented.

9.   God has endowed humans with inalienable rights, the greatest of which is the knowledge of good and evil (yin and yang, happiness and unhappiness).  Other animals may feel such things, but only man can reflect on these emotions.  This knowledge may cause more or less savagery, which either dilutes or enhances true morality.

10. The Torah provides for the ways of true morality and righteousness.  Jesus Christ provides an extension of this which is unique.  Jesus Christ's veracity is easily proven.  His right to extrapolate on Torah Law, question Temple authority, and create alternative yet lawful lifestyles is rooted in the Tanakh itself, and is blessed by the prophets of old.  His message is not new, but Christ's influence is new, affecting the entire world, historically and culturally, as no other.

11. Jesus Christ is not God, but is the greatest representative ever sent, literally God's Son (easily proven by Christ's own words). 

12. God has multiple characteristics (easily shown in Torah, and proven in science), but "trinity" is not the proper term for this.  God is not limited to three facets, but may have 4, or 100 facets.  Why not infinity?

13. There is only one Savior and He is God (easily proven by Christ's own words).  Christ's message is not of himself but of repentance, his only message.

14. Repentance follows trespass.  Trespass is disobedience to limits.  Limits must always be literal and not conjecture.  The Torah is the only Law of God. All repentance therefore concerns trespasses against Torah commandments.  Christ upholds this.  All of these things are easily proven through Torah and Christ's own words.

15. Salvation is evident through Torah.  Christian doctrine has not been truthful about this.  Jesus Christ cannot pay for your sins, but only your repentance pays for your sins.  Christ's sacrifice is a symbol for this and many other things.  We do not believe that anyone is punished for not accepting "the name of Christ."  We are punished for our personal and individual sins, and we are rewarded for our personal and individual obedience and repentance. But we believe Christ, of all persons, is able to bring someone to that point.  All of these things are easily proven.

16. Christ was right.  Christianity as we know it is wrong.  You are not born a sinner, but a savage.  You do not have original sin, but an animal nature side by side with a human nature.  You cannot say a simple prayer and obtain eternal salvation- your prayer must be the start of a new you.  God does not notice your denomination or religion, but your sincerity, diligence, faith, and obedience. 

17. God does not excuse intentional savagery, even if he excuses (with repentance) unintentional savagery (purely animal behavior at various times, crimes of passion, accidental trespasses, and incidental circumstances).

18. Payment is made here and hereafter.  Here, through repentance.  Christ can help you, guide you, even mentor you, but cannot substitute for you.  You alone must make restitution with God and other human beings.  In the hereafter, the literal "hell" is reserved for only the worst- otherwise, we must say that God is not just. 

19. There are way-stations in the hereafter.  "Purgatory" (in whatever form) is God's justice.  This follows well-known and hidden concepts in all religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and others.

20. Resurrection is true, well-known in Judaic Zohar (qaballah), Christian doctrine, Koran, and in all the Eastern religions.

21. There is a future for man beyond this world and time.  The final resurrection (whether one only or multiple) will follow an extinction of this universe. There will be a paradise (a new Jerusalem) where suffering and pain ends, where free will has no consequences, and where the laws of nature are not destructive.

As the University of Truth moves forward, we will expand upon and prove every of these things to the best of our ability, and with the most honest of intentions. 

Who are we? 

1.   We are not humanists, atheists, agnostics, pagans, or satanists because we love God.  However, we do love the mind and heart of many humanist viewpoints towards man's inhumanity to his fellow man (even if we disagree mostly with their political strategies). 

2.   We are not all Jews, but we love the Torah as God's only Law, so that we are Jews in spirit. 

3.   We are not Christians per se because we do not embrace many of the doctrines which identify a Christian one to another.  Christianity has at the same time accepted and rejected the Torah, causing conflict with the human nature of many of its followers.  Christ would not approve such doctrine.  We love Christ.

God has often spoken through prophets, judges, and kings. To say that Christ is not equal or greater than some (or all) of these is simply prejudicial. If the Jews accepted Christ (not as Saviour or Messiah, but for what He really is), the Christian religion would either crumble, or else they would persecute the Jews to no end for accepting this part of The Truth. But history, rabbinic judgment, and peer pressure preclude the Truth from ever being discerned by but a small handful of radical "biblical astronauts", such as ourselves.

4.   We are not Islam, and we reject Islamic doctrine, but we love the passion of Islam, and wish it were used for humanity and not savagery.

5.   We are not Buddhists, but we love their peace.

6.   We are not Hindu, and reject their caste system, but we love their eye on the prize.

7.   We do not claim to be a new religion, and we are not a synthesis of religions.  We are not new age, or ecumenical, or universalistic.  We believe that every human being knows The Truth, but that doctrines have carried humanity far from it.

We follow The Truth.  We follow the Torah.  We follow Christ.  We follow humanity over savagery.  Religion has a bad habit of making The Truth fit to doctrine instead of vice versa.

We question all doctrine, and reject it when it chafes against The Truth.  We question doctrine, whether Jewish, Christian, Islamic, or any other.  We argue points of Law, and question at times the validity of the Sages.  We scoff at tenets which are blown apart by reading Torah or Christ. 

The first doctrine which we explode is that Christ and the Torah are at odds with each other.  This is incorrect in its assumption, and wrong in its implementation.  One has only to read Christ's words to see that he never, NEVER, disagrees with Torah.  His yoke is "lighter" means that he doesn't lay extra burdens- but the burden of Torah is still there.  Christ never ate unapproved food, led his followers away from God or Torah, nor did any other thing of which He is continually accused.  This does not make Christ a perfect sacrifice, but a perfect example.  He is not "just a man."  Nor a myth, else why try to continually crucify a myth?  Jews do not give Christ enough credit, and Christians give Christ too much credit.  One has only to read Matthew 23:3 to show the former, and Matthew 5:19 (in or out of context) to prove the latter.

These things we will show at length soon enough, but for now we wish only to set a pace.  We do not live in any doctrine that you've ever heard before. 

We understand that Christianity paints you a very different picture of Jesus Christ, and that's too bad.

So how is it that we have The Truth, but none others do? We will only answer, how should we know why we were chosen to know these things?  Meanwhile, as we progress in our spirituality, Christians and Jews alike will cluck at our ways, astounded that we should believe in Christ as we do.

Others who have only a passing interest in such things may find the introduction of Law and Christ as tiresome, but then we must ask: are you truly seeking Truth, or only your own desires? 

The Truth must be found where it resides.

All contents of this website are Copyright © 2009-2012 by Tom Wise and Dennis Putnam, Jr.